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Frankie, anyone? Also, I think I smell a hint of jealousy coming on...Sorry for the the wait! Also, this is only a filler but kinda important. :]

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Hey guys, hope you're still hanging in there. I am so sorry I haven't updated in what seems like forever but I have had so much coursework over this last week that I haven't had any time for myself. So, it's been a pretty shite week for me. Anyways, thanks for the amazing reviews. It gave me a boost for my self-esteem and a rush of inspiration. So thanks for that :] There’s the usual bad language in this chapter. I hope you enjoy this chapter :] And keep the reviews comin'!

wiL's Perspective

Todays lessons went by in a blur of colors, much to my delight. Each and every lesson I had today got shiter and shiter so I managed to pass the time by having daydreams where me and Gerard would have varied encounters with each other which would have an 18 stamped on it in bold letters. Well as they say, time flies by when you're having fun.

At lunch, I sat down at my usual spot on the bench outside on the corner of the terrist. I quickly ate my sandwich I got on the way to school, not managing to actually savor it, not that I cared anyways as my mind was constantly focused on something that tastes so much better.

As soon as I finished eating, I threw my sandwich packaging in the bin and headed to behind the Science block for something that my esophagus, my body, my brain, my everything has been since I bought it at the off-license this morning.

Once I got to Science block, I crept round the back where no one goes. The back of the Science block looks like what you would imagine a vacant, dirty, boarded up house's garden to look like. It was small, grassy area where the grass was overgrown to the point where it came up to my waist, no joke, and the walls of the Science block were black with grime and each gap between the bricks were lined with moss. You could tell the caretakers, or anyone for that matter, bothered coming round here. As I was looking around the area, I noticed a boy with a mop of raven colored hair sitting with his knees to his chin, drinking from a bottle of whiskey. He then looked around and once his head turned into my direction, his hazel eyes collided with mine. The eyes I see each time before I fall asleep. The eyes I see when I'm hyperventilating from taking too much drugs. The eyes I will never forget for as long as I live.

''Gerard?'' I stated yet questioned. Stated because I knew for a fact it was Gerard. Questioned because I was wondering why the hell he was here drinking alcohol. For a second, when he first looked at me, his face froze in panic but as soon as he realized it was me, he relaxed, exhaled loudly, and gave me one of his beautiful smiles.

''Oh! wiL it's you! Fuck, I thought you were someone else for a minute..'' He tapped the spot next to him, gesturing for me to go sit down next to him.

''Like a teacher?'' I asked him after sitting down next to him, giving him a teasing smile. He playfully nudged me, which sent a thousand sparks coursing through my veins. Which I'm pretty sure was unintended.

''Fuck you.'' He jokingly said, while taking another swig of his liquor. I felt like saying ''Yes please!'', but managed to keep that answer to myself as I gave him one last smile before digging in my bag for my own bottle of vodka. Once I got it out, I unscrewed the top and gulped down several mouthfuls of the refreshing liquid. I let out a sigh of pleasure and then turned to look at Gerard. He swallowed a mouthful of his whiskey before turning to me. He held out his whiskey to me, offering if I wanted some. As pathetic, or fucked up as it may sound, I accepted it with a thanks knowing that my lips will touch something that Gerard lips had touched. And there's also the fact that I'm so in love with alcohol that I would have probably accepted alcohol even if it had come from a smelly tramp on the streets. Which actually wouldn't have been so appealing.

''Erm, do you want some of mine? It's vodka..obviously..'' Gerard snorted a little, but accepted. We both just sat there for while sharing each others drinks in silence. It was one moment that I know I will always reminisce in years to come.

Gerard's Perspective

The bell rang and we were dismissed for the end of school. I quickly walked out of class and headed for the gate. While we were drinking together at lunch we both agreed to meet eachother at the gate, which is where I usually met Mikey. Mikey was already waiting, his glasses glinting in the sunlight while his lanky body over towered younger students standing near him. Obviously us Way brothers were never meant to 'fit in'. As I approached him he half smiled at me and raised his hand as a welcoming salute.

''Alright Mikes'' I greeted him once I was next to him and leaning on the gate. He gave me his crooked yet cute smile and nodded.

''Yeah I’m good Gee...oh by the way, this my friend Frankie, you know the guy I told you about who kicked Tom the Jock's ass?'' I looked at a boy next to him who was much smaller than Mikey, who had short black hair with a floppy fringe at the front that covered half his left eye. I must admit, the dude had extremely nice eyes. They were large and were an intriguing shade of hazel, which could possibly be mistaken for a forest green color. He gave me a shaky smile, wiped his fringe from his eyes, and raised his hand at me. He seemed genuine enough and you could tell he certainly wasn't popular, so I felt safe enough to smile at him and raise my hand to return the gesture.

''Hey Frankie, nice to meet you. Fuckin' hilarious what you did to Tom, I've always wanted to do that to him but never really had the guts so I was really shocked and impressed when Mikey told me you actually did that.'' I have to say, every single thing I said there was true. I couldn't believe it when Mikey told me a kid in his year beat the shit out of Tom the Jock, who no one has ever dared even disagree to him let alone beat him up! And now looking at Frankie, it's hard to believe a kid so small could beat a guy as big and stupid as Tom the Jock! It brings a smirk to my lips just thinking about it. As soon as I said that to Frank, he turned little red and stared down at his shoes, skate shoes to be exact, and started scuffing at the floor with his hands in his pockets.

''Err..well it was nothing really...he's not as hard as he makes out to be, he's just like every other jock i've come across. Big and stupid.'' I laughed as he described jocks exactly how I thought of them. He looked up at me and smiled. Mikey started laughing too.

''You should have seen it Gee! Me and Frank were just walking round to Music when Tom and his mates were walking to P.E. We were late so we were walking pretty quickly and Frank accidently walked into Tom. And as you would expect, Tom got all mouthy and started threatening Frank saying he would 'Bash his head in' if he did it again. So Frank just looked up at him, nodded his head, and-''

''Rugby tackled him to the floor. Pretty easy for me, being small and all. One good thing about being short i guess.'' I laughed at the mental image of Frankie rugby tackling Tom to the ground and laughed at Frank's care-free attitude. Tom did to Frankie exactly what he did to me yesterday. But Frankie did what I wish I could do. Stand up for myself. Yet I did what any wimp would do. Act like a coward. 'Cause that's what I am. A coward. A loser. And I hated myself for it. But I decided to not let that get me down so I just smiled at him with a look of appreciation and congratulated him.

''Good for you Frankie, I wish more of us could be like that.'' Which was the honest truth.

''You can just call me Frank if you want.'' He told me, seeming a little more relaxed than before.

''Sure, okay..Frank.'' We shared a smile, and then I heard someone come up next to me.

''Hey, it's wiL! You okay buddy?'' Mikey asked, patting him on the back. He had a smile plastered on his face that looked kinda awkward. No. It looked more fake. I looked into his eyes which were now a very deep brown color, slightly clouded over with a look of something I couldn't work out...

[Hey, just to let you know this is only a filler but i hope you like the new character i've put in there :] Please review and tell me what you think about the new character and even the story so far. They never fail to amaze me. Oh, and i'd like to dedicate this chapter to XxCRYSTALLINExX for sadly 'depriving' her of the story. I'm very sorry for not updating sooner. And don't worry you don't need to beg xD And thanks to all of you again for actually reading and reviewing this story. It means a hella lot! :)
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