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Mr Snuffles

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“Wow” I said, as I looked at the piece of artwork. I was currently sitting next to Gerard on the bus, watching him draw.
“It really isn’t that great.” He answered.
“It’s fucking great Gerard! Seriously, you should see some of the stuff I draw, people even have trouble working out what the hell it is.”
“Drawing’s easy” I raised my eyebrows at him, “well, it can be…take this, I’ll show you!” He handed me a pencil and I groaned…. I was really going to embarrass myself. He put his hand over mine and started to help me sketch over the paper. I shivered every time I felt his breath against my neck, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, begging my body not to jump on him right there and start making out.
“Ash, are you alright? You look a bit…. weird.” He asked, looking down at me.
“Huh, yeah I’m fine.” Just then Nathan and Steph walked in through the door, I quickly moved my hand away from his, and moved over on the sofa so I wasn’t touching him anymore (not knowing why), I could feel his eyes looking at me, so I determinedly looked the other way.
“Oh shit.” Muttered Frank, when Stephanie walked into the room. And it dawned on me.
“Was that who you thought I was earlier when I knocked?” I whispered, leaning over to Frank
“No…. ok, yeah, it was.” He said sadly. I laughed, maybe a little too loudly, as everyone looked at me curiously.
While everyone was talking to Nathan and just catching up, Stephanie walked straight over to Frank
“Oh my gosh, she’s making a bee-line towards me, hide me, do you think it’s too late to hide, shit, she’s smiling. Fuck, she’s waving…. just kill me now Ashleagh. Kill. Me. Now.”
“Ha ha. This is karma of what you did to bob earlier!” I said smiling; he just gave me the death glare.
She walked over and squeezed in between me and Frank, literally pushing me out of the way.
“That was subtle I must say…” I muttered under my breath.
“Did you just say something?” She looked over at me angrily.
“No, nothing at all dear, sweet, loving Stephanie, I said in my most nicest voice. She just glared at me, and turned back to Frank.
“Hey Frankie. You didn’t ring me. Did you lose my number or something?” She said in a really annoying, clingy voice.
“Umm…. yeah, probably….” He answered, thinking of a way to escape her (while everyone was having their own conversations.) “What’s wrong Frank? You seem pretty distant.” She said, putting her leg over his.
“No…nothing, just…stop it, ok…” He said, trying to move away from her, just as Roxy walked in.
Her eyes flickered over to them for a second, and she had a look on her face that I had seen recently but couldn’t quite work out, but then she just rolled her eyes and spotted me.
“Oi! You!” She screamed, pointing a threatening finger at me.
“No Roxy, I told you a million times, it wasn’t me who shredded Mr Snuffles, it was Sophie!”
“No, not that.” Said Roxy, turning red at the mention of her favourite childhood teddy bear, which my sister Sophie decided to put it through the shredder machine, after it failed to complete a mission that all her Barbie’s could do. “ I meant, how comes you never mentioned your birthday, you turned 18 the day before we came here!”
“Well, it’s not like it was a major deal or anything, I wasn’t gonna do anything lie a party anyways…remember when you flew back for my 16th?!
“Yeah. So?!”
“So. Like I said it’s not a big deal. I repeated.
“Ok, so we won’t have a party. What about we go out to dinner after the show tomorrow night or something.” Said Ray
“Yeah! That’s fun. We never get decent meals on tour!” Said Mikey
“What’s that suppose to mean. I cook occasionally!” Roxy said, while Mikey, who realised what he said, corwarded away from her.
“Well, that’s what he means Caulfield!” Said Frank, “It’s even worse when you cook, and by the way…who’s Mr Snuffles?!” Roxy growled, and folded her arms.
“Oh wait! Mr Snuffles!” Gerard said, a look of realisation coming over his face. “Yeah, Max told me about that teddy bear of yours Rox, I heard he was your first kiss!” Roxy gave Gerard a death glare, while everyone else roared with laughter.
“Anyways.” She said, quickly changing the subject “Your present.” She threw a box wrapped in silver wrapping paper at me. “You might wanna open it later though okay.”
“Okay! Thanks Rox!! I loooove you!!” I jumped into her, and wrapped my arms around her neck, before we both fell backwards onto the sofa, laughing hysterically.
“Yeah, whatever.” She said, when we had calmed down and gotten up from the sofa. She then gave a final glare at Gerard, then an extra one at Frank, who was again, being fawned over by Stephanie and walked out the bus. Frank moaned when she walked out, and mumbled something about taking a walk, he too then disappeared outside.
The rest of the evening passed quite quietly. Roxy and Frank had not returned before I said goodnight to everyone and headed back to the other bus.
Everybody had to be up really early the next day, getting ready for the show in he afternoon.
“Ashleagh! Hurry up with the fucking amps, they need to be laid out at the front…. Ashleagh, are you fucking deaf!?”
“No, I’m not fucking deaf, but your fucking rude!” I shouted at the stage director Steve, (who was in charge of the arena,) while dragging equipment onto the stage, for what seemed like the one-hundredth time. As I moved the amp over to the correct place, I tripped over a loose wire on the stage floor.
“Ow! Shit! Bugger!” The amp went falling out my hands, “Oh….shit!” It crashed onto the floor. Just as I picked myself up, Steve came rushing over.
“Oh my god! What have you done! You are so-Argh! Just wait till I tell that Max what you’ve done!”
“It was an accident!” I tried to explain, “I mean, look, it’s not even that broken. I bet I can fix it.” I started to bend down towards it, but Steve slapped my hands away. “Ow!”
“No. Don’t touch it, you’ll just make it worse…just…just stay here,” and with one final glare, he stalked off.
I sighed and sat down crossed-legged on the stage floor and put my face in my hands. I felt someone come and sit down next to me- I looked up.
“Hey Rox. You were out for a while last night.”
“Mmhmm…” she surprisingly turned a little red. I waited a while before asking:
“Were you with Frankie?” She turned her head sharply to look at me.
“What makes you think I was with him!? She snapped. I shrugged my shoulders, and stood up, maybe this wasn’t the best time. Suddenly she burst into tears.
“Wow. Roxy, why are you crying.” I knew, it was such a bad line to use when someone was crying, but I always reacted badly in those situations, I’m no good when people stat to cry.
But I sat back down and put my arm around her.
"It's Frank..."
Just then Max and Steve came onto the stage carrying another amp. “Oh, im sorry uncle Max, I tripped over the wire and it just f-”
“I know don’t worry, it was an accident.”
Then the guys walked onto stage holding their instruments (well Bob was holding sticks) for a show rehearsal. As soon as Frank came in Roxy quickly walked off the stage, and making sure her dad didn’t see her. I looked over at Frank, he seemed to be the only one who had noticed, he was about to put his guitar down.
“No, I’ll go, you just stay and practice,” then I added, “I have no idea what you did to her Frankie, but, whatever it was, you have some seriously ‘making up' to do.” When I got outside I couldn’t find her anywhere, I spent quite a while looking before I gave up. I gathered that if she didn’t want to be found, nobody would find her.

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