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Once Upon A Time

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A young GnR fan falls asleep reading a book of fairytales. How are the guys involved? Read if you wanna know. Something I thought up in class when I was drawing Duff as a bunny. *hides*

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Lightning lit up the dark gray sky outside Nayome's window. She looked out from her perch on her bed and just watched as the rain continued to pour harshly. Not a sign of stopping anytime soon. She sighed and sat foward. "What can do now?" She whispered to herself. She looked around her poster clad room. She noticed a patch of wall where the white paint was fading and chipping off. She'd have to go out and get a new poster to cover that. She looked across the room to a large blue book laying on her desk. She had got it for Christmas a few years ago, and never bothered to read it yet. She slowly walked across the floor, careful not to slip on any of the scattered magazines or step on any of the CD cases thrown everywhere. She picked up the book and wiped her sleeve over the dusty cover. "The Big Book of Children's Literature." She looked at it, unamused. But she shrugged, and walked back over to the rainy windowsill and sat. She turned the book and started reading.

With the consistent pounding of the water against the window, and the ever so boring stories infront of her, Nayome coundln't help but feel her eyelids getting heavier after every passing moment. Soon, she was in a deep sleep, rolling off the windowsill and falling straight onto the matress that lay beneath it.
She awoke from the swift kick to the stomach she had gotten, drowzy and a little upset. She looked up and saw a rather large yellow rabbit standing over her, yelling at her to get up. "What the--" She trailed off and looked around her. She seemed to be in a forest. And a rather large one at that. Completely ignoring the rabbit, she rose to her feet and walked over to a rather large mushroom. She ran her slender fingers of the large white bumps over the head. "This seems fimiliar." She thought to herself. She turned around, finally acknowledging the rabbit's exisistence for the first time. "Where am I?" She asked quitetly. "Why, you're in Wonderland my dear child." Nayome whipped her head around and looked shocked at the huge rabbit. "Say what?" She screamed. "Yes." The bunny chirped happily. "Welcome to the land of Imagination!" She looked around. The trees were enormous, but beautiful. The leaves weren't green or anything like that. She went up to one tree that had purple leaves with little blue flowers sprouting form it's trunk. It was pretty, but she never liked that. "This is Imaginations, ne?" She asked bitterly. "Great. How do I get back home?" The rabbit's face dropped and looked as though he was about to cry. "What?" She asked. "What's with the look? Don't get me wrong, it's nice here but-" The bunny cut her off. "No," He sniffled. "It's not that it's just..." Nayome felt bad. She didn't mean to hurt the bunny's feelings. Honestly! She laid a hand on his fuzzy shoulder. "What wrong? Mayber I can help." She offered. The rabbit gave her a small smile before continuing. "It's just that, We've been having problems with a pack of wolves that's been harrasing us. We were sure you were the only one who can save us." He sniffled again. Nayome felt her eyes burn, tears daring to spill over. She held them back and put her arm over the ribbit's shoulders. "Aw, it's okay. Don't worry about it. I'll help you get rid of these nasty wolves!" She exclaimed and gave a wide fang filled grin to the rabbit. He smiled and helped her up. "Great!" He bellowed. "Let's go get the others and we can get our forest back!" Nayome smiled and the scurried down a large dirt road together.

They had jogged for quite a while and stopped at a tree that was closer to the ground that the others. Nayome tried deserately to catch her breath. She was fit, but she never did like to run. The bunny had called sometihng up to the tree. She thought she heard him call 'Slash' But that couldn't be. She breathed deeply before stepping beside the big yellow rabbit. She looked up with him, and almost fell right over. Half of a snke had fallen from the tree and hung limply from a branch. From it's head fell a big black hat and a couple of chains. The snake hung with it's mouth hung slightly open and it's tongue hanging loosly out of it. Nayome looked, and it almost appeared as though the snake was drunk. She giggled as the loopy snake attemted to haul himself back up, and failed many a time before just giving up and falling limp again. "Yo Fluffy, wazzup?" Nayome could see the rabbit's eye twitch. "I have a name you know." He said in a voice that was so close to a snarl. "Fine, sorry Duffy." The snake grinned again. "What?" Nayome asked. "Did... Did he just say your name is Duff?" She looked at them, shocked. "Yea, what about it?" The rabbit asked, just as confused as Nayome was. She quickly shook her head and held up her hands. "Oh, eh, nothing. Nevermind." She got back to her feet and picked up the hat that the snake had dropped. A large silk top hat with a silver chain around the rim. She smiled and placed it back on the snake's head. "And who might you be?" She asked. "I'm Slash." It smiled again like a fool. Nayome blushed. Only now did she care to remember that she had the hardest crush on Duff, Slash, and only one other. But there was now way that-- "Hey guys!" Nayome groaned and prayed to whatever god was listening that that wasn't what she thought it would be. She turned around, and sure enough, there stood a rather large lion with large gold mane. It wore a red headband above it's eyes, but under it's ears. It looked so cute! Nayome almost fainted. She walked up to the large cat and kneeled down. "And your name is?" She held out a hand, and it was puny compared to the size of the lion's paw when he placed it in her hand. "I'm Steven!" It said happily. She blushed hotly, but still shook the lion's hand. "It's a pleasure!" She said before stepping back. "This is really awkward." She thought to herself. But again, she shrugged. She reached and grabbed the snake from the tree and wrapped it around her neck, and fallowed the two other animals farther down the road.
As they walked, Nayome couldn't help but stare at her new friend in awe. A big yellow rabbit who could probably jump over the C.N tower if he wanted to, am enormous lion who she could ride on his back for gawd sakes, and a long boa who loved to party. Odd, but fun, she thought to herself. From out of nowhere, a large black bird landed infront of them and screeched. Duff hopped infront of Nayome and stared the large bird down. "Buck off Iz." He said in a threating tone. "No way." Nayomoe thought. The bird relaxed it's wing and scuttled over to the rest of them. "What's all this then?" He demanded. "Why is there a human in this world?" Nayome stepped closer to the lion. "She's agreed to help us get rid of the pack of wolves chasing us." He said happily, yet not letting his eyes off the bird. "Is that so?" He asked, looking straight at Nayome. She shyly nodded and the bird completely relaxed all it's feathers. "Wonderful!" It chirped. He scuttled over to Nayome and held out a clowed fot. "Izzy Stradlin. You?" Nayome carefully took the foot and replied, "Nayome Suna." "What a beautiful name." Izzy said before taking his foot back and stepping back. Duff turned and smiled. "Well, that's all of us!" Nayome looked at the group before her. Although, they were all adorable, she wondered if she could really help them. They were counting on her. She was starting to have second thoughts though, after the snake around her neck thought it would be fun to slither his tail up the front of her jacket. But, she'd help these creatures the best she could.
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