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Shoulders are meant for crying on.

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Poor ry and bren

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There's so much pain in Brendons eyes.
The chocolate colour doesn't look like chocolate anymore.
it looks black.
The expression has turned into hatred.
ugh, they are so hard to look at. it hurts too much.
The only thing i want right now is for them to go back. For him to smile.Anything but this....did i do this? oh my god.......
"Piss off" i watch his lips form the word. he's looking past me.At Jared.
Oh god. I realise that Jared was laughing his hed off behind my back. Laughing at how pathetic i am.Now his face is a big mass off Rage.
"what was that?"
Brendon. What are you doing?
"i said...piss...OFF!!!!!" He runs up and tackles Jaed to the floor and starts punching his face.over.and over. again.
Jared's face is bleeding badly now. i think his nose is broken.
After about the 10th punch he stops.Jareds face is hardly recognisable.
"If you dare say anything..any of you....i will kill you."
Brendon.He's not there anymore. He's not brendon. I'm scared.

Everyone has left.Including Jared (who can hardly walk).
Now it is just me and brendon.alone.He's looking at me with different eyes now.
His eyes are sad.


Before i know what's happening he's jumped onto me, his arms around my waist.crying into my shoulder.
"doesn't it hurt???"he was whispering into my ear.
"huh?" what was he talking about? "oh, this? No, it only looks that way".

"From the moment i saw you...i thought that you would be like me.....i wanted to be there for you....because no one was there for me when i was alone..."
The one being comforted was me???
it slowly sunk in.of course he could never love me.But he was a friend.
i wrap my arms slowly around his neck and bury my face in his hair.
The next second we're both crying into each other.

heh.... you are so pathetic you know that?
I was the first one to stop crying.
Now i was just cuddling Brendon.
I pull him closer to try and comfort him.
He breaths out a slow shaky breath which fans up my neck.
his breath feels moist and warm.
Then i feel something on my neck.Something warm and soft.
His lips.
they slowly mak their way up my jaw. Eventually reaching mymine.
Why is he doing this?
His lips move slowly and carefully around my lips. He grabs my bottom lips with his teeth and bites down.
Really hard.
My lips starts bleeding.The blood oozes down my chin.
Brendon runs his tounge down. Drinking the red liquid.Then he forcefully puts his tounges in my mouth.
It explores my mouth, licking everywhere possible.He brings it out , as if telling me to follow.
Our toungues meet.
They meet for a few seconds, then his toungue shoots forward right down my throat.
I can't help but let a little moan escape from my lips.
oh god this feels so good.

Time to wake up sleeping beauty.I swear that you are gonna die soon.

...He's stopped moving his toungue.His stopped moving altogether.
Everything has stopped.
Nothing is moving at all.
I can't move.

white sheets.

is this the hospital?
What the hell is going on?
Where the hell is brendon?

(Author): ooooooh dramatic cat is .....dramatic.
yes this is a crap chapter i know. but at least....well that was a pointless sentence.
have a gooood day :)
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