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Teaming up

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reaaally naff chapter title but not too naff chapter ?

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BRING HIM BACK! BRING HIM BACK!" Satan was chuckling madly as we yelled at God who had covered his ears and had screwed his eyes shut trying to ignore us but we knew it was impossible for him to do so. Just as my throat had gone raw and my lungs felt like they had been shredded and I wondered whether we should give up God opened his eyes and shouted over us "FINE! WE'LL BRING HIM BACK!" This was met with a roar of appreciative cheers, and every Angel and Demon embraced eachother. I heard Mikey laughing happily in my ear and I laughed back, but it still felt too good to be true. Could Gerard really be brought back? I didnt dare voice my doubts knowing that everyone else was so excited. Satan grinned and stretched, his back cracking. "Alright then you holy OAP lets get this party started." He smirked. God gave Satan a look of outrage who chuckled and punched his arm. "I'm only messing God. You should lighten up, your becoming a right grumpy old man." He declared.
"I can always change my mind." God snarled but he quickly took this back when he recieved thousands of angry glares.
"Right, lets get going already we dont have all day." Satan said, planting his feet firmly in the ground, God doing the same. We all took several steps back and watched as the heads of heaven and hell slammed their hands together, Satan left on Gods right, and vice versa so they made the shape of an 'x' with their arms. They closed their eyes and a huge wind picked up causing sand to twirl around them, getting faster and faster their hair wipping about their faces. A strange blue smoke appeared at their feet and drifted across the sand, bursts of flame appeared round Satans ankle, clashing with the golden light that had appeared at Gods. They leaned into eachother, their hands supporting them, I saw Satan gritting his teeth, Gods eyes screwed shut tight like they were in pain. We watched in awe as the wind they were creating got stronger and faster dark pink sparks flew off their hands snapping like fireworks, and then so sudden no one could have expected it a silent explosion sounded, though it was silent you knew it had happened as it caused sound waves so strong they could be seen and it knocked us all back, I had enough time to see a giant black and blue flame engulf God and Satan before I landed on my back and saw only the darkening sky.
I sat up groaning along with a lot of the others. But the sound was torn from my lips by the wind which was just beginning to die down. God and Satan were no where to be seen but where they had been stood I could just make out a figure lying in the sand. As the sand that had been kicked up by the wind I managed to make out some of their features, eyes closed, lips open and knees tucked up to their chest. Their black hair was dusted in sand and fell over their face. Other people began to spot him and a chorus of gasps rose up. "Gerard?" It was Mikey who whispered it but no sooner had the G left his lips than I was half running half tripping towards the broken form. I reached him in a matter of seconds and fell to my knees beside him. I stared down at him, my breathing heavy and my heart pounding. Slowly I reached out and gently touched his cheek, I was half expecting to feel cold dead skin but to my joy it was warm. "Gerard?" I gasped, brushing the hair out of his face and gently going to lift him. He gave a low groan turning his head to the side, not opening his eyes. "Umm...please...I dont wanna get up yet...five more minutes..." He sighed. I grinned.
"Gerard! Baby its me!" I cried, getting him to a sitting position but he still didnt open his eyes.
"I dont wanna wear the pink one." He yawned. I laughed aloud and pulled him into a tight hug, causing his eyes to fly open and a 'huh?' to escape his rosy lips. "Gee your alive! Your alive!" I cried, rocking him back and forth, holding him so tight I was probably strangling him. "F - Frank? Is that you?" He choked. I pulled back, tears of happiness running down my face. He stared at me in shock. "But I died... they killed me, it happened, I remember - " I covered his lips with one finger smiling as I shushed him.
"I know, but its okay now Gee. They brought you back, they brought you back!"
"Oh please just let me explain later I just need to hold you!" I cried. He pulled me obligingly into his arms and I felt his hot tears on my shoulder. "Frank... Oh god I hope this isnt a dream." He whispered. I rubbed his back and kissed his neck, crying myself.
"It isnt babe it really isnt." I whispered. He clung to me, twirling his fingers in my hair as if he couldnt bring himself to believe I was real and had to feel me. We were only there for a few minutes before Mikey came charging over and pulled Gerard into a tight embrace. Soon after everyone was there hugging him and saying millions of things all at once. Gerard looked confused and disorientated but he went along with it, hugging people back even though the fact a load of random angels were hugging him confused him deeper. Finally me and Mikey managed to get everyone to step back and I walked foreward, Gerard looked less frightened when he saw me and he seized my hand. "Frank, please explain to me whats happening?" He begged. I nodded and launched into the story.

A/N: Gerards back people, lemme hear ya cheer! XD I'll update soon as possible, reviews and rates are loved :]
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