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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Love of Royal

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Like I said...Rewritten/ updated.


“We are to meet the Hyuga heiress, and her guard, Ms. Kunai”, King Toshu told his sons, and daughter. His Red hair tied in the back, and green eyes scanning the area.
“Why?” Sakura whined, she did not want to be stuck with a stranger in 100º weather.
“Because, they are an important asset in this war, plus Ino-san will be there”, Toshu replied.
“The pig? Then I'm good”, Sakura cheered.
“Alright lets go”, Dark ordered.


“Father?” A young woman asked. She had dark navy blue hair, with white lavender eyes, she kimono.
“Come in”, King Hyuga W.C. Said. His dark brown hair tied at the bottom, and white eyes staring at her.
“Will they be here soon”, Hinata's guard, Tenten Kunai, asked. She had her long brown hair in two buns, and warm chocolate brown eyes.
“Yes, why may I ask?”, Hiashi asked. (King Hyuga W.C.)
“Cause it’s boring”, she bluntly replied, smirking.
Hiashi could only sigh as his daughter, Hinata, played with her hands, her pointer fingers pushing each other.
Tenten growled lowly.


“Hyuga,why are you going to visit the Water Country?” Sasuke asked.
“Because my uncle, King Haishi, is there and my father wants to visit him so he’s dragging me along”,explained Neji.
“Oi Neji-teme #2 why don’t me, Sasuke-teme, and Shikamaru go with you?”, Naruto asked, then said, “HOLY SHIT THAT RYMED)
“The dobe got a point, were bored and I don’t want to be stuck with a cloud lover sleeping lazy bum and an annoying hyperactive blond who won’t shut the hell up”, Sasuke agreed.
“Well…. I guess”, Neji replied.
“Let's go ask King Hizashi then we can go”, Shikamaru spoke up.
They went inside, to ask permission, that was granted.
“Lets go!” Naruto shouted, mounting his horse as the rest did too.


“We're here”, Hizashi announced.
“Finally”,the 4 boys said, tired slightly from the long ride.
“Why don’t you guys feed and water your horses and take a ride on one of the paths?” King Hiashi suggested.
After they watered and feed the horses they mounted them and took the same path of the girls without knowing they were riding, too.
As Sakura, Hinata, Tenten, and Ino are riding making small talk.
“Really? I don't really like Prince Rock Lee, he scares me”, Sakura talked to Tenten.
“Only because he's one of the most hyper suitor”, Ino snorted.
“Shut it, pig”, Sakura replied normaly.
Hinata giggled. Tenten and her bonded with the girls, they were not like the rest, they were kind and sincere.
Then it was silent.
“Lets gallop!” Tenten suggested.
“Yea!” Ino and Sakura shouted, while Hinata nodded.
They started as walk, that went into troe then a full blown gallop race.
Hinata was in the lead, with Sakura behind her, and Tenten and Ino behind Sakura at a tie.
When they saw a cliff all girls stopped but Hinata failed, that ended into a sudden break, that flipped her over. Now she was hanging off a cliff. but when Aqua stopped Hinata flew frontward and was hanging off the cliff.
“HINATA”, The three girls shouted, demounting off the horses, and ran to the edge.
“What do we do?” Tenten shouted.
“I’ll try to get her”,Sakura replied. Tenten and Ino trusted her words because she seemed to be strong.
Hinata was hanging off the cliff on a twig that was breaking. So Sakura slid down slowly and gently nudged Hinata to hug her waist.
When Hinata let go the twig it instantly broke. So there they were hanging off a cliff.

Now the only problem was how do they get back up?


“Yea!” a distance shout was heard.
“Oi Sasuke-teme did you hear that?”
“Na dobe, hear what?”
“Those screams”
“HINATA!”They heard a couple of more screams.
“Lets go!” Neji commanded (Scorpio Princes unite!lol)
As they galloped to the scene,Neji started to freak out.
“Why is Lady Hinata hanging off a cliff?” Neji shouted.


As two girls turned around afraid they gasped at what they saw.
Right there in front of then were the four princes known to all kingdoms, THE Sasuke Uchiha, THE Shikamaru Nara, THE Neji Hyuuga, and THE Naruto Uzumaki.
“Hey a little help here?” Sakura shouted to the boys. They were all staring at her.
“Neji-nee-san help! If Sakura and I move we’ll fall!” Hinata shouted.
“Alright were coming!” Neji comforted her.
They quickly got some vines and threw it to them so they can tie it around their waists.
So as the boys pulled it was like they were rock climbing.
As the girls went to stable ground Sakura sighed.
“Hey Hinata was that fun or what?” Sakura asked. Everybody looked at her like she was an alien.
“I guess?” Hinata answered. Then all eyes were on her.
“What the hell were you thinking hanging off a cliff with a pink headed, over sized, forehead girl!” Neji screamed at Hinata.
Everybody was just staring at them. Somehow Ino and Tenten ended right next to Naruto and Shikamaru.
“None taken”, Hinata said.
Then a thunderstorm began. They all ran with their horses to the nearest cave.
“So umm Sakura right?” Naruto started to talk.
“That’s my name, why?” Sakura asked.
“It was the Uchihas' fault I’m sorry I didn’t mean to spill ramen on the carpet!” Naruto shouted while hugging her.
“There there it’s alright?” Sakura tried to comfort him while patting his back.
“Dobe”,Sasuke stated.
Since Sakura felt awkward hanging around her brother’s rival’s younger sibling and his friends she said that Tenten, Hinata, Ino and her will go look for wood.


“Ok let’s see we are stuck with Neji’s cousin her friends, which one happens to be our rivals’ younger sister”,Sasuke explained. Thye were currently in the cave.
“What a drag”, Shikamaru sighed.
“Hey what’s that?!” Naruto asked while pointing to something that looked likes a journal.
“Let’s see it”, Neji stated.
It was a small journal that was pink that had Lil Cherry Blossom carved in gold. As they opened it they saw an entry about when Sakura was 7 years old (this is 2007)
March 30, 1997
Dear Diary,
Mommy died and daddy is already going to get married. The only time I heard daddy cry about mommy was in his office. Daddy’s going to get married to a lady named Vanessa and her two daughters, Vicky and Becky, is going to live with older brothers, me, and daddy. But the weird thing is, is that addy's different,I don't know how but he is. I don't like Vanessa and her girls, they're very mean to me. Vanessa hit me across the face when she started to talk to her daughters that she was going to destroy the garden that mommy, me, and brothers worked so hard on to build, cause I said that she should not touch it or Dark will get mad. So she hit me with her hand across my face, and said that she couldn’t wait until I died like my mommy. Ever since that only Hinata, Tenten, and Ino knows about her personality towards me.

Then Naruto skipped some few pages:

June 2, 2004
Dear diary,
Dark have been keeping a close eye on me. I know this because I remember when mom whispered to Dark before she died to take care of me. I'll just keep it to myself that I know. Other than that I punched Vicky square in the face breaking her nose, kneed Becky in the ribs so she can barely walk, and broke Vanessa’s arm. I told them that if they ever talked about my mom that they will get hurt. That was my warning, yet they did it again. Too bad for them Dark taught me how to fight with jutsu, Taijutsu, and other ninja skills. (Violent child I know)

Then Shikamaru then took it, and turned to the front that was a song:

I know I'm not there to hold you
Look up see the sky that I do
You make me the happiest of men
I am the happiest of men
And if god takes me before you
I just want you to know I love you
And you made me the strongest of all men
I'll remain the happiest of men
You made me the happiest of men
I'll remain the happiest of men
I miss you
Baby close your eyes
Let's meet
In our dreams tonight

Then as they were about to turn the page they heard something fall in the cave when they looked up the found Ino covering her face. While Hinata and Tenten gasped.
Sakura was worried, agony, almost every mood except joyful or relief.
Hinata was red, not of shy but with anger, Neji have never saw this before with her.
Hinata went up and snatched the book out of Neji’s hands, bonked it on his head, and screamed,“What the hell were you thinking reading that YOU MORONS THAT IS A DIARY BUT MORE IMPORTANT Sakura’s!”
“Uh Hinata don’t get the wrong idea we weren’t snooping-”,Neji tried to explain holding his head.
Sakura dropped the wood and ran out the cave.
“Sakura”,Hinata softly said.
“Look were sorry-”
“I forgive you just leave her it won’t do good to bring her back sad.”
But Sasuke just stood up and ran after her. He ran about 5 min. Then he found her hugging her knees and crying softly but loud.
“Hn, I'm sorry.”
“It’s alright.”
“No its not.”
“Yea it is.”
“Aa,It wasn’t our business to snoop”
“You know… sound like Dark when he snooped in that”, Sakura smiled slightly.
“Really... How did he make it up?” Sauske asked looking up at the clear dark blue sky.
He raised an eyebrow when he saw a small evil smirk/smile on her face.
“Will you do it if I tell you?”
“Sure” Why are we promising? I'm not promising you are The inner went through a door and off a cliff.
“He took me out for a day,”
“Like a date?” Sasuke asked.
“Yea, but between us it'll be different like a real date”,Sakura told him innocently.
“Hn. Uh meet me at the border near midnight?” Sasuke asked nervously.
“Sure” she replied.
“Sakura!” A distant voice shouted. Suddenly Neji, Shikamaru, and Naruto came running.
“We got to hurry Dark and the rest are coming!”Shikamaru told Sasuke.
“We are truly sorry Sakura-san”,Neji told her. Sakura nodded.


Song: Wide Eyes Shut by Bless the fall
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