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What just happened?

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Seriously why?

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Wow I was nervous. After all I hadn’t done this in how long? Oh that’s right, a year and a half.
So I got up on stage, heart hammering. When it came up my turn, I did my little walk to the center of the stage, smiling confidently at the crowd. Just relax…just would be okay. Three stage hands brought out the cross. I couldn’t believe Zeph was letting me try his new toy out. My eyes scanned the crowd, just for something to do. They stopped when my gaze connected with the one and only Gerard Way. Oh shit. What could he be thinking? I was dressed in a red and black corset that was ripped, tight leather shorts, and black stilettos. I was working on not falling and breaking my neck. Did I mention I had a fake tattoo on my collarbone and the corset laced up the back with strings that were far and few between?
I let the stage hands guide me back to lay on the cross and prepared to make this look real. After all, I was enduring a lot of pain, right? Discreetly, one of the stage hands secured me to the cross, then stayed crouching as she held my shoulders down to the cross. Looking up I saw it was Kitten. She winked at me.
As Zeph speached, I let out a breath, then two stage hands raised the cross just a little so the crowd could see, and another positioned a metal spike above my right hand. I knew it wouldn’t hurt, but I had to act like it.
As the spike was ‘hammered’ into my hand, I let out a yell that I sometimes used while singing. It was an almost animal like noise of pain and agony. Fake blood ran down my hand, and a moment later I let out another yell as another spike was driven into my left hand. Blood ran down that too. Then the spikes were driven into my ankles and my screams sounded hoarse and desperate. I thought I sounded good. The crowd cheered as Zephyr turned to me and smiled just a little. The cross was lifted and thankfully I didn’t fall. Instead I let out one more scream to finish the night.
** **

Afterward I set back in the dressing room, removing fake blood from my hands. I bent down and took a cloth to my ankles. The blood wasn’t that hard to get off, but my skin was a little red after I had scrubbed. My shoes I had already kicked off and they were across the room. I was about to unlace the corset, but there was a knock on the door. I undid the top string and walked over to the door. Upon opening it, I raised an eyebrow and folded my arms. “Well well, never thought someone like you would be here,” I said to Gerard Way.
He looked at my hand on the door. “So you didn’t bleed to death,” he remarked.
“And why wouldn’t you think I would be here?”
I smirked. “Let’s think about it. You’re a singer. This isn’t exactly conformity at its best.”
“So you think my singing is conformity at its best?” Gerard rolled his eyes. “By the way, I love your outfit.” He smiled.
My eyes narrowed until I realized I was almost falling out of my corset. “Asshole,” I muttered, and started to close the door. Instead he slammed his palm into the door, keeping it open.
“There was one more reason I came,” he growled, and he was the one smirking now.
“And what’s that?”
“This.” Before I could say anything he leaned forward, pressing his lips to mine. His hands wrapped around my waist and he pulled me to him. I put my hands on his chest, not pushing him away. When I was pressed against his body his hands travelled to my back and he lightly touched my bare skin. I gave an involuntary gasp at the feel of his skin.
Without warning he pushed me away, a frown on his face. “I can’t believe you just did that. You may admire me or whatever, but if we’re going to live together you can’t just be kissing me,” he turned away, walked a few feet and shook his head. Then he looked one more time at me with disbelief on his face before he left completely.
Did he just….what just….oh my god. My mouth hung open in shock. I shook my head and then closed the door.
In the room I shook my head, then changed into my regular clothes.
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