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Chapter 2 Completing the Parr Family and defeating the bullies

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Helen and Violet find two more boys to torture as they get the scare of their lives

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After John became Dash he jerked awake to find himself in a new bed, a new room, and new clothes as Violets evil laughter could still be heard throughout the room.
John(Looking down at himself) Nooooooooo she made me Dash and that means that my nightmares have just begun.
Helen(Opening the door) Dashy why aren't you up for school yet munchkin?, you have your first day of second grade and your still not ready?
John: Look Mrs. Parr the weird thing is I'm not Dash I'm John Ward, and I know this seems unbelievable but your daughter turned me into Dash.
Helen: I want you dressed and ready in five minutes my little sunshine, it's your first day in second grade and you will not be late.
John: I just told you I'm not Dash I'm John lady, John, John, John, John and if you don't believe me why not ask your oldest, nightmarish daughter?
Helen: Four minutes now get dressed and come downstairs for breakfast you little imaginator.
John: But I'm not imagining it I was there and I saw what Violet did to me.
Helen: Dash you have three minutes now quit stalling and get dressed you little ray of sunshine.
John angrily sighed and quickly got dressed as Violet's mouth crept into an evil smile as Dash was being fed with Jordan the bear next to him.
Violet: Morning little bro guess what today is?
John: The day you give me my life back and you go to haunting little kids smaller than me?
Violet(Ruffling his hair) You wish little bro but why not try guessing again.
John: My first day of second grade?
Violet(Kissing his cheek) Good job and to make things a zillion times better your sissy will be teaching you all year.
John(Screaming) That's not better that's worse, listen Mrs. Parr you have got to believe me I'm not Dash I'm John Ward the babies Dash.
Helen: Hurry up and eat little man mommy will drive you and your sissy to your school.
Violet(Grinning) Thanks but no thanks mom, I'll take the little tike to school and I'll bring him home after school everyday.
Helen(Picking up Jack Jack) All right then I'll just get Jack Jack settled for a day of TV watching if you want to bring your little girl in with him Vie.
Violet picked Dash up as John quickly looked for a way out and saw it waiting near the counter as the back door.
John(Standing up) Now's my only chance I have to get out before Violet and Helen get back.
John made to run off but Violet grabbed his backpack and spun him around to face her.
Violet(Cackling) Sorry Littlest bro but I can't let you leave without the teacher now can I?
John(Gulping) Why exactly are you teaching the second grade Violet?
Violet(Patting her stomach) For the souls of course there's good soul eating in little ones, and that's sissy to you my littlest bro.
John: Your not my real sissy and until you change me back your just Violet to me.
Helen: All right Dashy eat your cereal and let Violet get you dressed and then it's out the door for your first day of second grade aren't you excited?
Dash tugged on Jordan until he fell out of the high chair and was dragged along the kitchen floor by his long, bear ears.
Helen: She certainly has an attachment to that teddy Violet, kind of like you and that stuffed lamb you used to have, you named it Wooly.
Violet: Yep and I gave it to Jack Jack who appreciates it more than I do.
John: I'm not feeling well can I stay home from school for forever, or at least until Violet isn't teaching second grade anymore?
Helen(Getting the thermomiter) I thought you looked pale this morning sweetie, your probably catching what everybody else in the world's getting.
John: A I hate my older sister and little niece bug, or is it the I hate my life bug?
Helen placed the thermomiter in John's mouth as it slid under his tongue and Violet and Dash had similar evil smiles.
Hellen(Taking the thermomiter out) Your not running a fever it must be first day jitters huh my little ray of sunshine?
John: I'll tell you one last time I'm not Dash, Violet finished me and my friends off because her soul was stuck in nightmare world.
Helen(Ruffling Dash's hair) Such an imagination on this one, they say the imaginers are going to be writers someday.
John: I'm not imaging it Mrs. Parr your not listening at all, I'm- not- Dash- Violet- did- something- to- me get the picture yet?
Helen(Picking up the paper) Hmmmmmmmmm looks like three kids went missing last night Vie, a John Ward, a Jordan Monroe and the other's not named.
John: I'm John Ward and the other's Dash Parr he went missing to become Violet Annalise Parr the II.
Helen: Honestly Dash now your just being silly I mean your right here in front of me.
John(Screaming) How many times do I have to tell you I'm not stupid Dash?, I'm John and if you don't hurry Violet may make me a member of her family any day now.
Violet(Cackling) Now that doesn't sound like a bad idea does it Viey?, how would you like to have an older brother to play with?
Dash cooed at Violet as she laid Dash on the table to change him and Jordan got a death grip hug from Dash.
Helen: Dash I must say your a great storyteller you actually have me believing that your John and Violet switched you.
John: Because she did and I am John, you've got to believe me she knows how to make anybody's nightmare come true.
Helen(Handing Violet a stretchy super suit) You save one of those friends of his for me to deal with Vie, they took your father too and I want revenge for it.
Another super suit was tossed Violet's way as John recognized it as Mr. Parr's super suit.
Violet(Stretching Helen's suit out) Mom how would you like to join me in making Dash's nightmares come true.
Helen(Linking her fingers together) I'm hanging on your every word daughter of mine.
Violet: Well with the homecoming of your new daughter and our father I think the house may get crowded real soon.
Helen: Yea so what?, I mean is there a point to all this Violet.
Violet(Handing papers to Helen) Adoption papers if you sign them I'll make sure your guranteed two of the biggest bullies in the second grade.
Helen(Signing the papers) Sorry make beliver but I would like to have a daughter, a son who knows the difference between real and make believe too.
Violet(Grinning down at John) I bet you weren't expecting that huh Dash, mom being in on the fun and signing you over to little old me.
Violet's daughter giggled and pulled at Dash's hair as Violet grabbed her, Violet II's and John's jacket leading him out the door.
Violet(Laughing at John) You actually thought my mom would help you?, she's been waiting to get back at you for three years.
John: You'll never find the last of my friends Violet, before you took me I told them to go into hiding so good luck.
Violet buckled John and Dash in and then sped off to the elementary school where John would be going for awhile.
Violet(Kissing John) Now let's get you to class teacher's pet, then I'll find your little friends wherever their hiding.
John was led down a long hall as people kept looking at him and Dash cooed on Violet's shoulders as Jordan was swung this way and that.
Violet(Stopping at a classroom) Here's us Dashy, why don't you go make some new friends while I search for your old ones with my nightmare powers.
John slowly walked over to a girl building a castle as she looked up and saw how gloomy he looked.
Girl: You know my mommy always says to keep a happy face even when it rains, you'll be glad you did.
John: Yea well how would you feel if you fell asleep as a teenager and woke up a seven year old building blocks with a girl?
Girl: I must say you are by far the strangest boy I have ever met in my life and there were some pretty strange ones I met.
John: The names John but for now I respond to Dash Parr, I have no clue when I'll get my life back.
Girl(Standing up) Morgan O SHea and I have to say your one weird cookie Dash, I'm going to build over here by myself.
Dash giggled as Violet tickled his belly and then an evil smile crept over Dash's face as Violet knew what it must mean.
Violet: My little sweetie pie must have found the other two boys mommy's been looking for.
Dash clapped his hands as John was grabbed by Violet because she wanted him to witness the downfall of his friends.
Violet: You know those friends I'd never find, well one's going to my mother and the other's going to me to complete our happy family.
John, Violet, and Dash were led to a rundown house in nightmare world that John recognized as the Parrs house now where two boys were waking up confused.
Boy #1: I don't know why he told us not to fall asleep and all Craig but he's missing and where going to find him
Dash's girly giggle was heard down the hall as Craig Marsh and Allen Cremshaw were hoping to find John.
Violet( Stretching out Helens suit) Round one goes to Violet Annalise Parr, now to get my mom down here.
As if she was beckoned Helen slinked into the dream as the two boys were taking Violet's bait in the form of Dash.
Violet(Grinning) That's right follow the baby straight to your doom, then my mom will have one while I get the other.
Helen(Smiling) I say we strike now and let little John watch his friends give in to our pain and destruction.
Allen: Craig I think we're in way over our heads here, maybe we should go back before something weird happens.
Craig(Running his hands along the wall) Yea and when was the last time they dusted?, I mean don't they want a clean house?
Dash's giggle became closer as Allen and Craig ran towards it to find a room labled Violet II and they opened it.
Violet(Bouncing Dash) That's my girl that's my sweet little girl, hello gentlemen and welcome to the last day of the rest of your lives.
Allen(Running at Violet) Your the girl that John warned us about, the one who wanted to take his soul.
Violet(Patting her stomach) Yep and believe me he was good eating, now let's get you two suited up so I could take your souls next.
Craig: We're stronger than John so just try taking our souls you big bully.
Violet(Grabbing Craig) I don't have to try your soul was lost when you wandered into my domain.
Allen: It may be your domain but it's our thoughts you exist in, so we can beat you by just forgetting you ever existed.
Violet: Well Craig looks like Allen found a way to beat me, but can he beat somebody who exists in both reality and dreams?
Before Allen could even think straight Helen grabbed him with a loving look in her eyes.
Helen: You beat Mr. Incredible so to return the favor I'm going to turn you into him.
Allen struggled as Helen's hands wrapped around him and his face was turning blue.
Helen: You'll do nicely sweetie pie, we could get married again and our little elastic band could be the flower girl and Jack Jack can be the ring bearer.
Allen(Gasping) Air- need- air- and- a- safety- from- this- strong- perfume.
Helen: Do you like it sweetie?, I wore it just for you.
Allen gagged as he was squeezed tighter and Violet cackled as she pulled Craig's clothes off and easily fit Helen's super suit over his body.
Violet(Grinning) Feeling any different yet Craig, you know a tea party, stuffed animal sunggling, animal loving kind of different?
Craig's body shrank as his body grew into the suit and he grew long, light brown hair, hazel eyes, and a raggedy teddy fell into his arms as he snuggled it.
Helen: Isn't that cute snugglebug our little Helen is going to become just like her mommy, and you have Jack Jack to train to be just like you.
Allen(Gasping) Just- let- me- go- it- was- John's- idea- to- destroy- your- husband- and- you- got- even- with- him- already.
Helen(Producing some needles) No I didn't Violet did, and I must say he got what he deserved.
Allen(Struggling with Helen) Craig fight her you can fight and not become the little girl of Helen's dreams.
Craig(Laughing) Little girl ha I'm not a little girl for one, and for two just look how flexible I've become.
Helen(Rubbing Craig's head) For now it may seem that your a boy but have you ever checked the suit?, it's made for a girl not a boy.
Craig looked down to see black underwear forming on the suit with black boots and black gloves as he laughed.
Craig: Yea if a girl wore black which most don't you little rubber band.
Helen(Stabbing Allen with the needles) It's elastic band actually and it looks like your friends muscles are becoming bigger by the minute.
Allen screamed in pain and fell at Helen's feet as on of her boots turned him over and she stepped on his chest.
Violet: Like mother like daughter hmmmmmmmmm why does this scene look so familliar?, ohhhhhhh now I know I did the same thing to your friend to make him Dash.
Helen(Stabbing more needles into Allen's arms) Except Dash never had pecks like these, say hello to Helen Parrs Steroids Allen sweetie.
Allen yelped in pain as his whole body became a mass of strength and muscles and Helen focused her energy on making him weaker.
Helen(Sinking her foot into Allen's chest) Soon Allen you'll be Mr. Incredible and I'll be Mrs. Incredible and we'll live happily ever after.
Allen screamed as the last of his teenaged body became an adult and Helen twirled the needles in her fingers blowing on them like guns.
Helen(Cackling) Fastest needles this way of the Mississippi, now to deal with my little elastic band.
Craig didn't want to be tortured like Allen so he laid still as Helen stretched across him setting her as a threen year old's soul into him.
Helen: Now shrink my darling and you can take care of Beary for me which is the name of the raggedy bear you now own.
Craig giggled a girly giggle as Helen smiled down at him and Beary was trudged on the dusty floor of the Parrs old home as Helen led Craig and Allen to their new home
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