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The tour was coming near the end and Brie still had no made peace with that fact that her and Ryan where not together, Gabe watched as the girl he had grown to love rip herself apart. She was distant like the way she was when they first met. Late one night Brie sat at the table in the bus doing nothing but staring into the darkness. Her mind was racing a mile a minute she didn't know who loved if it was Gabe or Ryan and she felt pressure from both of them. She had givin her heart to Ryan along time ago she always thought they would get married and raise a family. Than there was Gabe he kept her on her toes with his crazyness and each day with him brought a new adventure.

"Brie" Gabe said sitting down next her.
"Why are we in the dark"
"Just thinking"
"Are you okay"
"Of course I am"
"Okay just checking"
"Thanks" She said
"Coming to bed"
"I'll be there in a few"
Gabe nodded and walked back to the bunk area. Brie got up to follow but just sat back down. Her eyes felt wet tears streamed down her face as she silently sobbed. Gabe walked back out about 15 minutes later to check on her and saw her crying. He took a seat next to her.
"Talk to me"
"I am fine I am just going to miss my brother"
"I know all this isn't even about Brendon its about Ryan and me, you think I don't see hows he looking you and how hard you try not to love him but in all honesty Brie you do. No matter what I do and how much I care and love you your heart will always belong to Ryan"
"Thats not true"
Gabe took Brie's face into his hands and kissed her.
"What did you feel" He asked
"Was I suppost to feel something"
"Yeah Brie when I kiss you it send sparks down my body"
"I've always known you never would love me the way you are suppost to love somebody even Patrick knew thats why he let you leave and didn't bother trying to make it work because you belong with Ryan. So tomorrow you are moving back on their bus and I will have your things ship to you" Gabe said
"It's not like I didn't try I really did and I may not love you the way you want me to love you but I do love you"
"I know that I never doubted that Brie and I also know you can't help who your heart wants and it will always want Ryan"
Gabe grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead and lead her back to the bunk area. She crawled in and Gabe followed he pulled her closed and enjoyed his last night with her.
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