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Just Like The Fucking Old Times.

by emovampire 3 reviews

Ryan is alone. again.

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Sitting in the rain.
By myself.
Just like old times.
Somethings different.
I'm missing Brendon.
SNAP OUT OF IT! You bearly even know him!He could never love you! your look like a fucking whore for gods sake.
i take out a mirror from my messenger bag and look at myself. My eyeliner is running down my cheeks as the rain hits my face.i put the mirror back in my bag.

Why did i have to shout at him?He probably hates me now.Why am i so useless????

I reach in my bag and feel my, i don't want to use these things that have touched paper and germs and...shudder Jared.I decide to bring out my mirror again.I snap it and take a peice of mirror that is smooth..but sharp.
You deserve this Ryan fucking Ross

Staining my clothes.
Staining the grass.
Stainging my life.
I deserve it.
I smile as drops of rain stream down my face.I can't help but let a little manic laugh escape from my lips.
I'm about to put the peice of mirror away but i hear a little whimper.
i look to my left.




Those are the letters carved into his wrist.
oh my god.What the hell has happened.Theres blood everywhere.Why the hell would he do that????

"Ryan....what's going on?"
I feel my knees give way and i fall on the ground.Sobbing into my hands.
I hate it.I hate it when people do this.They never talk about it and then they put you through the pain of having to watch them in pain. I don't want this to happen again. I don't want to watch another suicide.I can't take it.....
"RYAN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON????" i'm screaming now. I can hear voices.
"what wasthat?"
"I heard someone scream"
People.Everywhere.Staring at me, Then at Ryan.
Then at the blood.
Ican't take it.

This needs to stop.

(Author): yesss.....draaama and my whole keyboard is retarted keeps on deleteing itself.annoying. see you in the next chapter...
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