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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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Well I re-wrote it, I guess I've gotten better XD


That night was dark, pitch black. They thought of themselves as different worlds, different status. They hated each other, no common at all, but in truth they were in common, even if it was...

Talking shit.
Being Stupid.
Their love for their heirs.

“Damn those bastards”, A young man cursed. His once clear face, adoring a purple bruise on his cheek. His long hair let loose, gently against his shoulders.
His dark eyes, locking with similar dark eyes.
“It was unexpected”, another said. His blueish black hair still sticking out at the back, long bands covering his dark ebony eyes.
“But still Sasuke, we should have been stronger, dammit!” The 1st young man shouted, his eyes boring into the young boy, named Sasuke.
“Itachi, my eldest son, please calm down”, An older looking woman said, her black hair ending at her lower back, and dark eyes staring at him.
“You are 24, Itachi, act like it! Your brother is 17 and he is acting more like a leader than you!” His dark brown hair flat, dark brown eyes glaring at his eldest son, Itachi, while talking about his youngest Sasuke.
“Ne, Fugaku-san, Mikoto-chan, aren't you being a little too rough on him? I would be pissed too!” A young boy said. He looked no older than 17, his blond hair spiked, with bright blue blinding eyes filled with sneaky knowledge.
“Naruto your such a ...dobe”, Sasuke told him, smirking.
“Teme!” Naruto shouted back. Ready to punch him, if not for the hand gripping his wrist.
“Oww”, Narut whined as his wrist was twisited.
“Now, Now Kushina, we don't want to break our only son's wrist”, A older version of Naruto said, twirling the woman's red hair.
“Touch my hair again, Minato, and I will break your wrists”, Kushina spat out, her green eyes glaring.
“O-okay”, Minato said as his wife let go of his son'd wrist.
“Kushina, Dead last”, Fugaku greeted.
“You want to say that again, teme?” Minata shouted.
“You heard me dead last”, Fugaku shouted back.
“Would you guys stop screaming?” A long haired boy, asked. His normally white eyes closed, in a medatation state. Other wise known as Neji Hyuga.
“How troublesome”, A lazy looking guy muttered, his brown hair tied high, making his hair look like a electrified bannana, his brown eyes scanning the room.
“Shut up, Shikamaru”, Naruto said.
“What a drag.”


A young woman, moved her head side to side. Her long pink hair swaying, her usually bright sea green eyes, closed. Her attire was a white knee length capris and a green halter top, with straps.
When I feel blue, I think of you
'Cause you're true wherever you are
Near or far, you still are my shining star
Sometimes it's mad, things get bad and I'm sad
Wherever you are there is light by my side
I feel alright

Because our love is big
Bigger than the two of us
And words can not describe
How I miss you so much

I feel love in your arms
And I feel love when I'm with you
I feel love in your eyes
Wherever you “SAKURAAAAAAAAAA!!!”
The young woman, now named Sakura, jerked, running towards the source of her name.
“INO, what happened?” Sakura screamed.
Sakura looked at another young woman. She had long blond hair, tied in a high pony tail, and dark blue eyes, she wore a long sleeved purple dress that ended at her thighs.
“Ino, Sakuraaaaaa”, a young man whined. The rest of the men, supposedly, his brothers, moaning.
“YOU FOUGHT THEM DIDN'T YOU? You were forbidden in Dark Country!” Sakura scolded.
“Dark, Krad, Jake, Drake, Bullet, Sin, get up”, Sakura commanded, pissed off.
All six of the brothers got up, their emerald eyes looking down.
Dark: Red short hair, green eyes. (25)
Krad: Red long hair, green eyes. (25)
Drake: Red short hair, green eyes. (23)
Jake: Silver short hair, green eyes. (23)
Bullet: Silver short hair, green eyes. (21)
Sin: Silver long hair, green eyes. (21)
“What happened?” Ino asked.
“You know that you are not to tresspass that country, boys! Especially after that ball incident”, Sakura cut off Dark.
“Are you okay?” Ino asked again.
“But, sis, they faught first”, Dark, the eldest, lied.
“Did you get into fight with the royals, or the guards?” Ino asked.
“Maybe”, Jake sqeaked.
“Stop the fighting because if King Toshu finds out his sons are fighting his rival’s sons, war will break out....but its not like they aren't in war”, Ino muttered.
“Shut it Ino-pig”, Sakura said.
“Forehead girl!” Ino's forhead popped a vein.
“Pig, I will drop kick you”, Sakura threaten.
“Billboard brow”, Ino replied.
“Boar”, Sakura spat out.
“Pinky”, Ino smirked.
The boys sneaked away, and started to run, only to hear 'NOOOO', shortly after.


“Why don’t we trash Dark’s bedroom while he’s asleep”, Naruto brought up, after Mikoto, and Kushina dragged their husbands away.
“The dobe got a point”, Sasuke stated.
“How troublesome”, Shikamaru yawned..
“I’m in”, Neji announced.
“I’ll call Kisame, Sasori, Tobi, Deidara, and Zestu”,suggested Itachi. While on the wait for the rest they formed a plan.
“I heard that Dark’s bedroom door is black”, Kisame announced.
“Were gonna mess up his room! Believe it!” Naruto jumped up and down like a girl humming.


After Sakura beat the crap out of Ino, Ino left to Lightning Country, where her cousin, Deidara was suppose to leave from.
“We have a present for your 17th birthday, tommorow but you will have to sleep in my room, tonight”, Dark announced, kidding his sister on her cheek.
“Fine but were will you sleep?” Sakura asked with a pout.
“Krad's”, Dark replied, while Krad whined.


“Goodnight”, the boys heard. Itachi, Naruto, Sasuke, Shikamaru, and Neji stood in the kitchen of the Haruno mansion. Kisame, Zestu, Deidara, Tobi, and Sasori to stood outside on guard.
“Alright lets go”, whispered Sasuke.
“Oi, Sasuke –teme!” Naruto shouted.
“You spaced out foolish little brother”, Itachi explained.
As they walked down the hall they found a door with Dark’s name carved in gold. It was black with red flames.
They heard a soft voice song, playing.

I don't want to call my friends
For they might wake me from this dream
And I can't leave this bed
Risk forgetting all that's been
Oh I am what I am
I do what I want
But I can't hide
And I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here
I won't go
And I won't sleep
And I can't breathe
Until you're resting here with me
And I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
Until you're resting here with me
Oh I am what I am
I do what I want

When they entered the dark room they saw a thick cover on his body with a pillow on his head.
“Lets go”, ordered Sasuke.
After they spilled ramen on the carpet, Naruto idea, and did Graffiti on the walls,Sasuke suggested, “Lets pour cold water on him”, with a smile that scared
“Hn” (Itachi)
“Yea” (Neji)
“Believe it!”
Sasuke got a bucket of cold water while Naruto took hold of the cover and Itachi took hold of the pillow.
“Go!” Sasuke shouted as they took off the cover and pillow.
As they poured,Sakura screamed “Aahhhhh----choooo”.
All of them were wide eyed and Sasuke was blushing like a tomato because the water revealed her perfect curves. Bad thoughts!
Sasuke, trying to silence her, tripped over a pillow and landed on her. Mouth to mouth.
All of their eyes widened more if that were possible and Naruto dropped his ramen (the world is gonna end!).
After Sasuke departed quickly She glared at him. Is she glaring at us?
“Who are you?” asked Itachi to break the silence.
“Grrrr….Dark!” Sakura shouted. Then all 6 princes, her Aunt Kurenai, Uncle Kakashi, and guards came. The 6 princes tackled them down and tied them up.
“Who are you?!” Naruto was pissed cause he can’t reach his precious Ramen.
“Princess Sakura are you alright?” asked her Aunt and Uncle.
“Yes uncle Kakashi and Aunt Kurenai I’m alright”, she replied, shivering.
“P-p-p-princess S-Sakura”,Naruto said. She nodded her head.
“Here Sakura-nee-chan put this on or you’ll get a cold”,Dark said as she put on a black robe.
Their eyes went wide eyed because they never knew he could care about someone.
Sakura then whispered something to Dark that made him frown. That made the intruders also frown, and slightly scared.
Where was the guard friends? They ran for it.
Everybody left except for the 6 princes and the prisoners.
Dark went behind them and cut the rope and stated, “You’re so lucky I’m nice to my little sister or if it was up to me I would kill you guys.”
“She’s your younger sister?” Itachi asked.
“Yea”, answered Dark.
“How old?” Sasuke asked.
“Just turned 17”, Drake replied.
“Well get going before our father comes”,stated Krad.
They all looked at him, just staring.
“Hey Ramen boy, here”, Bullet handed Naruto his Ramen.
Naruto tackled him and said, “you guys are so cool, you gave me my ramen! If it was up to them they wouldn’t give it to me.”
Bullet laughed and ruffled his hair. (Traitor)
They heard from the window Dark screaming “The younger Uchiha kissed you!?!? He’s gonna feel my foot up his ass!”
They all sped back to their countries.
Neji went to the Mist Country.
Shikamaru went to Cloud Country.
Naruto went to Field Country, while the rest went to Dark country.
Itachi noticed that Sasuke was still blushing. (if you had a microscope....)
Only my foolish brother would trip True Foolish yea…who are you I'm your inner self I'm going insane.


The songs I used was:
1st Part: Wherever you are by Laava
2nd Part: Here with you by Dido and Enya
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