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The Hardest Part

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Would you give your life for the person you love?

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Hear the sound,

The angels come screaming down.

Your voice;

I hear you've been bleeding.

Make your choice.

They say you've been pleading,

Someone save us!

Heaven help us now,

Come crashing down.

We'll hear the sound,

As your falling down...

Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance

The shouts and cries of war grew immensely strong as I reached the bottom of the staircase. There, chaos reigned. The Ruins with their fierce faces attacked in pairs or small groups at a time, causing Bob and the others to have their hands full.

"Hey Frankie!," called Ray to me happily, "Look what I can do!" Concentrating on a Ruin that was about 12 feet in front of him, he stretched his arm rapidly as if it were made out of rubber and punched the Ruin in the face, knocking him out. He smiled at me with the glee of child on Christmas morning upon receiving the bicycle he or she had wanted oh so badly.

"Awesome!" I yelled back at him. Great time to get a new power, I thought. At least it was pretty easy to control. I saw aRuin charge at Ray, and how he simply stretched out his legs making himself much taller and causing the Ruin to charge right into the wall that was behind. I laughed.

My laughing stopped when I heard Kat scream. Four Ruins were attacking her; two of them had her arms so she couldn't shoot ice in defense. She closed her eyes and ten Kats immediately shot out of her, alarming the Ruins. In that instant, everyone around Kat, including her clones, had frozen. Bob appeared next to her.

"Are you alright?" he asked, extremely concerned as he began checking her for wounds. She had a scratch across her left cheek. I watched from a few feet away with a smile on my face at how Bob held her chin up so he could examine her wound closer, and at how Kat was speechless while her red cheeks gave her away. Bob let go of her and took astep back, blushing now too, but also with a look of sadness in his eyes. "It's not deep... we can... fix it up for you later." Finally noticing my presence, he told me, "Get rid of the Ruins, Frank." I did so without taking my eyes off them, throwing the Ruins back towards their side. They'd have a bad headache in the morning. With a movement of his hand, Bob unfroze the Kat clones, and walked away with his head slightly down.

I noticed how Kat watched him leave with puppy eyes.

"You love him, don't you?" I asked softly.

She looked at me alarmed. Forcing a smile, she was about to say something about how silly it was of me to suggest such athing, but seeing I wasn't going to buy it, she limited herself to look around awkwardly, snatching glances of Bob every few seconds.

"You guys should really talk. He's crazy about you, Kat; it's so obvious it's actually funny. He'd do anything for you."

She looked at me shocked at first, still not knowing what to say, and looked back at Bob longingly. I smiled at her.

One of her clones started coming closer to me while playing with her hair flirtingly. I inched away slowly.

Kat noticed and laughed, finally finding her voice again. "Forget it clone; he's homosexual."

Her clone looked at me surprised and a bit disgusted; she backed away awkwardly. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not homosexual..." I said, slightly embarrassed for some reason. I guess it was because of the simple fact that Ihad never thought about myself in that way.

Kat laughed. "What are you then? /Gerard/-sexual?" She grinned.

I couldn't help myself: I laughed. Grinning sheepishly, I looked towards the front of the battle. Where was Gerard anyways?My unspoken question was answered.

Gerard flew through the air and landed on his back with a grunt just a few feet in front of us.

"Gerard!" I yelled and dropped to my knees next to him. "Are you okay?"

In an angry huff, he jumped to his feet while grumbling something along the lines of "little fucker" and blasted the Ruin that had thrown him with his energy blast. He smiled in satisfaction as he heard the other cry out. Finally noticing me, he cried out "Frank!", grabbed my face and gave me a quick peck on the lips, which left me breathless just the same. Still holding my face like he always did, he asked urgently, "Where were you? I told you not to get too far away from us, babe; anything could happen."

"Yep, definitely..." Kat said, answering her own question about my sexuality because of the look of bliss on my face that came from a simple peck. She called for her clones to follow her and went to attack some Ruins that were giving Bob a hard time; even though her doubles had no powers, they could give them some trouble, at least.

Gerard looked at me questiongly. I shook my head, trying to stifle a nervous laugh. "Just ignore her, she's crazy."

Gerard nodded absentmindedly. Grabbing my wrist and pulling me towards the area he had been attacking, he said, "Come on, let's go. We have Ruins to deal with."

I stopped him. "Wait. I have an idea." He waited for it. "Well, I was just thinking, since Mauritius is the one that created the first Ruin, and then that Ruin went along transforming others, and so on and so on... if he was dead, if we killed Mauritius, could the Ruins maybe... be able to turn back into humans?"

He thought about it, biting his lower lip. "I don't know, babe... maybe? But Mauritiusbeing dead doesn't make each soul go back into its corresponding body... so Ireally don't know."

I knew he was right, but wanted the plan to work anyways. I sighed softly.

"It's worth a try," he stated. "Let's go get the motherfucker." With that he started running towards the Ruins once more.

I was thrilled; even if the plan didn't work, even if the Ruins didn't get their souls back and turn human, having Mauritius dead was still a positive point. What would a bunch of Ruins do without a leader to guide them? "Where is he?" I yelled as I ran with him, the noise making it impossible to speak normally.

He smirked. "The almighty leader is hiding inside the Ruin World. You didn't really think he'd come out here and risk his life, did you?" He asked, mockingly.

I grinned.

"We have to get through them all!" Gerard yelled back at me.

I nodded more to myself since I was following him and he wouldn't be able to see. I began effortlessly throwing Ruins in every direction. They charged at us from the sides, trying to block the way from the front, while others even chased us from behind, but between my telekinesis and Gerard's energy blast and shield, we were practically untouchable.

I cringed from the site of all the evil Ruins, their eyes giving away their horrible nature. Their faces frowned scornfully at us, as they yelled to one another to not "let the two bastards escape!" They were quick, alright; if it wasn't for our powers, we would have been long gone. We continued to run avoiding the stones and the Ruins that got in our way. Ilooked back every few seconds to push away the ones who were following from behind.

As I was looking back, someone grabbed my arm forcefully and yelled, "Gotcha!" in my face. I looked at the deformed face of the Ruin in surprise. I thrust him across the cave fiercely, and cried out in pain as the nails he had pressed against my skin were dragged across my arm. Ilooked at my left arm to see three long scratch marks from my shoulder down part of the arm. Blood was flowing and it stung like hell. The bastard must have a good part of my skin under his filthy nails.

I continued forward, knowing it was no time to stop and lick my wounds. Gerard blasted a few Ruins in front of him, oblivious to what had happened. He called for me to continue, "We must be close!" he bellowed, and I could see a hint of a smile on his sweaty face as he turned back slightly.

We finally reached a staircase that, unlike ours, went straight up. Having reached that point, I turned back to see a large number of Ruins right behind us. Concentrating, I made them all go flying backwards, their shouts and grunts filling the room. I then continued to break off boulders from the ground and place them at the bottom of the staircase. With their strength, they could probably remove them, but it would at least slow them down.

"When did you get so strong?" Gerard asked, amazed. I shrugged. With an evil grin slowly spreading across his face, he said, "It's pretty hot."

The same smile crept across mine. "Glad you think so," I purred back at him. A loud crash made us wake up from our momentary lover's moment.

"We'd better continue," Gerard suggested. Isimply nodded.

We ran up the rest of the stairs until reaching the landing. We were in the middle of a long hallway that ran in two directions, left and right. I looked at Gerard, hoping for an answer of which way to go, but received a silent shrug instead. I turned right; Gerard followed behind. An eerie silence filled the area, making a huge contrast with the constant shouts and cries from the war.

We slowly continued forward in silence, knowing that surprise was the best attack. It was stupid for us to think that we were the only ones that possessed that knowledge.

I heard Gerard gasp. I spun around on my heel, afraid of what I would see. My heart sunk at the scene. A Ruin had Gerard and was pressing a knife against his throat. At once I recognized the Ruin; I had seen him in my dream - or vision? - when Gerard was beat up by a bunch of Ruins. When they were looking for me.I recognized his long dirty brown hair and unforgiving eyes. He looked as insane as ever.

I gulped in sympathy as I saw Gerard try to do the same, but couldn't because of the sharp object pressing so hard against his pretty neck. His eyes were wide in fear. Fear of the Ruins, but also fear of... what I would do? Fear for me? It's what it seemed like.

"Let him go," I demanded at once, to which the man I knew to be Mauritiuslaughed. He was standing beside the Ruin and Gerard with his hands behind his back, as if he were going out for a stroll around the park. On his other side stood two more Ruins, each of them uglier than the first.

"I'm so very sorry, boy, but that'll be impossible. You see, Anthony here has a very bad temper, and if I don't let him play with sharp objects, he gets so insufferable," Mauritiusproclaimed, talking about the Ruin that had Gerard, while the others laughed hysterically. Before I could move or react, he continued, "Oh and keep your powers to yourself, unless you want to see how sharp the knife really is. No sudden movements, you wouldn't want to make Anthony nervous, now, would you?"

I limited myself to glare at him helplessly.

As if to prove Mauritius' point, Anthony pressed the blade a bit more, making a sharp cut. Gerard cried out as a fine line of blood ran down his next.

"Fine. Fine!" I said desperately. "What do you want?" I asked, thinking I knew what they wanted but getting another answer instead.

"Let's go see how the battle is going, shall we? How about you pop us down there so we can finish faster, boy."

I stared at him blankly.

Mauritius laughed. "Well, don't stand there looking at me like that! We all know you can teleport! You've done it before!Well, it was only a small object, but I'm willing to take the chance."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I spat.

"Let's refresh your memory, shall we? You, in the Training Room, surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of red rubber balls, all frozen in midair... and then you teleported one to god knows where."

My mouth opened in amazement. He was right. Iremembered staring at a ball and that all of a sudden, it was gone. I had teleported it? How the hell did he know about that?

Seeing the look on my face, he smiled pleasantly and said, "There you go! Now then, we all must touch you so we'll teleport with you. Come now, concentrate on the staircase, and simply move us there."

"How the fuck did you know about the balls? And the Training Room?"

"I know things that would make you want to peel your skin off in disgust and hide under a bed for the remainder of your life. Don't question me now."


"Frank!" he cut in, getting impatient. "This isn't the time! Or have you forgotten the life of your friend is still in danger?"

I looked at Gerard, who growled, "Mauritius, whatever you're going to try you can forget it now-" Hisspeech was cut off by his own cry as Anthony pressed the knife into the cut he had made.

"Gerard, don't say anything!" I pleaded. Then, glaring at MauritiusI stated, "Let's go."

Mauritius nodded and placed a hand on my shoulder. He placed his other hand on Anthony's arm, while the other Ruins held on to Mauritius. Wondering if it would really work, and knowing I had to do what he wanted, Iclosed my eyes and concentrated as much as I possibly could on the staircase. Ipictured its shape, the stairs...

I felt a rush of air flow past us and heard aloud pop as we appeared in the middle of the staircase, where the boulders still were, as we had left them. In spite of the situation, I looked around amazed that we had actually disappeared from one place and reappeared in another. My amazement ceased when my eyes fell upon Gerard, who was trying to hold down the Ruins arm so he wouldn't press the knife so much against his already open wound.

I turned to face the leader of the Ruins."We're here. Now let him go."

He laughed again; I wanted to rip his vocal cords out so he would never be able to laugh that way again.

"It's not over," he stated simply, smiling."Remove the boulders."

I looked around, not wanting to listen to him."I can't."

This time he didn't laugh. "Don't try to play these games with me, boy. I know exactly what you're capable of, more than you do, by the look of things. Remove them - now."

Groaning in frustration, I threw all the huge boulders out of the way as if they were mere pebbles.

Mauritius smiled, pleased. The Ruins on the battlefield ceased all movement at the site of their leader. Kat and the others gasped in shock from seeing Gerard.

"Friends..." Mauritius called out to the Ruins, like a politician about to give a speech, and receiving an uproar in response,"... enemies," he finished, smiling at them all. Everyone waited in silence to see what he would say. After a short pause, he said, "Look what we found snooping around our world!" The Ruins yelled in response. "I bring before you, the great Gerard." A collective boo echoed around the cave. "I'd like you all to witness - yes, especially his friends - his fall. The moment when Gerard... turns into a Ruin."

I turned to Mauritius in shock. I couldn't have heard him right. It was impossible. He wouldn't do it. I wouldn't let him.

"No!" Kat screamed, while the other stood with their mouths open. They all stood where they were, knowinga wrong movement could worsen the situation. The Ruins cheered.

"Let us begin the process!" Mauritiusyelled, throwing his arms in the air, causing the Ruins to cheer even louder.

"Stop!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

The Ruins fell silent and Mauritiusturned to me with an eyebrow raised. "What could you possibly offer that would make me want to stop, boy?"

I took a deep breath, preparing for what I was about to say. I thought how unbelievable it was that a simple knife could be so powerful against real powers. We were, in fact, rendered helpless in the face of the situation. I could do nothing to save him, except one thing.


The Ruins were amazed, but then began cheering again. A few gasps sounded around the cave.

"No! Don't, Frank!" Gerard yelled desperately, trying to break free of the strong Ruin but only succeeded in receiving more cuts. His eyes were wide in terror: this was what he had feared before. For me to give my life for him.

That was, in fact, what I was going to do. Iwas prepared to do so, I always had been. I'd rather die myself than live without him. It might sound selfish, but it's the truth. How could I bare waking up morning after morning, knowing I'd never see him again?

Call it what you want, but I knew I could never live without him.

A sudden calm came over me. I knew this was the way it had to be. I stared at Gerard, he was all Icould see. I had gone deaf. All I could hear was a buzz, it blocked everything else out. It all seemed so surreal. I could feel drops of sweat glide down my back, as I breathed heavily. The air was thick, making it hard to breath. Iwatched as Gerard's mouth moved. He was screaming things I couldn't hear. He moved brutally from side to side, trying to break free. I wanted him to stop; more blood was flowing down his neck. His eyes were wide in panic, tears streamed down his cheeks. I longed to reach out and wipe them away. Things would be okay for him, he'd see. He'd live on, continue fighting. I had to do this. The old lady had told me to follow my heart, and it was what I was doing.

"Why... does Gerard... feel that way about you?"

The old lady let out a short sarcastic laugh."My dear boy, he hates me for the same reason many others hate me; because of one of my visions. They always come true..."

"I told him he would lose what he most valued; the person whom he loved more than anything else in the world would change into someone he couldn't recognize; he would be left with a broken heart, and his beloved would be as good as dead."

I gasped in shock as my conversation with the old lady popped into my head. She was right. She knew what would happen all along. I smiled sadly, as the person whom he loved more than anything else in the world resounded in my head. I loved him so much it hurt. Tears filled my eyes at the part of him being left with a broken heart, but I knew it's what I had to do. Gerard had to live. He was the important one.

Would I die for him? Yes. Without hesitation.

I tore my eyes away from Gerard, not being able to see him like that. All sound returned in an instant.

"Trade me. Let Gerard free, and I'll... do with me what you wish," I stated coldly.

Mauritius narrowed his eyes at me. "Are you sure about this? You'll lose your soul. You'll be as good as dead."

I let out a short sarcastic laugh. "So I've heard."

"You won't remember your friends or anything about your life. You won't even know who you are."

"I don't know who I am now. Shut the fuck up and let's get started." I had to act tough. Had to put up a mask... or else I'd break down.

Gerard continued to fight and scream. "No!Don't do it, Frank! It's you they're after! Don't do it!"

Mauritius clapped his hands together, pleased. "Let's begin, then!"

Kat was crying hysterically, yelling something along the lines of what Gerard was saying. Ray looked as though he was trying to think of a plan. Aileen and Bob were in shock. There's was nothing they could do to stop me without putting at risk Gerard's life. I felt sorry for them all. They didn't know it was the way it had to be.

Gerard's screams became more desperate as aRuin with short messy black hair walked up to me. I wanted to run over to Gerard, kiss him and brush his hair back, telling him that everything would be alright. I had to die, he had to live. It had to happen.

I stood face to face with the guy that would kill me, and I knew there was nothing I could do. It had to happen for Gerard to live, which he would. They would let him free once I turned into one of theirs. I don't know how, but I knew all of this.

"Remember these fucker's faces so you can kill them later!" I yelled to the others.

The shouts of the Ruins grew as they became impatient.

"NO! Please, Frank, don't do it! NO! DON'T!!Don't... don't leave me!"

His knees were doubled as he cried desperately; only the strength of the Ruin held him up. My eyes filled with tears for him. Ididn't want his heart to break, but it was better than having him die. Barely able to talk from all the emotion I felt, I whispered, "Stay alive, Gee," as he had said to me. It was a promise I couldn't keep. Hopefully he would keep it for me. His screams grew and more tears streamed down his face, matching the blood on his neck. My own heart shattered in amillion pieces as I watched him, the entire scene seeming to pass in slow motion.

I forced myself to look back at the Ruin in front of me. He grinned evilly, showing his black teeth. Bastard.

"Say goodbye," he said, raising his hand, preparing to penetrate my chest and steal my soul. I hoped he would be too eager and injure me beyond repair so I would die and not return as a Ruin.

I clenched my jaw. "See you in hell, motherfucker."

His hand quickly entered my chest. I gasped at the unbearable pain. Everything turned white and all I could hear were the horrible cries of Gerard. His cries of agony made me suffer so. I would never be able to say to him all the things I longed to. I'd never again have the privilege of hearing his voice as he talked while the corner of his mouth insisted on pulling itself towards one side, never be able to see his beautiful emerald eyes, his raven black hair that was always all over the place and yet so perfect. I'd never be able to touch those lips again, kiss him softly and then passionately, feel him press against me and his fingers as they raced across my skin. Never again...

A single tear escaped my eyes. I cried for him. I knew I was right, it was the way things had to be, I knew it. But knowing it didn't make it any easier.

Darkness came over me. I felt cold and helpless. I thought of my mother, and how she used to tuck me in at night. Iremembered my first night sleeping in Gerard's room, the walls plastered with his beautiful drawings, and how we had exchanged goodnights. This time it was final. The last night I would see...

Goodnight, babe, goodnight.

I will not kiss you,

'cause the hardest part of this

is leaving you...

Cancer - My Chemical Romance

Finally. It's written. I wrote this days ago, and then edited and changed it a whole lot about 7 times. But now it's done.

Don't hate me, Frank isn't dead, I didn't break my promise (unlike Frankie). He just doesn't... have a soul. So he is kinda dead... but not entirely. Okay?

Poor Gerard =/ My eyes watered when I read this the whole way through the last time.

By the way... don't the lyrics fit so well?! MCR are so emotional, I just had to use them ;)

Anyways, you know what to do now. The reviews and ratings on the last chapter were really low... did everyone hate it or what? Let's see if we can change that xD

Review and rate, I'll be waiting impatiently to hear your thoughts about the chapter.

Thanks for reading!

< 3333333

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