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read and find out.

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~The Next Day~
~Frankies birthday~

"Dudes, this is the best brithday ever" said Frank as we walked inside his house and dumped our bags of candy out on the living room floor
"CANDY" yelled Alicia and I
"I love Candy" said Bob and we all started eating our candy
"Happy Birthday Frankie" I said
"thank you"
"oo oo oo can we play a game?" asked Alicia
"what game?"
"I dunno, what game do you guys wanna play?"
"seven minutes in heaven" said Frankie
"but their is only two girls here" said Ray
"So?" I said
"seven minutes in heaven in is then" said Gerard and he went and he put his bottle on the floor in the middle of all of us (we were all sitting in a circle, and we were all drinking to so that is why he had the bottle)
"who goes first?" asked Bob
"me" said Alicia and spun the bottle and in landed on
Mikey and they went into the closet. Figures.
those two are dating anyways.

"seven minutes is up losers" said Frank and they
came out of the closet and sat back down and Mikey spun the
bottle and it landed on Ray
"ah dud I aint kissing you, no way"
"good, cause I aint kissing you"
"I get to spin" said Frankie and spun the bottle.
Guess who it landed on.

We both stood up and he went a little (just a little) red, and I think I did to. Anyways, we went into the closet and closed the door and someobdy locked it on the other side.

"if you feel uncomfortable, we dont have to" he said
"no no, I'm fine with this if you are"
"oh I'm fine with it"
"well then" I said and he crashed his lips against mine. It was nice and slow and of course I did kiss back and in less then a minute, we were doing the whole tongue thing.

"Time is up" said Gerard as he opened the door but Frankie and I didnt care, we kept on making out.
"somebody wanna pry them off of eachother, I aint touching them" he said and we stopped and then we all walked out of the closet.
"your a good kisser" Frankie wispered to me
"thank you and so are you" I wispered back.

The rest of the night was spent getting more
drunk and eating more candy and goofing around.
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