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Frankie's cosin comes by...

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It had been 3weeks sence the whole I kicked Beckey's ass thing, and let me tell you it had been anything but grate. Becky had not only told the whole school that I was dating Mikey, oh no that was to simple, she had also said that I was on crack and that I was pragnet with Mikey's baby. The whole pragnet thing had just now gone away because I wasn't fat but was replaced by something woesr. My friends had found me today and had said that I had to chose between Mikey or them if we were to all stay friends. I thought that this was so unfair, I mean if they were really my friends then it shouldn't matter if I hang out with alians for fuck sakes! Unfortunitly for me the rummors got around town and my mom found out. Let's just say she was a little less then happy and as I tryed to tell her on the way to the hospitle that none of this was true she told me that she couldn't belive me because I had become a different person. Well mother dearest I am not a different person I just stop being what everyone wanted me to be. She had taken me to the doctor to see if I was pragnet and if I had drugs in my syestum. I was on my front porch and I screamed and put my head in my hands and begain to cry.
I didn't here the footsteps coming up my drive way so I didn't know that some one was there and if it wasn't for the smell of coffee when the person put his arm around me I would have slaped them, but I knew that it was Mikey. Mikey was one of the few and only people that seemed like he would always be there for me no matter what I did. Its funny when the person you wouldn't talk to normaly became your bestfriend and the one that you trusted with everything. I felt him pull me close to him as he asked me " what happen" "mikey everythings gone all wrong", I then went to tell him everything that had happend. " then fuck em. If they were really your friends none of this stuff would matter", he told me pulling my face up, he brushed the hair out of my face and wiped away the tears.
What I did I was just as shocked about is anyone. I leand forwored and kissed him softly on the lips. It was just a quick kiss but still. I had to pull myself away befor I kissed him more intimitly. I saw a look of shock on his face not one of eww get the hell away from me, I also saw that frankie was in my driveway with a very shocked look on his face put also a I knew it.
Me and him had also become very close. "hi Frankie", I said. " hey, I just came to get Mikey and you. My cosin is in town and I'm getting everyone together to meet her, well my mom is making me", I heard a trace of nervousness in his voice that I had never heard befor. Maybe it was because he had seen me kiss one of his friends. "can you hang on while I tell my mom that I'm leaving and were I am going so that she won't think I'm working at a strip clube to supprt my baby that is being raised in my room"
I went into the house and told my mom were I was going and left Frankie's address so she wouldn't worry.
When we got to Frankie's house I saw a girl standing on the porch talking with the guys. I also saw that she was really pretty, she had aqua eyes that were lined in black, her hair was in layers and fell to the middle of her back it was a blond brown color and perfectly straight. She was also very tinney!
"Ashley this is Massie and Mikey", Frankie told her. "Nice to meet you", she said in a cute little voice that for some reason made me want to rip her hair out of her head. I saw her give me the once over as if trying to decide how much of a theart I would be for the guys.
I then saw her check out Mikey, wait did she just check out Mikey?! Oh hell no was she going to get him! I would fight til the death to pove that he was mine, but how was I gonna do that without telling him or anyone that els that I liked him. Grate just when things couldn't get anybetter.
"Hey now that everyone is here can we please eat the pizza?", Bob asked. I laughed lightly as we went into the house.
I sat on the couch and wached as Ashley flrited with Mikey making me wanna take the lamp and smash it into her head...but I wasn't one to be violet. I couldn't wach this anymeor! I went into the kitchen and acted as if I was getting more food. I soon heard someone come into the kitchen, thinking that it was one of the guys getting more pizza I pretened to be thinking about what I wanted whe Frank's voice spoke, "I'm sorry"
"for what", I asked with a slight laugh in my voice, that was never a good thing.
" that my cosin is a whore"
"you just called famly a whore"
"just cuz we are related dosen't mean I have to like her. Besides I know that it can't me the most fun thing in the world to see." I felt my eyes starting to tear up and I felt arms wrap around me pulling me into a hug. I looked up to see Frank. How odd of him to confert me. "why are you doing this" "because even if you are to stubren to addmit that you like Mikey as more then a friend I can see that you do and I know how it feels to see the one that you love with someone els" " how do you know how much I may like Mikey?" "Her name was Blair", was all that he said. When I made to say that I was sorry he held up his hand and said," don't be"
When we went back out to the living room we saw that Mikey and Ashley were gone. Bob and Ray were playing video games and Gerard was drawing. " Let's go upstairs", frank said quitlty, pulling me up the stairs. When we got there we saw that Mikey and Ashley were in a room. I saw that he had his arm around her a look of admirrration on his face. I then saw them lean in and kiss. I wanted to pass out. I looked over at Frank to see that he wanted to go in and kill one of them, I grabed his hand and had thought that he would put up a fight but he aloud me to pull him back into the living room.
"you two look like you have just seen a ghost", Bob said when we sat down on the couch. Ray saw his chance and killed Bob in the game that they were playing.
I then told them what had happend and Gerard said, hell no! That Bitch is not going to use my little brother!"
" Don't worry she will get what's coming to her" was my reply.
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