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Chapter 21

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Pete comes for a visit

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Chapter 21

Pete stepped off the bus. It took him time, but he was able to leave and was in Texas. He grabbed his bag and looked up to see if Tina was there.

“Pete, oh my god.” Someone crashed into him.

“God, you feel so good.” Pete said.

“I can’t believe you’re here. How was the trip?”

“Long. Just glad to be with you now. I missed you so much.” Pete kissed her.

“How did you get away?”

“I told my aunt I’d be with Jack.”

“Okay. Does he know I was coming?”

“Yeah. He said to use him as an excuse anytime.” Pete laughed.

“Let’s get you checked into you hotel.”

Tina drove Pete to the hotel and got to his room.

“You sure you want to stay here?” Tina asked him.

“Why? This is fine.” “It just doesn’t look that great.”

“I’d stay in a box if it meant to see you.”

“Sure. You say that now.”

“It’s true. This isn’t too bad. I have a bathroom and a bed. Especially a bed.” He winked at her.

“Your terrible. What do you want to do?”

“I really just want to rest. Can we lay down for a bit? The bus was a bitch to try and sleep on.”

“Sure.” Pete laid on the bed and Tina went into his arms.

“I missed this.”

“So have I.”

“How are things in Chicago?”

“About the same. Everyone is getting ready for graduation. Well, except me. I found an apartment for me and Joe and Patrick.”

“That’s good.”

“We’re going on a tour in June.”

“That’s great, Pete. I’m so proud of you. I know things will work out.”

“Except, your not next door.”

“Do you see my dad?”

“Sometimes. He won’t look at me.”

“I haven’t talked to him since I came here. I miss my family so much.” She started to cry.

“It will be alright. Your almost done with school. You’ll come home to see your mom.”

“No. I told my dad I wouldn’t. I won’t be going there.”

“Baby, I know you are upset with him because of all this, but don’t shut your mom out. She really misses you. I heard her talking to my mom the other day. She feels really bad.”

“I know. I’ll think about going back for the summer.”

Pete fell asleep and Tina stayed in his arms feeling safe once again. The next morning Tina went to the hotel to pick up Pete. She knocked on the door.

“Hey, I’m running late. I just got out of the shower. Come in.”

Tina sat on the bed while Pete got dressed. He came out of the bathroom.

“So, what are the plans for today.”

“I don’t know. I really don’t have any. We can go to the park.”

“Sure.” Tina’s cell phone rang.

“Let me get this and we can go.” She opened her phone.


“Tina, it’s Carla. Your mom just called. Your dad had a heart attack.”


“It was this morning. He’s at the hospital. Do you want to go home?”

“Um, yeah. Of course.”

“I’ll get you a ticket for today.”

“Uh, Carla. Don’t be mad, but Pete came down. He’s with me. Could you get a ticket for him too.”

“Sure. I’m not mad at all. My brother can be stubborn. What he did wasn’t right. Come here as soon as you can.”

“What happened?” Pete asked.

“My dad. He had a heart attack. He’s in the hospital. Can you get your things together? My aunt is going to get us both tickets to go back.”

“Sure. Are you alright?”

“Not really.” He took her in his arms.

“Everything will be fine. I promise you.”

After Pete got his clothes together they went to Tina’s aunts and she packed a bag. By the afternoon they got a flight. Once they got to Chicago they went straight to the hospital.

“Tina, I’m so glad your home.” Her mom hugged her.

“Yeah, how is he?”

“Not too good. It was a pretty bad heart attack. I haven’t been able to see him.”

“Do you need anything? Have you eaten at all?”

“No, I haven’t. I’m fine.”

“Mom, you need to eat.”

“I’ll get some food.” Pete went to the cafeteria.

“What is he doing here?”

“He came to Texas. Please don’t get mad.”

“I’m not. Just was surprised to see him. I know he’s good for you.”

Pete came back with some food for Tina and her mom.

“Mom, I’m going to see if I can talk to a nurse or someone who knows something.”

She walked to the nurse’s station.

“How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for some information about my dad.”

“He came in this morning?”


“The doctor should be coming out soon.”

“Thank you.”

Tina walked back to her mom.

“The nurse said the doctor should be coming out soon.”

“Alright. I’m so worried. He never looked like this Tina.”

“I’m sure everything will be fine.”

She looked up at Pete. The doctor came out.

“Hello. I’m Doctor Crowell. Your husband had a very serious heart attack. I’m sorry.”

“What? He’s gone.”

“Yes, I’m very sorry.”

“But after all this time and he still didn’t make it.”

“We tried all we could. I’m sorry.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done.” Tina couldn’t say anything.

“Tina, I’m going to go with the doctor to talk about arrangements.”


Pete went to her and tried to put his arms around her.

“You! If it wasn’t for you my last words to my father wouldn’t of been, I hate you. I never want to see you again Peter Wentz!”


“No, leave. Get the fuck away from me. I don’t want you in my life. Can’t you see what you’ve done. I won’t ever see my dad again. I trusted you that everything would be alright.”

“I’m sorry, Tina. Call me if you want to talk. I guess this is it then.”

He tried to kiss her and she moved her face and he got her cheek.

“Remember, I love you. Always will.”

He whispered in her ear. Tina watched Pete walk off with tear streaked face.
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