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The Prophecy

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War commences. Mikey informs Frank about somethings... and Frank makes a plan to save the Ruins. What?!

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Fire your guns,
It's time to run;
Blow me away.
(I will stay, in the mess I made)
After the fall,
We'll shake it off.
Show me the way.

Only the strongest will survive.
Lead me to heaven, when we die.
I am the shadow on the wall.
I'll be the one to save us all.

Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin

A blaring ringing sound went off. I looked at everyone alarmed, to which everyone responded with the same expression. "What the fuck is that?"

"It's the siren! It means the Ruins are entering the battlefield to attack!" Bob yelled, trying to be heard over the screeching alarm.

"Lets go,"Gerard breathed. I looked at him. His face had taken on a stern and business-type look. He was already in war mode. And so was I.

We all jogged down the lane, away from the building, and instead of turning left, towards the main lane that lead to the tunnel, we turned right. We continued down a lane Ihad never paid attention to before.

Seeing my face of confusion, Bob, who was jogging beside me, asked with a smile, "What? Never been down here before?"

I shook my head.

"Never felt curiosity to know what was down here?"

"Naw, I've been too busy trying to figure out a million other things," I said smirking. Bob laughed. It was an odd situation, really. We were headed towards war, for fucks sake, and here we were, laughing. Friends heading out together for the final battle. We had to protect the Stone, for reasons we didn't really know. What could the Ruins really do with it? What was it capable of? The Stone can cause devastation as well as it can cause miracles, the old lady had told me. I was still trying to figure out exactly what that meant.

We ran down ahuge staircase that curved towards the right the entire way, until reaching its bottom. Torches aligned the wall; their flames danced as we rushed by, casting eerie shadows.

"This is the Vampires Battlefield," Bob whispered to me, as we entered one of the enormous caves I had first found about just a few minutes before. I could easily see where it got its name. The cave itself couldn't look anymore haunted if it were crawling with ghosts. The ceiling was pretty low, compared to the ceilings in the building; it was about 6 feet above me. I immediately began to feel claustrophobic. There were stones in all shapes and sizes coming out of the floor and above us. The ceiling drooped down in many places, forming crooked cones like the ones you would imagine in a cave full of bats. I looked around almost surprised at the fact that none were visible. Torches aligned the walls down here too, but because of the low ceiling and the fact that parts of the ceiling that curved down forming spikes covered much of the light, the cave was quite dark. This battlefield was clearly not meant for open war, but for hiding and attacking without being seen. It was creepy as hell.

The cave was extremely long, and although I couldn't see the end of it, I could hear the rough voices and aggressive shouts in the distance. They were coming. What could they do exactly? What powers did they have, if any? I had only seen them once and through a dream. It had seemed they had extreme force, but what else?I suddenly realized I knew nothing about them and was about to engage in battle with them.

"What powers do they have?" I whispered desperately to Aileen, who was beside me.

"They're really strong; don't let them get their hands on you or they'll rip you apart," she whispered back to me, her eyes focused in the distance.

"Got it. Anything else?"

"They have good agility too. They can jump out of the way of a lot of attacks easily. They have great eyesight, and hearing too. They're like super humans."

My skin began to crawl. I took in a deep breath, filling my lungs with the scent of humidity. We walked a bit deeper into the cave until Gerard gestured for us to stop with a single hand. He crouched slightly behind one of the irregular boulders; the rest of us imitated him, after spreading out a bit towards both sides of him. Iwalked over to him bending over a bit to continue hidden, just in case.

Looking towards the Ruin end of the cave, I asked in a hushed whisper, "Any plan?"

He looked at me, and then turned back, looking ahead. He shook his head. "Get as many as you can. Don't let any pass you and enter our world; that would be the end of us. Don't get too far away from the rest of us." He looked back towards me intensely. I could feel his gaze on me, and it made me turn to him. "Watch your back," and then added strongly, "Stay alive." The force of his words made me gulp. I nodded. My heart raced as we stared at each other. There was so much Iwanted to say to him, and so little time. There were a million things we should've done, and million things we could've been doing and yet there we were, about to start a war. My eyes raced around his face trying to memorize every inch of it. I wanted him to run and hide in the building, to be forever safe there, but I knew we needed him, and that he'd never do it anyways.

Without warning, I saw Kat stand up from where she was hidden. She stretched an arm out towards the end of the cave and shot out a single blast of ice. It raced through the air missing the cave obstacles by inches until it reached its final destination. A sudden outburst sounded at the Ruin end; they had been caught off guard by the attack and were obviously angry as hell.

"They're getting close," she stated, crouching again.

Gerard turned towards Aileen. "Aileen, go get your friends ready; they'll probably attack the Open Battlefield next after their failure here, and we'll need them."

Knowing her powers weren't very useful for this type of battle, she stood and walked back the way we had came pouting slightly.

"Why don't we just, attack?" I suggested, tired of hiding and waiting for them to come.

"Good idea,"Gerard stated. He stood up and sent an energy blast towards the Ruins, even though we still couldn't see them. It apparently hit at least one of them because they began to roar in anger. I could hear their feet stomping against the ground; they were running.

"Was that your force field?" I asked Gerard, surprised.

He smiled slightly, nodding. "My powers advance too, you know."

Finally, between two pointy boulders, the first Ruin appeared. I saw him slightly crouched as he ran, looking all around him so as to not be caught off guard. He was followed by many more, the poor light made it impossible to know how many exactly, but judging by the thundering sound of their heavy foots against the ground, our little group was no comparison to their army.

Without moving a muscle, I sent him flying backwards. He crashed with a yell into his buddies behind him. I smiled in spite of myself.

"Good one!" Bob shouted enthusiastically at me.

"Don't make yourself an easy target," Ray warned. I look back towards the Ruins and saw afew of them glaring at me fiercely. I ducked a little too late.

"There they are! I seen one!" one of the Ruins yelled to the others. /Shit/.

"Do it, Kat!"Ray yelled over the shouts of the oncoming attack.

Kat stood and began shooting ice at the ground instead of at the Ruins. I frowned, wondering what the hell she was doing, until I realized she was forming something. She first made a pair of big dogs. They looked nice enough until Ray animated them. They then began to growl ferociously, looking around at us all.

"Attack them!"Ray demanded. The dogs obeyed at once and began galloping towards the Ruins, their huge paws clanking against the ground. I thought it was a pretty lame attack until I heard a few of the Ruins screaming. Kat continued forming objects; this time it was something bigger. Much bigger. When she finished, Ifinally saw it for what it was: a giant. Its head nearly reached the ceiling, but what was more intimidating was its mass. It had huge arms and legs, and absolutely no neck. He was a stout little fucker, that's for sure. Gerard and Imoved towards a side quickly before Ray could animate it, and before it could squash us like little bugs. With a nod from Kat, Ray waved a hand at the giant. In an instant, he was alive. He shook his head like a wet dog, and then looked at us all while licking his ice lips, as if wondering what the hell we were and why we weren't in his stomach. Ray ordered him to attack the Ruins, as he had done to the dogs - that were now reduced to a pile of crushed ice - and just like the dogs, he obeyed instantly. With an angry glare in his icy eyes, he began jogging towards them with huge steps that shook the entire cave. I could hear as the Ruins began pounding against the hard ice, and the ice man pounding them. Their grunts of brutal force echoed through the cave. I took a peek over the stone I was behind just in time to see the ice man explode into a million pieces. I shielded my eyes, waiting for the impact of the ice that would probably cut like glass, but never felt it. I slowly peeked through my fingers and saw the force field Gerard had generated over us all. Good thing he was quick.

"Let's go!"Gerard called, getting up from his place and running towards the Ruins. We had taken out quite a few of them with the ice beings, but now it was time for some serious action.

I ran next to him as he sent blasts of energy in many directions. I could hear the grunts of the Ruins that were hit as they fell to the ground. Stopping not far from them all, I used my power to throw a few of them against the wall, knocking them out. Concentrating hard, I narrowed my eyes at a stone spike that stood above agroup of Ruins. With a rumble, it broke off and crashed down onto them, shutting off their alarmed cries instantly.

Someone grabbed my arm, pulling me down so I was hiding behind a rock.

"Mikey? What the fuck-?"

"Shhh, I have to tell you this now, while everyone is distracted," he whispered, looking around urgently.

I had forgotten he had even come down to the battlefield with us. "Do you really think this is the time for a little one-on-one?" I asked, starting to stand up, but he pulled me down again. A little to my right I heard a crash.

"I have to tell you now that he won't be able to hear us!"

Frowning in the face of his extreme worry, I asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"He forces me to do and say what he wants, but I can't let him win! He makes me be on his side by threatening to kill Gerard or me, so I have to listen!"

"Mauritius? What does he want you-"

"He's evil!" he cut in, his eyes wide in panic. "I can only tell you this now that he is distracted with the war and he won't be able to hear what I'm saying, so listen carefully!"

I nodded and leaned in closer to be able to hear him clearly. Dust flew around us as someone crushed a boulder nearby.

"He's going to try to get to you, Frank, he wants to control you."

"What for?"

"Just shut up and listen! He wants you to get the Stone for him, Frank; he needs it. He's figured out what it does, or part of what it does and he wants it badly."

"Why doesn't he get it himself? Alyssa knows where it is."

"No, Frank, only you, I, Aileen and the Unknown know where it is. Just because Alyssa has been there once doesn't mean she can find her way back there; it's a maze. Itold Aileen to show you where it was in a dream," he added looking a bit guilty.

"Why?" Ice zoomed over our heads, crashing into a few Ruins.

"He made me do it, Frank! He wanted you to know where it was so you could get it later."

"You could've just told him where it was."

"You're not getting it! Only the chosen one can touch it, Frank. Only you."

I stared at him trying to figure it all out. From behind him I saw a few Ruins running up to us with mean faces; I made them go flying backwards until they crashed into the cave wall.

"How do you know it's me, how do you know I'm the chosen one?" I asked urgently.

"Because of aprophecy a lady told us... before she went mad."

I thought of the old crazy lady at once. "The old lady? The one that lives in a tent on the main lane now?"

He nodded. She had never told me about any prophecies; why not?

"How did I know my way to the Stone if I had only been there once?"

"I helped you; I have telepathic powers. It only allows me to read your thoughts and talk to people mentally."

"Yeah well thanks to that Alyssa almost got the Stone."

He smirked. "I knew she couldn't pick it up, only you can. I also knew you wouldn't give it to her, no matter what."

I thought about that for a moment and then nodded in agreement. I wouldn't have given it to her knowing how important it was and because of the simple fact of how desperately she wanted it. "I need to talk to the old lady," I stated.

He nodded. "Go. The others will be fine. There aren't many Ruins here; the others must be preparing for battle on the Open Field."

With a quick nod, I got up from the ground and ran, still crouching to avoid being seen or hit. Nobody saw me leave.

I ran up the round staircase, down the lane and onto the main one, arriving at the home of the old lady completely out of breath and with my heart racing. I wanted to see the old lady and then return to the battle as fast as possible to help the others.

I entered the tent in a hurry, fighting with the cloth that formed the door as it tangled itself around me. When I finally set myself free, I saw her sitting on her worn out sofa, smiling up at me.

I looked at her, taking a deep breath to calm my emotions. I was upset. Angry. Confused."My entire life changed because of the prophecy you made; I need to hear it."

"You're wrong about that, my boy. I simply see what happens in the future, I don't in any way manipulate or change it. You life is the way it is because you were made for apurpose, one you'll soon understand."

"I was made to get the Stone? It doesn't make any sense!"

"I cannot help you anymore, boy. You are Scorpio! You will know what to do when the time comes. You will know," she stated, nodding.

"Tell me the prophecy," I demanded.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly while staring at me. She looked away. "The fate of the entire world will lie in his and only his hands. His life and entire world will take a twist on a cold Halloween night. The wind will blow, the leaves will dance, and he will be taken to the right place at the right time. Only he, the Chosen One, will be the tamer of the Stone of Life, stopping the world from its own self-destruction and bring peace to the magical world for once and for all. He will not be alone, he will have help, but the salvation of us all will depend on the life that runs through his veins. He will draw the line between evil and good, erasing, for once and for all, every sign of evil on the face of the earth. Flame will find fire, and all will be well."

"Say it again,"I requested, closing my eyes in concentration, trying to memorize it entirely.

She did so. Ithanked her and headed towards the door.

"Good luck, Scorpio! Follow your heart! You'll know what to do!" she called after me and Iran down the lane towards the battlefield.

As I continued down the staircase, I thought about the Ruins and how they shouldn't have to die for something that's not their fault. They were forced to turn evil, they were given no choice.

The more Ithought about it the more I knew we had to save them from their own leader. And I had a plan.

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