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The Miracle Project

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Tehe. You'll have to read to find out. :)

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The Miracle Project

So there I was, back in school. Fully recovered from my fall. Apparently I was lucky to have my life... I fell on the sensitive area of my head, where ever that is. I'm not good at geography.
"Today class," said Mrs Fishy,"you will be pairing up and doing a project."
Me and Alexia looked straight at each other. We were obviously gonna be working together. My hand shot up into the air as fast as you could say... uh... ass?
"Yes, Nicki?"
"Will we be choosing our partners?" I asked, smiling politely. She knew what I wanted.
"No. I will be choosing who you work with,"
I looked down. I had the urge to stick two fingers up at her. The little bitch. Alexia seemed upset, she usually got with David, the fattest boy in the class... everyone calls him 'No more cookies for you' usually. I got put with the worst person anyone could imagine, geek of the class. Still, I usually let him do all the work cos I really cant be arsed and he gets me good grades, so thats sort of good?
"Ok, Class. Quiet down now. Shh! The partners are as following: Kate Ashton, you will be working with Frank Iero,"
Kate groaned. She obviously wanted to be with Gee.
"Alexia Angel, you'll be working with Mikey Way," Mrs Fishy continued
Alexia jumped into the air yelling "YAYYY!" and then sat back down. My heart pumped, faster and faster. My name was next and Alexia hadn't been put with David so my partney might have changed!
"Nicki Brown, you'll be working with Gerard Way,"
I looked at Gee, he looked at me. Oh shit, I thought. I turned to Kate. She was glaring at me with her evil eyes as if she was saying "Don't even SPEAK to him"

The project begins
I'm sat next to Gee now. I'm really nervous and my palms are sweating. Alexia passed a note alone to me, I read it in my head, It said:
"Go get him girl. xx"
I smiled. Atleast it gave me SOME confidence.
"So..." I said
"Uhm, any ideas?"
"Not really. I can't think in class. I work better at home," Gee said
"So.. uh. Wanna meet up at yours - or mine.. tonight?" I asked
"Yeah, sure. Ok,"
I smiled. Kerching! I thought. This time, maybe, just maybe I had a chance of getting the guy I loved.

Later at Gee's
We'd been working really hard to do our project. Both mine and Gee's parents wanted us to get good results, so that's what we were aiming to do. Get good results. We'd been talking alot, and he'd decided to be my friend afterall.
"GRR. I can't think anymore," Gee said, collapsing onto his bead
"Yeah, we've been working to hard,"
I sat beside him and he looked up at me. Then I lay beside him.
"You know, sometimes I wish I wasn't me," Gee said
"Why? You're perfect in everyway,"
"Eugh, yeah. Sure. Only Kate see's me like that, and I agree with you... she's a stuckup tart," Gee explained,"all the girls like me don't they. I could do much better than her but I don't feel anything with anyone."
I laughed a little.
"Your so strange, I'd love to have a swarm of boys around me. Everyone thinks im wierd,"
"Your not... your unique. You don't follow them stupid cliques and you don't waste all your money on the latest fashion. You're just, you,"
"Oh wow! First person to ever realise that,"
Gee looked at me. Then kissed me. I thought he wasn't interested in me, but I didn't dare complain. That would just wreck everything. Then he started taking my top off, I didn't know what would happen...
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