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Making memories

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Ritsku just after he and Soubi walk home-picking up from there-

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The snow was cold, but not as cold as the pain in my chest. I felt as though I were falling into a black hole. I began to run, but Soubi was there, he held my arm and quickly brought me into a hug. "What is it? Let go of me!" I struggled against him. "No listen." I refused. "I don't want to hear your excuse-""if that time came....I'd sooner die" I couldn't see his face. "soubi..." "Because i couldn't satnd... a life without you, Ritsuka." I found comfort in his words then. It sounded as though the words were torn from his very heart. I pressed my face against his chest. "What and idiot."
He held me in that hug for what felt like years but was only a couple of minutes.
I realized then just how dark it was outside. I looked up into Soubis face and could tell he was trhinking the same thing.
"you're late." I nodded. "yes" "Does Ritsuka wish to go home?" I nodded again. "Will you walk me there?" He smiled. "Whatever Ritsuka wants. And we walked together hand in hand to my home. He left then, but neither of us had said goodbye, I knew he would comeback.
I opened the door and welcomed the warmth... It was quiet, I realized.. Something was wrong. The kitchen light was on and a long shadow was cast into the hall.
I stepped into the room and noticed her sitting at the table. "I made your favorite." The smile on her face did not touch her eyes. It was cold and void of affection. She gestured towards the steaming... food.
"Eat" She demanded. It was another of her tests. I swallowed the b ile that rised in my throat. "I-I'll eat it in my room" She froze then. "THATS NOT MY CHILD!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO RITSUKA?!" She grabbed the tray of food and carelessly threw it at me. A portion of the boiling hot water splashed upon my skin. "AHHHGGHH!" I quickly retreated to my room. I quickly licked the wound, soothing it with my tongue. I was soo tired but the pain was too intense. I thought then to run myself a bath of cold water. It would both wake me, and help my burn. I heard the crashing downstairs and was releived when it suddenly stopped. He's here
I noticed something before i got out and quickly dried myself off. I was bleeding on my nose, just above the bridge. I got into a pair of pajama pants and opened my medicine cabinet. The box of bandxaids lay open with only two left, i took one and sighed heavily. I closed the door and looked at myself in the mirror. MY ears flattened against my head.
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