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at mikey's house

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I had decided to stay the night at Mikey's. When I had gotten there Frank took me aside to talk to me. I had become close to him as I hung out with them more.
" Dose Mikey know that you are datting someone?"
"what do you mean was?"
"It truned out that you were right, Chuck was using me. So you were right"
" I always am, but aside from that I'm sorry I was. I know finding out about it couldn't have felt like the best thing in the world."
" Actully it was a lot easier then I thought it would be. Mikey was there when it all happened, and I don't know he just made the pain of it all go away"
" yea, he can do that and it is also cuz you like him"
"do not"
"you always hang out with him..."
"that is because we are friends"
"you kissed him. And let me finish, you flirt with him, and how you two were hugging didn't look like a 'just frienda' hug" I rolled my eyes at him, " don't roll your eyes at me you know that I'm right"
"whateves", I said as I pushed him.
" you need to tell him you like him, he likes you"
"you need to tell him you like him"
" no. Affter that, you said that he likes me"
" why do you care...unless you do like him! I knew it!" I was shocked that mikey liked me.
"what was frank right about", came Gerard's voice. I felt my heart beat quicken, had he been here the whole time? Did he know that I was almost in love with his brother? "oh... He was right about Chuck truning out to be the worlds biggest ass", I said begging Frank with my eyes not to blow my cover. " were is Mikey?", I asked, changing the subject and making my possible get away. " he is playing video games up in his room"
As I walked up the stairs my phone rang, it was Clair. Shit! I thought. "hello?" " were are you? We have a sleep over!" I knew I had forgotten something.
"I'm at home sick"
"no your not. I just came from your house. What are you hiding?"
" I'm sorry I forgot to tell you guys, I promised Serena that I would spend the night with her. It sliped my mind because I have had a lot on my mind but I already told her it would be just the two of us"
Affter I had got off the phone I heard a knock at the door assumeing that it was gonna be Frank I ran down the stairs so I could tackle him, who it was I would have done and given antying for a chance to go back in time and stop Gerard from opening the door. There in the doorway stood Becky. I wanted to run back upstairs and hide but I couldn't for 2reasons. 1 I felt rooted to were I stood and 2 she had already seen me. "massie what are you doing here", she asked with fake shock as if she came here every day. " I am working on my project. How the hell did you find out were I was and why the hell are you here?!"
" I stoped by your house and your mom have me this addreass. Oh and FYI", she started taking a step torwed me and getting in my face, " if you ever put your hands on my boyfriend again I will make sure they don't find your body" she had taken my face in her hands and I felt she had no right to be touching me so I pushed her away lightly but we were on stairs and she was in heels so she stumbled a little was funny. She got up and that is how the fight broke out.
I was hitting, kicking, and biting at every place that I could reach. I started to taste blood, wheater it was hers or mine I don't know. All that I could here was yelling but I couldn't make out the words or who spoke them. I could feel people pulling at me but there was no stopping me. I gusse it was a good thing that we were in the living room and there were no knives around because I probly would have grabed one and stabed her. Seeing that this wasn't going to stop any time soon I looked for some weak spot so I could stop her, that was when I saw her big earrings and just as I made to grab at them the fimluer smell of axe, coffee, and hairspray came over me. Mikey had came here just in time to stop me doing any real damage to this bitch. He managed to get a hold of me under the arms wich prevented me from punching and also stopped me from kicking because I was afraid that I would hurt him. He druged me to the couch, while Bob threw out Becky.
I looked at my hands to see them shacking with claw marks on them and now for the second time today my shirt had been ripped, if this kept up I would have no cloths left. I felt my right hand starting to swell up a little bit from were I had hit the wall on the back swing, one of my legs were bleeding from were her heel had scraped me and I could feel a lump on my head. I opened my fist to see that I had I fake nail in my hand.
" your forhead is bleeding" mikey told me. I put my hand up to my head and looked down to see blood. " remind me NEVER to piss you off!" came Frank's voice handing me some papper towls with ice, I put this over my head as I said" I think that you can kick my ass Frank" " maybe, but you are hella crazy! When that girl put her arm over your mouth you bit down hard and wouldn't let go, you took a chunck out of her!" he said in a hyper voice, I gusse that solves who's blood I tasted. " I would have stabed her but there wasn't anything her to do it with", I said with a smile in my voice. " that's a good thing. If mom finds out about this she is gonna kill me, I was supose to be waching you guys", Gerard's voice came from the kitchen as he sat down on the couch by me and Mikey. The sweet smell of coffee followed him.
" who was going to wach you?" me and mikey asked at the same time.
"awwww you guys talk at the same time" " Shut up Frank", me and mikey said both throwing pillows at him. " that was funny" Gerard said. " I will come over there Gerard", I told him. " hey Mikey can you come and show me were the coffee cups are?"
"Frankie is anoying sometimes", I said sitting up on the counter while mikey went around making coffee.
" you two are a little bit alike"
" you are hyper and like a lot of the same foods"
" we better go back out there or he will think that we are doing something", I said jumping on Mikey making him fall. " oh my god I'm so sorry! Ok how can you stop a fight between me and Becky but you can't cach me?"
" I knew how to stop you, and I can cach you I just wasn't ready for you to jump on me"
When we got back to the living room I had a lot on my mind. The main thing was what should I do about the whole mikey thing? I made this list in my head:
If I asked out mikey things that would happen
1. He could say no
2. He could say yes
3. If we did start to date life would completly change
4. My mom may disowne me
5. If I asked him and he said no then things would be ackword between us as friends
5. I could lose all my friends
Making this list didn't do anything at all. The question wasn't if he would say yes or no, I could deal with that, it was more of what would happen with the answer, I had never dated a nerd or even said anything besides help me with this or that. It would be social suicid to do it, " why do you care what people think", Frank's voice came back to me. As much as I hated to admit it he did have a point. Why the hell should it matter?! It was my happiness and not anyone els! But with out my friends I would be lost. They were my back up and what kept me strong, if they truned away I didn't know how I would handle it. Man did I wish that I had someone to talk to but the only one that knew of my feelings for mikey was Frank and I didn't know how well I could trust him.
"massie are you feeling ok?", Mikey asked me, I looked up to see that we were alone. " yea, I'm just thinking" " about what" I loved how sweet he seemed , like he really cared not like the jerks ( I mean jocks) that I usally date. " about what is going to happen now that the whole school is going to know about me hanging out with you guys. I mean I love hanging with you but you know how my friends are" "oh. Well you know that you don't have to keep a thing from me." " you know what? I don't give a fuck about what anyone thinks anymore! I'm tierd of having to be so fucking perfect all the fucking time! Everyone always says how lucky I am, well if I am so god damned lucky why the hell do I feel so fucking empty?!" all the things that I had been feeling just came out.
I fell back sobbing, feeling mikey pull me close to him. He was being so nice to me and I didn't deserve it, I had started a fight in his house and had been lying to my friends about hanging out with him and about my feelings for him. How do you tell one of your best friends that you think that you may be in love with them? Screw it I was going to tell him! " mikey i-" " hey love birds get your asses up here!" Frank yelled. Then I heard him walk down the stairs meaning that we were no longer alone. "Frank I said leave them alone so that they can talk", Gerard told him also coming down the stairs.
" Now what were you going to say befor they came in", Mikey asked me when they had gone back up the stairs, " oh I'm hungery", I said chickening out.
I had never felt so out of controle and I hated it. I was use to being the one that the guys were confused over not the other way around.
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