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What are u doing 2nite? Kristin read off the screen of her sidekick. It was Pete. After she ate with Gabe, she felt slightly better about the previous night's events, but still nervous. She smiled at the fact that he still wanted to be around here and that it wasn't awkward like she had feared.

nothing yet why?

come to joes for movie night


i will call u

Kristin set down the sidekick and walked into her closet. She was currently wearing a big ole tee and sweat pants. I'm not going to Joe's looking like this she thought. Kristin put on a cute dark blue off the shoulder tee and a pair of jeans. She glanced at her hair in the mirror and made her ponytail even messier than it was. Gave it that sexy bed head look. Kristin sat in front of her computer screen and surfed the internet to kill time.


Pete made his way home to let Hemmy out before a night at Joe's. As he stepped out of his car he noticed Ashlee's parked in front. What is she doing here? he thought. He really didn't need her coming around and making his life more complicated than it already was. Pete walked over to his front door where Ashlee stood.

"Hey," she spoke and stood up from the front step.

"Hey Ash," he said and waited for her to tell him why she was here.

"Pete, I miss you."

"Well I miss you too Ashlee, but we can't be together. You and I don't want the same things."

"But can't we come to some kind of compromise?" She begged.

"How Ashlee? Have half a child? You can't really compromise the whole having children situation. I can't stay in this engagement knowing that I might never be a dad. I want that."

"But I want you."

"But you don't want what I want. I want a family." He walked to his door and unlocked it. He stepped in and turned back around to Ashlee.

"I think you should go Ash. I don't have time to argue about this again." And with that he shut the door. He could hear Ashlee's car peeling out as she sped away from him place. He felt like breaking down right then and there; he wanted nothing more than to cancel his evening plans and lay in bed and be miserable. Knowing that Kristin would soon be in his arms at Joe's was his only motivation. He picked up his phone and dialed her number.

"Hey Pete," she said with a smile in her voice. It made him smile knowing that she was happy to talk to him.

"Hey, I'm going to head over to Joe's in like twenty minutes," he said as he let Hemmy outside. "I'll meet you there okay?"

"Sounds good Pete. See you soon!" She said and hung up the phone. He let out a happy sigh before retreating to his bedroom to change. He was still wearing last night's clothing. He changed into some chucks, dark jeans and a logo tee before letting Hemmy in and making his way to Joe's.

Kristin was already there and on the couch with Marie and Patrick when Pete arrived. He walked over to the back of the couch and kissed the top of her head. Kristin looked up at Pete.

"Hey," she smiled.

"Hey," Pete said back. He suddenly felt bold and leaned down and kissed her softly. Their upside down kiss made Kristin's stomach fill with butterflies. As Pete pulled away he could feel everyone's eyes on them. He blushed slightly. Marie looked like her eyes were about to explode from their sockets.

"You guys!?!?!?!? Really?!?!?!?!" She squealed. Pete nodded and Marie squealed again. "You guys are too cute together!"

"Calm down," Kristin laughed lightly.

Within a half hour the entire room was filled with people and everyone was watching the movie. The lights had been turned out and some thriller was on the screen. Kristin and Pete were sitting on a bean bag like chair in the corner cuddling and kissing. Since they were off to the side you had to actually turn your head to see them. Kristin was in Pete's lap and he had her face cupped in his hands. Their lips meshed together so perfectly that it seemed as though they were meant for each other's. Pete pulled away slowly and kissed her forehead. Kristin smiled and rested her head in the crook of his neck and began to watch the movie again. She had no idea what was going on because they missed most of the beginning. Pete's arms wrapped around Kristin's tiny body and they stayed like that for the remainder of the movie.
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