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Invite To Dinner And A Wet Dream..

by ThreeCheersForMCR_x

The title is literally self explanatory. :]

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Well aren't you lot just freakin' amazing? 'Cause that's how you guys make me feel :]
Honestly, your reviews make me want to write, write and write some more! So here’s chapter 4 for you. Oh and there is some bad language as usual and a little bit of sexual content in this chapter, much to most of your pleasure so yeah…I’ll shut up now.

Gerards Perspective

I found myself backed up against the wall, with no idea why or how, just my feet took sizeable steps backwards without any recognition whatsoever from my brain. An automatic reaction. Just like the thudding of my heart banging against my chest with the same force as a sledgehammer, the raggedy breaths my throat was making, the beads of sweat clinging to strands of hair settling on my cheeks and the copious amount of saliva my mouth was producing, like I was hungry forsomething. But I was completely oblivious to what that something was. Suddenly I was finding it hard to breathe, like there's something so close to me that it's blocking the oxygen flow from getting to my lungs. Smothering me. Yet, even though a large percentage of myself was scared shitless of what was happening, I somehow found part of myself enjoying it. In a fucked up kinda way.
''Are you enjoying this Gerard? Or am I scaring you?''. A voice that sounded as soft as velvet. A voice that sounded so damn familiar. For some strange reason I felt all the blood in my body escape from wherever it was to rush to my cheeks. I swallowed down most of the juices in my mouth with as much effort as I could and began to answer the familiar voice that had spoken.
''I..I...don't know..'' I answered honestly. My eyes were met with a set of bright white teeth that transformed into a beautiful smile. A smile I was sure I had seen before, maybe just once but I knew I had seen it...and then I felt icy cold fingertips brush my cheek, which sent a rush of pleasure through my body. The coolness felt like bliss, cooling my hot, sweaty skin. They soon left my face, but then a hand cupped the back of my neck. A set of warm, soft lips brushed my ear, as the voice whispered to me so softly that I wasn't sure if I heard it right.
''Well, make your decision. I will stay if you are enjoying it but I will leave if you are not. It's your choice.'' I winced. Because, I wasn't completely sure. My mind was telling me to get the hell away Yet my body was telling me to do the complete opposite as part of me was intrigued by it. And I couldn't just walk away from it. I had to find out what it was. And I was prepared to take on whatever it had. Well, part of me. I took a deep breath and told him my decision.
''I'm enjoying it.'' Which actually came out rather calm. I saw the beautiful smile once again as it twisted into a grin. The hand was still wound behind the back of my neck which th started tracing intricate circles over and over which caused me to shiver.
''I was hoping you'd say that.'' It was the last thing he said before his soft lips met mine, molding perfectly together. I'm not very experienced with kissing, but I felt all that shit that people write about in my moms lame romance novels. Fireworks, sparks the lot. It's funny how one person can kiss you, and it can make you forget about everything. From all the wars and killings going on to when your next assignment has to be in. And it's funny how when you watch people kissing in movies, it looks completly disgusting, yet when you're actually doing it in reality, it feels nothing like how it looks on the screens. How you imagine that having someone’s tongue in your mouth would feel like a slug sliding in and out, yet in real life, it tastes better than the sweetest chocolate brownie ice cream you could imagine. And how someone tugging gently at your bottom lip can make you feel completely undone and cause indecisive moans to escape your throat. It just felt better than heaven. Part of me was still desperate to find out who the fuck it was but that thought was soon erased from my mind when I felt it's hand slowly unbuckle my belt. I gasped, not out of horror, but because when it finally unbuckled my pants, it felt like such a relief to my member to be finally free from the strain of the material that I hadn't noticed till then. It's hands worked it's way through my boxers and slowly started pumping me at such a teasing speed I groaned loudly out of frustration. A small smile played along his lips as he started nipping at my neck, swirling his tongue after each little bite while he pumped me a bit faster. I was close to coming when I could feel a word...a name rising from my stomach gradually making it's way to my throat where it was ready to be screamed...

Gerard’s Perspective

‘’FUCK! WIL!’’ I found myself screaming, awakening me from my unusual dream. Wait, did I just scream wiL’s name? What the fuck? As I was trying to process and work out why the hell wiL’s name had came out of my mouth, causing me to wake up from the most weirdly interesting dream I had ever had, I felt a trickle of a substance oozing out from my pajama bottoms slowly trailing down my leg. I looked down and even I knew what it was. It would explain the quickening of my breathing, the sweat coating my forehead and my back making my t-shirt unpleasantly sticky and, of course, the slight erection I have which was slowly deflating. I had obviously just encountered my first wet dream. Which would probably be enough for me to accept, but there’s still that irritating question in my head which I know will bug me until I’m grey and old. Or until I find out. Who was that person in my dream that caused me to feel that way? And also, why the hell did I scream wiL’s name, ending my dream?
‘’Gerard, Mikey, breakfast is ready!’’ I guess those thoughts were going to have to go on hold.

wiL’s Perspective

As I was approaching the school gates, the usual scene lay ahead of me. Little separate groups all huddled together in certain spots, at least 5 foot of empty space between them, like there was some unwritten law that different cliques had to be an obvious distance away from each other to show that they aren’t together. It’s fucking pathetic. Luckily, I’m not in a classed in any stereotype clique. I am just wiL Francis. And that’s that. If I was classed as anything, it would probably be an outcast. But I wasn’t even that really. Because even the outcasts didn’t want to hang out with me, not that I’d personally want to hang out with them myself. I guess I was A Nobody if you thought about it. Which I’d much prefer to be any day, to be honest. A small smile came across my lips to my complete surprise. Maybe it’s because I realized that I’m honestly completely cool with having no people to hang out with. Or not. It’s more likely because Gerard had come into my line of vision, stepping out of his dads silver Volvo looking every inch as hot as yesterday. I still can’t believe I’m actually going round his house tonight. It sent butterflies into the pit of my stomach just thinking about it. He’s now crossing the road over to the empty spot he stands usually with his brother, who was trailing along behind him. I must have been watching him, hopefully not drooling, because he looked over at me and smiled. And I found myself naturally smiling back. God, he is the only person who could have this effect on me. Then my face morphed into a confused frown. Why was he walking straight past his usual spot? And why was he walking towards…oh fuck. He was walking straight in my direction, where I was leaning against the gate in the corner. Why the hell would he chose to come over to me, where he could risk his poor brothers reputation, even though I could tell he wasn’t exactly popular himself from the round geeky glasses to the similar clothing style he had inherited from his brother. But still, however little his reputation was, it could still be cut down even smaller from being seen with me. But obviously Gerard hadn’t even taken this into account as he was soon right in front of me, his brother standing awkwardly next to him, though he didn’t seem to look in any way embarrassed. I was still in a daze of shock so yet again, Gerard struck the conversation.

‘’Hey wiL, you okay?’’ he didn’t ask if I was okay in particular, it was just in the way when people say it to strike light-hearted conversation. I managed to twist my expression into what I hoped was a normal enough smile.

‘’Yeah I’m good thanks, and you?’’ Great, I sounded just like a typical IM conversation. Why couldn’t I just say things that were normal and interesting instead of always sounding like a complete twat around him? He didn’t seem to look like in any way that he thought I was a twat; he just casually nodded and said;

‘’Same old, same old.’’ I muttered a ‘cool’, and then I looked over at his brother who looked slightly uncomfortable like he didn’t know quite exactly what to do. Gerard seemed to notice this too.

‘’Oh! Sorry, wiL this is my brother Mikey, Mikey this is wiL, the guy I told mom about yesterday who is coming round today about the project.’’ That comment made my heart sink a bit, like I was nothing really but ‘some guy who I’m doing a project with’. He probably didn’t mean it in that way but sometimes I take things a little too literally. And I seem to analyze every little comment Gerard makes to see what he means exactly, like I’m expecting some hidden code message to be embedded in there for me to decipher. Yeah, that’s how sad I am. Anyways, Mikey looked at me and then a look of realization crossed his face, like he just remembered who he was talking about. He gave me a crooked smile, which still happened to be cute, and waved his hand at me.
‘’Hey wiL, I’m Mikey…well obviously since Gee just told you that…whatever.’’ The dude seemed as flustered as I felt, which made me feel a little more relaxed thankfully.
‘’Anyways, you have to be the first person Gee has ever invited to come over to our house, project or not. Oh yeah! Gee, I remember from overhearing yesterday that you have to ask wiL if he wants to stay round for dinner. I really think Grandma Elena would love to meet him.’’ Gerard’s face flushed a little and wouldn’t look me in the eyes, he actually looked anywhere but at me.
‘’Yeah well I’m not sure wiL would want to stay round for dinner, I mean, I’m sure he has better things to do…’’ he bit down on his bottom lip and stared hard at the ground. He looked like a puppy who peed on the carpet and had his nose rubbed in it to be punished. He looked like he wished that what he said wasn’t true. Does that mean that he secretly wanted me to? And there goes the over-analyzing yet again.
‘’Well, seeming as you haven’t actually got to the point of what you was meant to do yet, I’ll do it for you.’’ Mikey said as he glared at Gerard. For a cute kid, he was pretty good at the whole glaring thing. He turned his face to me with an apologetic smile as if to say ‘sorry about my brother, he can be really difficult at times’. Well, that’s the second person I know who can communicate through facial expressions.
‘’So wiL, would you like to stay over ours for dinner? I think mom would really like it. Actually, she would love it if you did and our grandma Elena is coming over tonight too. And I’m pretty sure she’d like to meet you too. So, what do you think?’’ Dinner with the Ways. That frightens me and excites me at the same time. I have to say, the idea of meeting Gerard’s family intrigues me an awful lot. Finding out where Gerard and Mikey got the same beautiful hazel eyes that change from green to light brown, depending where they’re standing. And mostly, to experience their family life. To see what Gerard is like when he is not at school, but at home with his family. Would I see a completely different side to Gerard? Only one way to find out.
‘’Sure that would be awesome. I mean, who the hell could turn down free food?’’ I tried to turn it into a joke so I didn’t seem to keen. Mikey let out a light-hearted laugh while Gerard looked up, his face a cross between relieved, shocked and even a hint of happiness. A huge smile found it’s way on my face yet again. And fuck did it feel good!

[*Authors Note:
So here’s chapter 4 guys. I’m sorry if it isn’t as good as you expected but I promised you that I’d bring it out today, even though I didn’t realize how much coursework I had to do. So I’m really sorry if it isn’t so great. Anyways, review please as they really make me feel good and put me in the spirit to write and tell me how you feel about this chapter and even this story as a whole if you want. Do you like where it is going? Be honest please. If you lot are still interested in this story in a while, I have a few plans up my sleeve ;) So yeah...I
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