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Coffee and 'old friends'

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this is a bit of a random chappie, but HEY there all important to read. i really enjoyed writing this one too, not sure why...

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Chapter 8: Coffee and ‘old friends’

The Next day was as busy as hell, with everyone doing last minute packing. During the journey Frank had to go back 3 times to collect random things he had forgotten, and unfortunately me and Roxy was in the same car as him. Finally we all made it to the car pack in one piece, where there were two huge buses parked. After everything got sorted out, I grabbed my luggage and Roxy led me over to our bus.
“Oooo Yay! It’s bigger than the last one!” She said opening the door and leading me over to a small room with some beds. 2 were already occupied with bags, “seems like Nathan and Stephanie are here, you’ll love Nathan…. he’s great!”
“What about Stephanie?!” I asked. Roxy pretended not to hear me.
“Nate! Steph! You here?” 2 People emerged from a door. One was really tall, and had piercing gray eyes. She wore a short skirt and shirt, which made her legs look even longer; she could defiantly get away with being an class A model.
The nest person was a guy with short blonde dreadlocks and a kind face.
“For Christ’s sake Roxanne, my names Stephanie. It’s not that hard.”
“Christ’s sake STEPHANIE my names Roxy. It’s not that hard!” Stephanie just rolled her eyes.
“Hey Nathan!” Said Roxy acting like she never saw this. “This is Ashleagh, new roadie, who only happens to be my best friend!”
“ Cool nice to meet you. Oh great. Now maybe someone can keep Roxy on a leash!” Nathan said.
“HA! She’s just as bad as I am!”
“No I’m not!” I said indignantly, sticking my tongue out at her.
“Yeah. You are!” She said poking me in the head. I lost my balance, and stumbled backwards onto Stephanie.
“Whoops!” I said, regaining my balance and trying to keep a straight face, as I stepped on her foot. “Sorry about that. Just lost my balance.”
“Great. Another miner.” Stephanie scowled ,and walked off.
“Just ignore her. She doesn’t mean it.” Said Nathan
“Yeah. She does.”Roxy said.
“Whatever munchkin!” He said, ruffling her hair, winking at me, then walking off too.

I had spent the remainder of my day with Roxy, then during the evening I decided I would go and visit the guy’s bus. I was about to open the door, but decided knocking would be better. After I knocked I heard some extreme whispering from inside, which sounded quite scared and worried.
“…But it might not be her…”
“…We can’t make the risk”
“…I need some coffee…”
After some hushed conversation that could only make out bits of it I heard a clear but shaky voice.
“W-who is it?”
“Queen Elizabeth. Let me in.”
“Oh thank god, it’s only Ashleagh!” The door opened immediately, I stepped in and waved at them.
“Why didn’t you open the door at first…who d’ya think I was?” I said smiling slightly at the relieved look on their faces.
Bob spoke first.
“No one. What made you think it was anyone? Cause it wasn’t. It wasn’t anyone. We’re not scared of her. I mean him-I mean anyone…. shut up.” He finished lamely.
“No we’re not we’re j-”
“ENOUGH!” Frank spoke up, standing up and trying to pull his hair out from his scalp. “I need coffee, so Ash, can you do a starbucks run for us!” He shoved a twenty-dollar bill into my hand.
“Umm…and starbucks is where?” I said, pocketing the money
“YOU DON’T KNOW-WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO! SHIT, I’M GONNA DIE!” Screamed Frank, throwing himself on the floor.
Gerard got up from next to Mikey.
“Lets take a walk and try and find it yeah, before Frank goes nuts; well more than he already is.”
“Ok.” I said heading to the door, and he followed out after me.
“Oh Ashleagh, sorry about acting a bit strange the day before we left, I guess I must have been in a weird mood.”
“It’s ok,” I said, not wanting to press the matter. After a few minutes of walking, he took out a cigarette.
“You don’t mind do you?”
“Good, cause I would have done it anyway. Im guessing you don’t smoke though, do you?” He said, holding the packet out towards me.
“No. You know your risk of getting lung cancer will increase rapidly right.”
He just laughed to himself, not really listening.
“There are a lot of things you don’t do, you’re pretty innocent, aren’t you?”
“That’s not true. I do some things!” I said, poking him in the stomach.
“Oh yeah, sure. Like what!?” He said, poking me back.
“Like this!” I grabbed his cigarette box and started running down the street with it. After a while, I thought I caught a strong smell of coffee. So I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around. Yes, I had run past it, there was a starbucks along the road. Gerard was leaning against the window grinning, he obviously saw it first. I walked back towards him scowling, but while walking I tripped over someone’s foot and fell to the ground.
“Mind yourself girl,” the man who I tripped over said.
“Yeah and thanks for helping me up…BASTARD!” I looked up into the mans face.
“NO WAY!” I screamed. It was the annoying man on the plane, who also thought I was trying to steal his car. “What the hell are you doing here!?”
“I could ask you the same question, missy. Are you stalking me or something?”
“Why would I want to stalk someone who blames their farts on other people…freak!”
“FREAK? I’M NOT THE FREAK. YOU ARE!” He yelled at me. I growled angrily and lunged forwards at this guy, I was going to scratch his eyes OUT. Suddenly I felt strong arms around my waist, pulling me backwards.
“No.” The voice said simply.
“Oh, it’s you…” I resisted struggling, and Gerard put me back onto the pavement. The annoying guy, began walking off, muttering to himself.
“Ok, I’m not even gonna ask…” said Gerard, with a bemused look on his face.
A while later, me and Gerard both walked onto the bus, we set the coffee down on the table.
“What's wrong with you Ash?” Asked a concerned Mikey.
“Yeah, you look well pissed off!” Added Ray.
“Oh thank god, you got the coffee!” Screamed Frank, pushing Bob off the sofa to reach for the cup (even though Bob wasn’t even in his way.)
“Fucktard.” Bob mumbled, lifting himself off the floor.
“Anyway.” I said, turning my back to them, and facing Mikey and Ray. “I tripped over some guys foot, and it turned out to be, annoying fat guy!”
“Woah.” Said Mikey, “never thought you’d see him again.”
“I know, it’s freaky,” I said
“Who is this guy?” Asked frank, slapping Bob’s hand away every time he tried to reach for his OWN coffee.
“I’ll tell you later Frankie.” I said, patting him on the head.
“FRANK. LET ME HAVE SOME. IT’S MY COFFEE TOO!” Yelled Bob, losing it.
“You know what Bob. I see your mouth moving, but all I can hear is bla bla bla bla bla bla!”

Ok YAY! I know i havn't updated in about 10 million years.
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