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read and find out.

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"mum, I'm home" I said and went up to her room where she was
"hey my girl"
"what time we leaving?"
"in half hour"
"alright, I'm going to get ready"
"alright sweety" she said and I went into my room to get ready.

I went over to my closet to get my clothes. I decided to wear my

Black Dickies (

My Cherry Tube Top (hey I'm not all emo clothing) (

my white studded belt (

and then I went into the bathroom and did my hair up in a poney tail and re applied my make-up. by the time I was done, it was time to go.

"Khez, you ready?" asked my mum as she came into my bathroom
"yeah, just ficished"
"alright,lets go" she said and we went downstairs, got our shoes on and then got into the car and left.

About 10 minutes later, we pulled up in front of this nice fancy restaraunt and got out of the car. we walked inside, and over to the table that mom had pointed at and said "theirs Johnny over their with his son" and then I looked and their was Bob.

"Lyssa" said Johnny and gave my mum a hug and kiss
"hey hunny" she said
"hey Khez" said Bob
"hey Bob"
"you two know eachother already?" asked my mum
"yeah, we met today" said Bob and I
"you must be Kheziah" said Johnny
"and you must be Johnny, I've heard a lot about you" I said and we shook hands
"good things I hope" he laughed
"very good things" I said and the waiter came to our table and gave us our menus.

when we were done deciding what we wanted to eat, the waiter came back and took our orders. We all talked while we waited for our food to come and. When we were done eating, we talked a bit more and I got bored and I could tell that Bob did to because he looked at me and mouthed 'are you bored' and then I mouthed 'yeah are you?' and then he mouthed again 'very'. about half hour after we were done eating (it was now 9:00pm) we decided that we should head back home. So we all said our good-byes and left. When mum and I got home, I went up to my room and changed into my pajamas

my betty boop Red abd GRay chemise (

and my Bobby Jack here comes trouble pajama shorts (

when I was done changing, my phone rang (I have my own phone in my room)

"Hi is Kheziah their please?"
"oh hey its Alicia and Frank"
"oh hey guys whats up?"
"we're bored"
"me to, hey guess what?"
"Frank, remember how my mum told me that I was going with her to dinner to meet John and his son?"
"well both of you guess what"
"Bob is going to be my brother"
"seriously?" they both said
"bob is gunna be your brother?"
"yeah, my mum and his dad are getting married in two weeks"
"I knew that his dad was getting married, but I didnt know that he was gunna get married to your mum" said Alicia
"dude, you dont even know her mum" said Frankie
"I know but still"
"umm ok?" I said
"I'm bored" they said
"I'd tell you both to come over but I am already in my pajamas"
"whatch'ya wearing?" asked Frank
"short shorts kinda like girl boxers, and my betty boop tank top, you?"
"short shorts and t-shirt" said Alicia
"I better go"
"aww why?" asked Frankie
"'cause I gotta go and try to understand that homework that we got tonight"
"oo oo oo can we do our homework together?"
"yeah, nice try Iero, you just wanna see how short my shorts are"
"damn your good"
"I'll see you both tomorrow"
"alright, see ya"
"bye bye" I said and hung up my phone.
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