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read abd find out.

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~3 weeks later, Ocotober 30~

It has now been three weeks since I met Frankie and alicia and the guys. I have gotten to know them really well and they are really nice. I've been falling for Frankie more and more each day but I dont think that he feels the same way about me that I do about him. My Mum and Bob's dad John got married last week and they are moving in with us in a week. Right now my mum and John are on their honeymoon in Maui Hawaii.

"hey butter cup" said Frank and he sat down on my lap
"ok ok I'll get off"
"you seem really happy" I giggled
"I am because it is my birthday tomorrow and I am gunna be 18
and then your birthday is in 2 days and then you are gunna be 18 and then we can party" he said and I sat on his lap
"and then and then and then, your annoyoing" said Ray as he came in and sat down at the table and finished his drink "how are you two?"
"good and you?" we said
"I'm good"
"are you two gunna get together anytime soon?" asked Mikey and Alicia and our faces went red
"what are you talking about?" I asked
"you two like eachother and we all know it because it is so obvious" said Alicia
"aww they are both going red" said Bob
"shut up bob" said Frank
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