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I'll Never Let Them Hurt You.

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The other guys come in now. Okay, this is gonna get like, really violent soon, so yeah. Adie finds out Gerard's feelings, but what about her own?

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Later that night, I had been lying in bed, asleep. He had snuck into my room silently and slipped in bed with me. I woke up with a hand clasped across my mouth, and his body pressing up against mine. I could hear voices. Laughter. A woman’s scream. That made me flinch and try to get away, but he held me closer, and whispered, so close to my I could feel his lips brush my skin as he spoke. “We have visitors. Come downstairs. Dress presentable. Not a word unless I say.” I nodded, tears springing to my eyes. He turned my head so I was facing him, and kissed my lips gently, before leaving. It sounded like there were a few men and one woman. One captured woman? I shivered and got out of bed and walked to my closet. Presentable? I pulled out a black dress and slipped it over my head, and tied up the backlace myself in the mirror. I tied the huge silk ribbon around the waist and looked at myself in the mirror. Most of my clothes were heavy and a bit old fashioned, because there wasn’t really a mall sitting around the mountains. Nearly all my clothes were black too, but I didn’t mind. I pulled on my thin laced Italian boots and swept my hair up into a messy clasp at the back, letting my bangs fall in my face. I looked in the mirror. Presentable. I nodded and slowly walked to the hall, and stopped at the stop of the stairs, peering down. There was lots of smoke in the air, but I couldn’t see any people. I walked down the stairs and followed the voices, which were coming from my dad’s den. There was a bar, spa and pool table down there, and that’s where my parents usually held parties. As soon as I walked in everyone stopped talking. Well, almost everyone. A gagged and tied up girl writhed around on the sofa, muffled screams escaping her mouth. 10 sets of eyes looked me up and down, until Gerard walked over and put his arm around my shoulders. “This is Adrienne. Adie, these are my, err, colleagues…” each one now wore a knowing and evil grin. “Alright shake hands. This is Bob” A tall sandy haired man with lots of blonde facial stubble shook my hand, but didn’t smile, just looked serious and puffed his cigarette. “This is Frankie and Ray…” I shook each of their hands. “Frankie is your age.” He said, lighting himself a smoke. Ray was tall, with a shock of curly brown hair and a pale face. Frank was short, shorter than me, with a long black fringe and bright eyes. “And this, is my brother Michael. He’s 18 next week.” Gerard drawled. Michael extended his hand uncertainly and said shyly “You can call me Mikey.” He was gorgeous, with thin brown hair that framed his pretty face, with Gerard’s honey eyes. He was skinny and tall and had pretty dimples to decorate his smile. “Pleased to meet you Mikey. You can call me Adie.” I said sweetly, and then mentally kicked myself. Why was I flirting with the brother of my parents murderer? Who knows they were gonna do to me. They had a kidnapped woman in my house! I looked over at her. She looked about in her early twenties, and had short curly black hair. She was pretty, but her face was blotchy and her make up had run all over her cheeks. I looked at her sympathetically, but she made no attempt to communicate with me. Bob blew some smoke in my face and jabbed a finger in the woman’s direction. “That’s Kate.” Frank stepped forwards and grinned. “She wants to know about Kate, does she? Kate is a teacher, all the way from New York City. Bob and I picked her up at a bar. Pretty eager, weren’t ya babe?” He said, more to the room than to her. “Yeah, so now she’s gonna party with us.” He walked over to the lounge, and flipped one leg over her, straddling her. It was hard to believe this guy was my age. Gerard came back by my side and said gently, while stroking my hair; “Adie, these guys are gonna be staying with us.” Us. Like it was a home we had always shared. “You don’t mind?” He continued. I shrugged. “Good, cause if you did, we wouldn’t give a shit!” said Ray. Gerard shot a glare at him and snarled “Watch your mouth.” Ray’s smile turned into a dark look that he shot at Bob, who exchanged a similar one. Mikey had sat himself over on the couch, and was reading an old magazine that had been on the table. He seemed to sweet to be involved with these people. Maybe he was just dragged into it cause of Gerard. “Mikey and Adie, you kids go hang upstairs for a while, okay? Give him a tour.” Gerard said. I obeyed, starting for the stairs and turning to wait for Mikey. I wondered what they were gonna do. I shot one last helpless look at Kate before walking up the stairs, Mikey close behind me. “So this is your house?” He said quietly. “Yeah. Well, my parents. We lived here with my sister since I was born.” I didn’t feel the need to explain where they were. I think he already knew. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what do those guys actually do? Gerard said they were colleagues.” Mikey chuckled behind me and said “Yeah, I think I’ll let Gee tell you that one. I usually have to go wherever he does, since our folks died.” We reached the top of the stairs. “I’m sorry…” I said. He shook his head “That’s ok. Well, I left school 2 years ago, and I just go wherever Gee does. Sometimes he goes away, and I stay with one of the guys. But I think we’re gonna stay here for a long time. It’s really remote, but big and homey.” More tears came to my eyes and I whispered “I know.” He looked horrified “Sorry.. To just, barge in and ruin your whole life.” I wiped my eyes and looked at his sincere expression. “Well, not that there’s anything I can do about it.. But I think it’ll be better with you here.” And I was telling the truth. Having someone that was my age, and a nice person would mean a lot. “Anyway, here’s the bathroom, My par- Gerard’s room, My sisters old room, which will probably be one of yours, and two spare rooms. This is my room.” I opened the door and turned off the light, walking in. It was a big room, as far as teen bedrooms go. We lived in a huge house. Because of the location, my parents had more cash to blow on building a Hollywood mansion, in the middle of nowhere. My walls were off white, with a feature wall that had a giant mural my mom painted of a sun setting over a hill, with dead trees and cemetery gates in the distance. My carpet was soft and white, now covered in blood stains that would never fade. I saw Mikey eyeing the floor, and I sat down on my bed. That’s about when the screaming started. Kate was screaming and crying, and the guys were yelling and laughing. Mikey blushed a bit and I said “So where did you guys live before your folks passed?” I volunteered, eager to not sit around listening to someone be tortured in my lounge room. “In Jersey. Newark. We’re all from there, except Bob.” I nodded and said “Yeah I was born and raised here.” Mikey looked around for a second before saying quietly “Do you like Gerard?” I looked up at him. I didn’t know how to answer that question. On one hand, he was keeping me captive in my own home, and he murdered my family. On the other, he was very sweet to me, and seemed to genuinely care for me. “I’m not sure. Considering the recent loss of my family, I don’t think I’ll be able to trust him for a while, but he seems pretty sweet, so maybe one day.” Mikey looked thoughtful and said “Do you trust me?” I looked into his pretty eyes, and there was only one answer. “Yes.” I whispered. I trusted him from the second I saw him. He looked happy, and then, looking down at the floor, mumbled “Gerard is in love with you.” I raised my eyebrows “What?” Mikey looked up again “He told us. That’s why he didn’t kill you.” I pondered this. “Mikey… Are those guys gonna hurt me?” He took my hand in his and said “Adie, I’d never let them.” I smiled and hugged him tightly. We stayed like that until Rays voice rang from downstairs “Kids, you can come down now!” Mikey gave me a shy smile and we walked downstairs, to the lounge room. It was only Ray down there. Kate was gone. There was, however, some blood on the lounge. I clasped my hand in front of my mouth. “The guys went out to get some more guests. The first one wasn’t as much of a party animal as we thought. Hey Ades, be a doll and show me where your papa kept the booze? Haha, AIDS.” A chill ran down my spine as I saw the blood on his hands. I went to the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of rum from the cupboard on top of the sink. I suddenly wished Gerard was here, to protect me. I could feel Ray’s eyes on me as I poured him his drink. Mikey was sitting by the video cabinet, looking at the tapes. “Take a seat, toots.” Ray said warmly. He offered me the bottle, but I shook my head politely. “Aw man, when I was your age I would never have said no to booze. Drink.” The first part of his sentence had been in good humour, but the word ‘drink’ was snarled viciously and threateningly. I took a sip and he put his arm around my shoulder and said “atta girl!” loudly. Mikey had chosen a tape and put it on, so we all watched it. After the ads rolled by it turned out to be Indiana Jones. We watched the movie in silent anticipation of the guys arriving, but about 15 minutes in, I Ray’s hand on my thigh, and jumped. I motioned to move away but he gripped me firmly and whispered into my ear “Not a sound.”, and jabbed his thumb at Mikey, followed by a finger on his lips. He passed me the bottle and I took an obedient sip, and his hand explored my inner thighs. My hands were shaking, but I kept silent. I knew Gerard and Mikey, but these other three could be dangerous, especially with Gerard not around. I soon became aware that Gerard probably warned them all not to hurt (or touch) me, but Ray seemed not to care much. I gasped quietly as he slid his hand into my panties and felt around a bit, both our eyes focussed on the movie. I bit down on my lip, hard, wanting Mikey to notice, wanting Gerard there. I tried to shift away, but he pulled me close and continued. In a few seconds, he withdrew his hand in a flash and took the bottle back, pointing over to Mikey. Gerard walked in just as I settled myself next to Mikey. “Hey guys. Did the kids behave?” He chimed Ray simply nodded and flashed me a warning look, followed by his finger across his throat. Gerard, apparently didn’t notice, because he went on to say “Well, we have with us tonight, three new party guests. Let me present Colorado’s finest: Rose!” A girl about my age was shoved through the door, and fell to her knees. She was gagged and her hands were tied behind her back, like Kate’s had been. He pulled her up by her hair violently and pushed her into the corner, and said out of the corner of his mouth “Don’t move, bitch.” And then, in his TV show host voice “Jack!” A skinny guy looking in his mid 20’s was shoved through like Rose had been. He was wearing a pink shirt, and eyeliner. Gerard shoved Jack into the corner with Rose and continued “And of course, Vivien!” Like the others had bee, a girl was shoved through, but this time Bob and Frank walked in too, behind her. She was wearing a tiny shirt and midriff shirt, with high heels. She had bleached blonde hair, and looked like a prostitute. She probably was, I thought. She too was shoved into the corner mercilessly. How odd it was that Gerard could be so gentle with me and yet so violent with others. He strutted over to the couch and sat next to me, planting a kiss on my cheek. Mikey looked away, but I was still looking at the three people in the corner. Jack had a bloody nose, and all three of them were crying. What would happen next? I wondered fearfully…

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