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Just wanted to tell you

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just wanted to update I guess

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I don't own My Chem, yada yada yada, but look, if anyone else steals anything of mine, I will never ever post another story again. So please R&R

After finishing up the details, my brothers and I went home. We all rode in a silver Lincoln Navigator we’d pooled our money for. There was even room for our instruments. In two days we would leave to go on tour. I needed to pack. And Shop. Don’t get me wrong, I hate shopping. But there’s just something about shopping for a trip that was exciting.
I glanced around the vehicle and not for the first time noticed how much different I looked than my brothers. The twins, Seth and Dean, had black hair. Keenan was blonde. They all had mischievous green eyes and tanned skin. I was pale, had brown hair, and light blue eyes. At least we were all tall. I’m the shortest and I stand 5’ 9” Of course I was adopted. My birth family lived in Austria. I can speak German and English. I have almost no accent because I’ve been in America since I was ten-for the last eight years. Though people said we looked related just because we looked so…together. Like we were meant to be in a group together.

At home we quickly unloaded the instruments and went in the house. Malikai was there, waiting for me. He bounded and tackled me as soon as I got there. Malikai was my huge shepherd mix. His head reached my stomach, and he was muscular. He had tan paws and a tan face. The rest of him was black. His fur was thick and right now I sunk my hands in it. “Hey Malikai,” I laughed as he licked my face happily. His eyes were so pretty, a beautiful golden brown. “Wanna go outside?” I asked. The dog ran to the back door in response.
I opened it and the dog ran outside to run around in the yard. I waited, leaning against the doorframe. I gave a little shiver, it was cold for a day in October. After Malikai had done his business and run around for a bit, I gave a sharp whistle. Malikai immediately ran back to me, tail wagging and ears perked. He trotted past me, back into the small house.
When I got back in I found that my brothers were asleep. Dean and Seth were on opposite ends of the couch while Keen was sitting in the chair. The tv was on and I saw that Saw III was playing. Rolling my eyes, I pried the remote out of Seth’s hand and turned the tv off. None of them stirred.
Then I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I stayed under the hot water for a long time, feeling the tension in my muscles ease. With a sigh I turned the faucet off and got out, drying of and pulling on a pair of loose shorts and a t shirt. Both were white in color. As soon as I opened the door I saw that Malikai was outside the door, lying on the carpet. He didn’t lift his head, but his tail thumped on the floor a few times as he saw me.
I made my way to my bedroom and Malikai followed me. As I threw my clothes on the floor, the dog hopped up on the bed. I had to shove him over to get in bed and pull the covers up, and as soon as I was comfortable Malikai crawled over so that he was lying on me. The big cow.

I woke up around eight in morning. Malikai was snoring, his head on my shoulder. Quickly I pushed him off, and he opened his eyes. “Time to get up,” I sighed, poking him in the stomach. He stood up and stretched as I got up and did the same.
After I got dressed, I let Malikai out into the backyard for about ten minutes. After he was satisfied, I brought him in and clipped a leash to him. I left a note for the boys, who were still sleeping in the living room, that said I was going to see Zephyr. He was my other brother, and the oldest out of all of us. He used to be in the band, but now he had his own show.
Outside it was probably fifty four degrees. I shivered but went on. Malikai bounded around, sniffing at everything. Finally I pulled him back and told him to heel. He did so, looking sheepish at my scolding him.
Zephyr lived a good hour away, but I wasn’t going to his house. Instead I was going to where he…err…worked. I knew that even though it was early morning he’d be there. Sometimes I wondered why he didn’t just sell his house and live at his job.
Zephyr was a….performer of sorts. His place of work was an old abandoned warehouse that had been turned into a stage. It was like a club, and we played there a lot. But usually the only performance was Zephyr, and for most people that was more than enough.
His work wasn’t that far away. It took me about a half hour to work there, and I stood outside one of the big doors, screaming and banging on the door. After about two minutes the door opened and I saw my brother’s girlfriend, Kitten. She smiled at me and I smiled back. Kitten was pretty. She had long hair that was naturally blonde but she had highlighted her hair with strips of bright pink. Her eyes were jade green and her skin was somewhat pale. She had her ears pierced about nine times or more. Her eyebrow was pierced and so was her nose and lip. As she greeted me I saw she’d pierced her tongue as well. “Hi Li,” she greeted me.
“Hey Kitten. Is my brother here?” I asked.
“Sure is. He’s back with the cross. Can I take Malikai?” she asked, already patting him.
“Be my guest,” I replied, handing over the leash. Then I walked past her and into the warehouse. The cross was behind the stage, which was a good fifty feet in diameter. I knew it had to be big enough for Zephyr, Kitten, and their assistants to be on it at once.
“Zeph!” I yelled, not sure exactly where he was. “It’s Aaliyah!”
“Twenty feet to your left,” came my brother’s reply, and I looked over in that direction. Sure enough he was sitting on the floor next to a big wooden cross. Did I mention Zephyr was a masochist who did stunts that usually had the audience puking up whatever they’d last eaten?
“Hey,” I greeted, sitting beside him on the floor. “What’re you doing?”
“Just making this look a little better. You?” I saw that the points of the cross were now sharpened like stakes.
“I came to tell you we got discovered.”
“No shit?”
“No shit. We’re leaving in two days to go on tour with My Chemical Romance. Isn’t that awesome?”
“That rocks, Aaliyah. Really.” He leaned over to give me a hug.
“I’ll miss you,” I whispered into his neck. Unlike the others, Zephyr was my real brother. He was six years older than me, though we had both been adopted at the same time. We looked a lot alike, both of us pale and had brown hair. Even our eyes were much the same.
“I know you will, little sister,” he whispered back. “Then if you’re leaving, will you do one more show with me?”
“Hell yeah I will!” I replied.
“That’s great! I’m so glad we’ll be back again. Zephyr and Aaliyah-feats that deny pain to its limit!” he imagined, letting go of me so he could ‘picture’ it.
“And we always knew I was better with pain than you,” I laughed, punching him in the arm. “And what will we be amazing the crowd with?”
“What do you want to do?”
I smiled. “A crowd favorite.”
“You sure? You haven’t done that in awhile.”
“Hell yeah I’m sure. I won’t be back for a long time, this’ll b my last big show.”
Zephyr leaned over to wrap his arms around me again. “It’ll be so great!” he exclaimed.
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