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Chapter 3 Wishes and little Brothers

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Violet gives John one wish and the wish John makes changes the fic forever

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Violet smiled down at John and laid her feet in front of him with nail polish, clippers, and files as she cackled at him.
Violet: All right Dash your going to give me a pedicure and then I might let you go for the night, if you don't then I hope your used to changing diapers.
John reluctantly picked up the files and started sharpening Violet's nails as the smile never left her face.
Violet: I knew you'd see things my way Dash, and by the way I owe you a wish so start thinking of one and I'll grant it whatever wish you want.
John knew the wish he wanted before he even had to think about it as Violet had a smile over her face.
Violet: And I won't change you back because I enjoy having you around so get that out of your mind.
John(Smirking) Ohhhhhhhhh I won't be leaving sissy, in fact I'm going to become younger and your going to torture somebody new.
Violet: Well make your wish or keep filing take your pick son.
John(Standing up) I wish I was Jack Jack and Jack Jack was me being your slave.
Violet laughed triumphantly as a white light shot into John and he shrunk as Jack Jack had a purple light shoot into him and he became John.
Violet(Wiggiling her toes) Well Dash your mom's waiting for you to sharpen, cut, and paint her toenails.
Jack Jack: Wait I was just a baby how did I become older?, and who are you calling Dash sissy?
Violet(Ripping Jack Jack's super suit off) You you silly boy, now get dressed and start my pedicure unless you want a baby for a master.
John cooed as he was picked up by Helen and placed in the sink with his new big sister walking past.
Helen's daughter: Mommy I want dinner now I'm starving, and I know you don't want me to starve now do you?
Helen(Pouring water into the sink) Not at all Cass but I have got to wash your brother up before dinner and you know the rules littlest to biggest.
Cassie: Mom I need to eat now or I'll be nothing but a pile of skin with no bones because you took them.
Helen(Pouring bubbles into the sink) You know the rules littlest to biggest and you don't look too little to me Cassie.
Cassie(Grumbling) Stupid little brother, I'll show him to steal my spotlight the little runt.
Helen: I hope your saying good things about your brother Cass, because if not I have a bar of soap with your name on it.
Cassie: Really it says Cassie Elizabeth Parr?, because if it does then my name would be on it wouldn't it?
John splashed playfully in the sudsy water as a bar of soap was shoved in Cassie's mouth.
Helen: Until your words are clean and no sass comes from them you are going to be sucking soap suds young lady.
Cassie frowned suds escaping the sides of her mouth as John playfully popped them one after the other.
Helen: There you see you make your little brother smile and what better reward is there than that?
John clapped his hands popping more bubbles in the sink as his hair was doused with warm water.
Helen(Grabbing a towel) All right little one snuggle up tight and get warm, then I'll get you some PJ's and it's off to bed with a bubba.
John reached his arms up as Heled tickled his armpits and he cooed resting his head on her shoulder.
Helen(Kissing him) That's my boy get warm and then you can get ready for beddy bye and I'll feed you older sister before she goes to bed.
Cassie: Why does the Squirt get his dinner first?, and why does he get all of your love?
Helen: What are my rules young lady?
Cassie(Grumbling) Littelest to biggest
Helen: That's right and since your biggest and Jack Jack is littlest I have got to take care of him first.
Cassie(playfully shoving John) When is daddy coming home?, he'll make me dinner and give me dessert too.
Helen(Looking at her watch) In about five minutes, and like me he will give Jack Jack attention before he ever thinks of giving it to you.
Cassie: Stupid twerp when are you going to give me a chance to earn some of mommy and daddy's love?
John shrugged and giggled as Helen laughed along with him tucking him in with a bottle.
Helen: Goodnight my little prince mommy and daddy will see you in the morning.
John snuggled with an old lamb that used to be Violets as he grew like magic into Jack Jack's pajama's.
Helen: I wonder how Jack Jack is taking to being Dash?
Meanwhile we see Violet rolling a list about a mile long of chores in front of Jack Jack.
Violet: Your going to do all these chores or answer to your little sister it's your choice.
Jack Jack: I'd rather answer to my little sister than answer to your long fucking list of chores.
Violet shoved a bar of soap in Jack Jack's mouth and led him to Violet II's room where she was set up for a tea party.
Violet: Meet your new master Dash, you'll do whatever she does, you'll feed her, change her, bathe her, and play with her.
Dash giggled and pushed a teacup to Jack Jack as Violet walked off laughing.
Violet: Have a nice tea party sweetie pie, and if you hurt her in any way Dash she knows an alarm that can get me here in half a sec.
Once Violet closed the door to her daughters room an evil glint was in her eyes as she slinked onto the floor and up to Jack Jack's chair giggling.
Jack Jack: What do you want master toruturer?, because if you think for one second I can't see through your angel eyes think again.
Dash slinked up Jack Jack's legs and sat on his lap bouncing a mile a minute.
Jack Jack: Listen stupid girl tell me what you want in two seconds or I'm going to leave and do all of mommy's chores.
Dash knowing the perfect way to torture Jack Jack clung to his neck like he used to do to him and Violet, Dash's nails sinking into Jack Jack's neck.
Jack Jack: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww let go, let go, let go, let gooooooooo.
Dash sniffled twice and his lip curled as Violet ran into the room smiling down at Jack Jack.
Violet: Hmmmmmmmmm the Jack Jack special not too bad sweetie not bad at all.
Jack Jack tried swinging Dash off of his neck but Dash hung on giggiling at him.
Violet: Now what do you say you join my daughter's first tea party and then you'll do whatever else she wants you to do.
Jack Jack: And what if I say no?, what are you going to do to me then.
Violet(Pulling out her cell) I'm calling reeinforcements Dash, and this reeinforcement is a girl that your petrified of.
Bessy Higenbottom was playing with her dog Happy when her cell rang and she picked it up.
Bessy: Bessy Higenbottom's babysitting service Bessy Higenbottom speaking and how may I help you today?
Violet: Hey and how's my favorite badge earner today?
Bessie(Looking out her window) Better now that I got a boy to become my daughter and I can train him to be just like his mom The Mighty B.
Violet: Say Bess how's about you bring the boy here and you can take my son off my hands for me, I mean after all he's your number 1 fan.
Bessie(Jumping up and down) Is it Dash please say it's Dash because I would so love for him to be defeated by the mighty B.
Violet(Linking her finger's together) Well it is Dash and I knew you wanted to be the one to beat him so I called you.
Bessie(Grabbing Happy's leash) Come on Happy we have a villian to defeat and then the world will know the power of the Mighty B and her sidekick Wonderdog.
Bessie snuck up on the little boy playing ball in her yard and threw him into a potato sack and cackled as he struggled.
Bessie: The Might B and Wonderpup strike again, now to finish Dash off but first I'll need a tape measure, and a Beehive uniform child size small.
Happy ran off to get Bessie what she wanted as she tore her beehive uniform off and she was dressed as the Mighty B.
Bessie(Cackling) Watch out Dash Parr because this time my sting's not so tough but my powers to make you a small girl are he, he, he, he, heeee.
When Violet shut her phone she smiled down at Jack Jack as he shivered in fear.
Violet: You better be scared because once Bessie Higenbottom is through with you you'll be a goofy, dog loving, beehiver too.
Jack Jack: Fine I'll sip tea with the little fucking princess but I won't like it.
Violet shoved soap in Jack Jack's mouth and smiled evily down at him.
Violet: Sorry Jack Jack but you had your chance, now it's a new little boy's turn to learn the ways of Dash Parr.
Jack Jack shivered again as the doorbell rang and Violet scopped Dash up and ran to answer it.
Bessie: Bessie Higenbottom reporting for duty and as the Mighty B, not a mear beehive girl anymore.
Happy trotted in with the uniform Bessie asked for as the little boy was still scratching and trying to chew his way out.
Bessie: All right I held up my end of the deal where's my villian so I can show him what happens when you run from the Mighty B?
Violet called Jack Jack as he wasn't coming down and Bessie knew exactly what to do changing the lenses of her glasses.
Bessie: Child lenses they can sense when kids are around, now watch me work.
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