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Non-Fiction Can Be Fun

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Fairy Tails are fine and dandy, But reality can be just as shocking. Rated for language

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The five walked together in silence. Nayome every so often bringing her hand up to pet the passed out snake that lay limp around her shoulders. The silence, only broken by Steven asking if she needed to be carried, or eventually Duff mentioning what needed to be done. "So," Nayome started. "All I got to do is go and beat up a pack of dogs, and I'm out of her?" She looked down and the rabbit and it nodded. Nayome was having so thoughts about this. She loved these guys, with a passion. She'd always bought all their CDs when the band was together, bought all the posters, the books, went to all the concerts, but these weren't the guys. This was all just a dream. A stupid dream brought on by a rainy day, a children's book, and half a litre of vodka. She felt her eyebrow twitch and she closed her eyes. "I," She mumbled, a little flustered at what was happening. "I'm afriad I don't understand any of this." The animals looked up at her. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples as they continued to walk down to a creek. She opened her eyes when they were all resting under a tree. "What don't you get?" Duff asked. Well," She didn't bother looking down to the bunny, but instead stared at the purple leaves sprouting from they blue tree trunk. "This isn't real." She murmered. The lion laid it enormous fuzzy head on her lap and purred as she absentmindedly stroked her finger through his mane. She looked down at the rabbit, eyes cold and empty. "You're not real." She said. The blonde rabbits ears rested by it's sides. A sad look appereaing on his furry face. "Of course I'm real. I..." Nayome cut him off. "No you're not! This is all just a stupid dream! Isn't it!" None of the animals replied. The snake around her neck lazily lifted his head up to see what all the screaming was about. His head was throbbing and he wasn't happy at all with the loud noises. The massive lion's ear laid flat against his head and he looked as though he were about to cry. Normally, Nayome would've started crying herself, huggin the beast and comforting it, but she wasn't too happy with her imagination running so wild right now. Slash, with much struggling, brought his head up and hissed, "I know how to make her believe this issss real." Nayome rolled her eyes. Not only was her imagination running wild, but it was predictible too. A snake that held to the sound 'S'. How original. "Okay," Nayome cooled down. "What's you're suggestion, oh drunken one?" The snake stuck out it's long tongue, before lazily, but quickly, striking at Stevens forehead, and missed. He bit Steven just above wear an eyebrow should've been. A second attemt and he pulled off Steven's headband and held it up to Nayome. She took the long piece of cloth from the fangs slowly. The bunny tapped it's foot, raising dust from the ground. "Of course! To prove that this is real, when you wake up, you should have that with you!" She looked at all the furry critters. She nodded and wrapped the band around her own forhead. She then closed her eyes, and opened them to black nothingness.
Nayome woke up where she had fallen asleep, on the dirty matress pushed into the corner of her room. She snorted to herself. "I can't believe I actually believed that!" She looked at the clock. "7:30..." She yawned and stretched her long arms over her head. "Well," She mumbled. "Might as well see what's happening downstairs." She got up and pulled open the door in the floor that lead to a flight of stairs. She climbed down and walked out into the living room. Her older brother and younger sister were gathered around the tv, engrossed in the some Hollywood interview. She went to walk past it, but decided to flop down on the couch instead when she saw who they were interviewing. She smiled at the bright letters that scrolled across the screen.
Steven Adler
She giggled. Out of the whole band, Steven was one of her absolute favourits. Her brother groaned when he realized he was basically forbidden to change the channel now. Less he face the wrath of a crazed and visious fan girl with over 1001 dangerous pranks that she could pull on him and never get caught. "Hey Meme," He called her by her nickname. Mainly because it got her attention quicker. She looked at him, the curiousl look never leaving his face. "Where'd you get this?" He asked as he ran his fingers over Nayome's forhead. "What are you talking about? There's nothi-" Her vouce trailed off when she touched her forhead too and felt a piece of cloth. She pulled it off her head and looked it over. The specific white pattern amoungst bright red, almost silken material. She gaped and the looked closely at the TV. "If this is true..." Her mind trailed off. She looked closely at Steven's face on the television. She gasped when her turned his head slightly.

There. Just above his eyebrow of his perfect forhead, was two small cuts. She looked closer "They couldn't possibly be..." She heard the young woman on the show mention something about the cuts as well. NAyome leaned back on her heels and listened carefully as the two spoke.

"So, how did you do that to your forhead?" She asked. Steven touched it lightly. "What, this? It's nothing. It was only a..." In Nayome's mind, she prayed he didn't say it. "Snake bite." Steven chirped happily.

Nayome dropped to her knees when the interview was done. Eyes wide with terror. Was it true. Whatever happned in her head, came true in reality. Shakily, she got up to go back to her room. "Nayome," He mother had called just as she layed her right boot on the first step. "Arn't you coming to eat?" She asked. She was setting the table when the rest of her family came to sit around the table. Nayome didn't even look back. She just started walking again after mumbling something that sounded like, "Later." She looked around her room. She needed to get back to sleep, but how?

She walked over to her desk and picked up a bottle where small white pills were scattered from. She swiped the pills from her desk, back into the bottle, and shooks out about four or five. She sat down on the bed, pulled off her boots, careful not to drop the pills. She slid up onto the bed and threw the handful of drugs down her mouth. She wasn't too concerened, she knew they were safe. Her ex boyfriend had given them to her. She couldn't remember what his problem was. Something about ensomniacs not putting out as good. Or maybe it was all the times she had broken into his house sitting scaring him every morning by not moving and then hugging him every time his got up. She looked sadly at the bottle. That's probably why they broke up too.
Nayome picked up the glass bottle of Jack Daniels. The one of vodka already empty. She tossed her head back and washed down the medication with the bitter liqour. Always thinking sinful thoughts whilst doing this. She put the bottle down and waited for the drugs to kick in. She looked at the small whit bottle still in her vice like grip. "That's not why you broke up with me, is it?" She mentally asked herself, feeling drowzier by the second. "It had nothing to do with my ensomnia, because you like how I blew you off in the middle of the night. You just found a better fuck, that's all." She hugged the big blue book and laid down. Closing her eyes, she continued to wait, still mentally arguing with herself. "You just didn't want to deal with a broken woman. You just didn't like that you didn't have my attention constantly. But that was your fault. You knew who I was. What I do. so you can just go..."
"Fuck yourself you piece of shit." Nayome mumbled. She opened her eyes to see a tall man sitting in her lap. "And good morning to you too." Her eyes snapped open. She slid out form under him and up against the tree. She pointed a finger at him and stuttered, "y... You're... I mean... I... You're... Duff McKegan!" She squealed finally. Exsept this wasn't Duff. Not really anyway. It was Duff in a way. The only huge difference was the longer ears. Nayome looked up. She shook her head. Another part of the dream she supposed. "So," Duff started. "Convinced?" She nodded her head slowly. Soon, she shook her head, pushed herself from the tree and walked after him. "So," She said. "Where are the other guys." As if they were waiting for her to say that, Slash let half his snakey body fall from a tree branch, and Steven walkf out from a bush, stretching out his legs and spreading his massive paws out infront of him. "Wait," Nayome looked at the two animals, then at Duff. "Why arn't they human like as well?" She looked up at Duff who simply shrugged. "I don't know, did you do anything different before you came here?" Nayome shook her head. It didn't really matter.

She looked around. "Where's Izzy?" She asked. Again, out of nowhere, Izzy jumped down from a higer tree branch than Slash. He ruffled his feathers out before hobbling over to her, giving him a nod of acknoledgement, he squacked happily back. "Okay!" She yelped happily. "Let's get this show on the road!"
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