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The plastic pink stick was Kristin's enemy. Why did this have to happen? Things were going so well with Pete and she really didn't need them falling apart. For the first time in well, longer than Kristin could remember, she could actually trust someone. How would Pete react to the news. I mean, she needed to get the facts straight before presenting them to Pete so he wouldn't accuse her of cheating. They hadn't slept together yet, even thought they had been seeing each other for almost a month.

Kristin heard someone open her front door and she panicked! She wrapped the test in a bunch of toilet paper before burrying it in the trash can. She walked out of he bathroom and almost bumped into Pete. Kristin jumped.

"Hey baby," he said and kissed her sweetly. "Did I scare you?"

"Just a little," Kristin said, laughing lightly. She hugged him tightly and Pete kissed the top of her head.

"Are you all packed?" Pete asked softly as he rubbed circles on her back.

"Yes, I just finished. When's the flight leave?"

"Two hours." Pete replied and walked into Kristin's bedroom and began to grab her bags. Fall Out Boy was making an appearance to promote the soon to be released CD on MTV TRL. Most of the Decaydance clan was making their way to New York City today. Gabe lived in New York City but usually spent a lot of time in LA to see Kristin, Pete, Patrick and the others. They were of course having a huge party at Angels and Kings the following night. No reason, just to have a good time.


Gabe, Patrick, Pete, Andy, Joe, Marie, Nate, Travi, Kristin and like five others sat on the plane and took up most of first class. There were a couple of business looking people in the back corner, but for the most part it was just them. Were they loud and annoying the business people? Probably, but no one cared. Kristin was so nervous about her doctor's appointment later that day once they were all doing radio interviews. She made up an excuse in order to get out of going to the radio stations. Gabe had helped her set up a doctor's appointment since he knew of a doctor in town. Pete went to the bathroom and Gabe sat down in his seat.

"If you need someone to go with you later I can, we don't really have anything going on for Cobra after TRL." Gabe said and rested his hand on her nervous one that lay on the armrest between them.

"Thanks Gabe, I'm just so scared. And this is the worst fucking timing possible. I'm so scared of the results and what Pete will think," she said.

"What Pete will think of what?" Patrick leaned forward over the tops of their seats and Kristin hid her face in her hands. "What's going on?"

"Kristin might be pregnant with her last boyfriend's baby," Gabe whispered barely loud enough for Patrick to hear and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Please don't say anything Patrick, I'm so scared as is and I don't even know if it's for sure." Kristin pleaded and Patrick nodded. She knew he wanted Pete and here to be together just as much as she and Pete, so he wouldn't mess anything up for her. He knew how much Pete meant to her and that she would never cheat. Pete came strolling back and Gabe immediately gave him the seat back. Patrick had retreated back to his seat, headphones on and laptop open.

"So are you excited about AK-47 tomorrow?" Pete asked Kristin smiling.

"Of course! I love that place." Kristin smiled, but was frowning on the inside. She might not be able to keep things a secret. Pete will know something is up when she doesn't have a sip of alcohol.


Kristin and Pete parted ways after TRL with a quick and romantic kiss, and an audience of jealous fans. She hopped into a cab with Gabe after Pete's entourage was out of sight. Kristin's heart was beating so fast. Her entire life could change in a split second of the doctor's results. Gabe took her hand and she glanced up at him.

"It'll be okay Kristin. Pete won't leave you, so don't worry. And, if he does I'll take his place," he teased and Kristin punched his arm playfully. "What?!?!?! I'm serious! Have you seen yourself? You're a fucking gorgeous armpiece!"

"Thanks, I'm so glad that I'm worthy of being on your arm." She laughed lightly and rolled her eyes. She glanced at the stop and go traffic around them. This ride to the doctor's office would be so long.
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