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~*Welcome Home, Boys*~

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Peter Wentz loves to date, but lately it seems like he's been picking the wrong girls. One day he wakes up and realizes he's had a beautiful, wonderful, amazing girl just waiting for him to wake up...

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~Welcome Home, Boys~

I glanced at the clock. It's 5:30. "Shit" I mumble. The guys are due any minute. "Oh My god! The brisket!"I said running to the oven. It wasent burned. I quickly took it out. My phone started to ring. I set the brisket down quickly. Some of the water splashed out on my arm. "FUCK!" I yelled as I answered the phone moaning in pain. "OW! Wha- What? HOLY SHIT!" I yelled into the phone. "Pheebs. Stop cussing. I hate it when you cuss."
Phoebe: PATRICK!
Patrick: Hey sis. How are things?
Phoebe: Stupid son of a bicth brisket liquid decided to attack my fucking arm
Patrick: Pheebs, stop cussing. I fucking hate it when you cuss. Where did you pick up that godamned habit?
I laughed
Phoebe: From my loving older brother...
Patrick: Oh sure. You decide to pick up my bad habits.
Phoebe: Not only the bad ones. I can play guitar can't I?
Patrick: Um hum...
Phoebe: Are you guys close?
Patrick: We just got off the plane
Phoebe: YAY! I missed you guys so much!
Patrick: I called you almost everyday sis.
Phoebe: Yeah I knwo but I still missed you Pat.
Partick: Hey, I got to go. Pete's being...Pete.
I smiled. Pete. Pete's coming.
Phoebe: Okay, Bye Pat.
I hung up the phone.

Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III. The man that I loved even before I knew what love was. I met him when I was 13. Pat was 14 and Pete was 19. It was 1988. Partick brought Pete to the house so that they could play some songs. I still remember it all so clearly

Flash Back
I was in my bedroom on a saturday afternoon blasting music. Then I hered the sound of something breaking. I turned off my radio and hurried to the basement. When I got down there I saw a vase shattered on the floor. "Pat! Look what you did!" I said pointing to the broken vase. Patrick rolled his eyes and lifted me on his shoulders. "I didn't break anything you little brat" "Well then who did?!" I asked punching him in the arm so that he would let me down. "OW! You're such a violent little girl!" He said putting me down. "Who broke mom's vase?!" I asked again. "It was Pete Pheebs." Joe said. I had already known Joe ever since I was 10. "Who's Pete?!" I asked putting my hands on my hips. Patrick pointed to a guy sitting on a cardboard box tuning a bass guitar. His hair was dark brown and messy. He had the most beautiful set of eyes I had ever seen. "Woah" I said under my breath. Joe Looked confused. "Pheebs. You okay?" He asked. "Uh...yeah..i'm...i'm fine..." I said. "Yeah...Pete, this is my kid sister Phoebe. Pheebs. Thats Pete." Patrick said pointing to Pete." Pete stood up and rolled his eyes. "I...Uh...I have uh...homework? YES! I have...homework to do...upstairs...not here..." I said awkwardly. "Okay Pheebs. Shut the door on your way out." Patrick said. I walked backwards and tripped over a cable. Joe stood up to help me. "You sure you're okay Pheebs?" He asked again. "Yeah Joe...Never better." I said. Pete looked at me in confusion. I quickly left the room to aviod any further embarasement. That entire week was Pete Filled. I jumped with joy everytime Pat brought him by the house. It broke my heart when I found out he had a girlfriend. I cried and cried. Soon after Joe relised I liekd Pete. Poor Patrick was still clueless.

I was torn from my thoughts by a bell. The cake I was baking was done. I hurried over to the other oven and took it out. I placed it on the counter to cool off. I then realised that the brisket still needed to be cut. I got out a knife and began to cut it. It was easy to cut. Maybe too easy. My mind drifted off to Pete. I found it so weird that i've loved this man ever since I was 13. A mere child. He was 19 and of course didn't have any intrest in me. And now I'm 20 and he's 26. I've known this guy for 8 years yet I still get nervous when I see him. I felt a sudden pain in my forearm. I looked down to see I had accedentally cut myself. "Fuck" I mumbled. I hurried over to the bathroom and cleaned my wound. The door bell rang. No. They can't be here NOW! I'm bleeding! No, No. NO! Pete CAN'T see me like this! The door bell rang again. "Come on Pheebs, it's us." I hered Patrick Yell. "Uh...Just a second..." I yelled back. I quickly wrapped the wound in cloth and ran to the door. "PHOEBE!!" Patrick yelled. "PATRICK!" I yelled back. He hugged me and lifted me into the air. "How now, what about me?" Joe asked. "JOE!" I yelled as I jumped out of Patrick's arms and running into his. "Hey Pheebs" Andy said. "ANDY!" I yelled while I hugged him. "You guys have NO idea how much I missed you weirdos!" I said. "We're glad to be home Pheebs. Touring's a real bicth" Andy said. "Oh I KNOW!" Patrick said sitting on a recliner. "I love being around the fans but sometimes, you just need a break." "Um...hey...where's Pete?" I asked. "Pff. Probably doing his girlfriend on the stairs by now Pheebs." Andy said. "G-Girlfriend?" I asked. "Oh Yeah, didn't I tell you? Pete's got a new girlfriend." Patrick said. "Oh..." I said looking down. "PHOEBE! What happened to your arm?!" Patrick asked in shock. My cloth bandage had fallen off, "I...uh...I had a little accident while I was cutting the brisket" I said. "BRISKET?! You made brisket Pheebs?!" Andy asked. "ANDY! My little sister is bleeing and all you can think about is your godamned BRISKET?!" Patrick asked. "It's okay Pat. You guys help yourselves. I'm gonna clean this up" I said going to my room.

In Joe's Point Of View
Patrick served himself and Andy followed suit. Aside from Patrick's girlfriend I may be the only one who knows that Phoebe likes Pete. I went to her room. Something told me that she wasent cleaning up that cut. The door was slightly open. I could hear her abnormal breathing. I opened the door to see her hugging her knees and weeping into her thighs. She was facing the wall so she didn't notice me come in. I wrapped my arms around her. She gasped. "Joe?" she asked. "The one and only" I said. She turned to me. Her make up was running and her eyes were red and puffy. "Oh Joe, i'm so stupid!" She said crying into my chest. "You're not stupid Pheebs. If you ask me, Pete's the stupid one. He's out there chasing hoe's and tramps when he's got someone here who honestly cares about him. Why don't you just forget about him?" I asked. "It's not that easy Joe, I love Pete." She said cleaning up her tears. "Well, loe or no love YOU have a party to host." I said patting her back. She smiled. "Thanks Joe. You know I love you right?" She asked. I smiled. "Like a fat kid loves chocolate." I said. She cleaned her face and headed to the living room. I followed.
When I got back Pete was introducing his girlfriend to Phoebe.
"Pheebs, this is Allison." He said. Phoebe shook her hand.
"Welcome home Peter." Phoebe said hugging Pete.
"Woah Pheebs, you're hurting me" He said.
"Am I?" She asked innocently
"Yeah ya are..." Pete said pulling away awkwardly.
"Weeell, I should finish cutting that brisket." Phoebe said.
As she was cutting she was glaring at Allison.
Phoebe sighed and went to then with plates of food.
"Food Guys?" She asked innocently.
"Thanks Pheebs. Just make sure not too much salt on Allisons plate. It'll screw up her system." Pete said.
"Of course" Phoebe said.
She went back into he kicthen and began pouring salt on Allison's plate. I went to her "Pheebs, play nice." I said. "Always Joe." She said winking at me. I lifted my eyebrow. She grunted. "Fine. Why do you gotta kill all my fun?" She asked. "If I hadent killed most of your fun you'd be in jail right now." I said. "Wah , Wah Goody-Goody Joe." She said. I smiled. "Only cause I love you." I said. "If only everyone did." She said looking over to Pete. "Aw don't mind him. He'll come around." I said. She smiled weakly and filled up a new plate for Allison. I saw her sneak the salt. I grabbed it out of her hand. "Joe, I have plenty more salt." She said. I sighed. This is gonna be a LONG night.
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