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~*I Want To Party*~

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Friends re-unite

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In Phoebe's Point Of View
I glared at her. Wachte her whisper into Pete's ear, wacthed him graze her thigh. It made me furious. I could see myself violently stabbing her to a bloody pulp. The doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Andy said getting up to the door. "ANDY!" "JESSICA!" They hugged. Jessica was Patrick's girlfriend of four years and my best friend. Everytime the guys went on tour Jessica would stay over at my apartment and keep my company. I usually was uncomfortable with all of Patrick's girlfriends. Most of them only wanted him for his money. Patrick and I wacthed out for each other. We made sure that our girlfriends and boyfriends were good enough. Patrick was a little more judgemental of my boyfriends but he was only wacthing out for me. At first I didn't like Jessica. I didn't trust any girl who wanted to be with my brother. But I could tell that they were in love. It wasent just sex between them. And the way Pat talkes about's enough to make you cry. As Patricks younger sister it was my duty to make sure he is happy. I Asked every girl the same questions. And they always gave me the same answer was a but different...

"Hello Jessica Is it?" I asked sitting on the couch. "Yes it is..." She said openeing her Dr. Pepper bottle." "I hear you're dating my brother." I said lifting my eyebrow. "Uh...Yes. I am..." She said seeming a bit uncomfortable. Good. I'm not supposed to be her friend. For all I know she could be a dirty tramp just out for Pat's Money. "So tell me, You've hered of Fall Out Boy Right? My brother's the lead singer and one of three guitraist." "Oh I'm a big Fall Out Boy fan. I own all the albums and two hoodies. I love all the guys. Your brother was always my favorite. He's so sweet and his voice is amazing." I glared at her after she had said that. Then she completly redeemed herself. "Look Phoebe. I'm not after your brother for his money. Nor am I in this to meet the rest of Fall Out Boy. I'm in this for Patrick." She said. "How can I be sure? what if you're just like the rest of them?" I asked. "I would NEVER hurt him." She said standing up. She was taller than I "Well good. If you EVER hurt my brother, i'll hunt you down and kick your ass. Understood?" I said standing up and putting my face closer to hers to intimidate her. "That'll never happen cuz i'll never hurt him." She said. "You seem so sure of yourself." I said. "Oh I am. You'll see..." She said. Her defiance. The fact that she wasent scared of me made me angry. It made me want to throw a punch to that pretty face of hers. My eyes narrowed. "I'd like to see that. But then, I wouldent cuz that means I can kick your ass." I said. "Anytime Stump. Anytime." She said picking up her purse to head out my door. I thought that night. I thought of why she wasent scared of me. Why wasent she intimidated by my threats? My stare? Then it hit me. She wasent in it for the money. All of the other girls were scared of me because they knew they were fake. Jessica didn't have a thing to worry about because she was it for Patrick. I called her the next day to meet me for lunch. The rest is history

"Hey precious." Patrick said getting up to greet Jessica. They embraced. "Hey Jess, you havent met my girlfriend Allison." Pete said introducing them. "Oh...girlfriend..." Jessica said. I stabbed the brisket hard pretending it was Allison. Jessica looked over to me. I hugged her. "You okay?" She whispered. "Not really, no." I whispered back. I fought hard to hold back my tears. "Aw, it's gonna be oky munchin." She said messing up my hair. I smiled. Joe came over to us. "You gonna be okay Pheebs?" He asked. I sighed. "This isn't Pete's first girlfriend...and I know it wont be his last." I said. "No sweetie, i'm looking at his last." Jessica said looking into my eyes. "Aw, thanks Jess." I said. "No need to thank me for speaking the truth. One day, your little Petey is gonna wake up and see this gorgeous gem that he's had in front of him all these years. Then he'll be so upset becase he has lost all this time." She said putting a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Well, I guess it's time to go play host. Help youself to the food Jess." I said heading back into the living room.

In Patrick's Point Of View
I had finished eating and went to throw away my plate. Lazy Pheebs decided to use plastic plates. I know how much she hates washing dishes. Even if it just means putting the dirty plates in her dishwasher I bought for her. Jessica s at next to me and began to eat. Damn, she was gorgeous. "Hey Jess?" She asked. "Yeah Pat." "Is their something wrong with Pheebs? She's been acting a little funny..." I said. She looked up to me in shock. "No Pat, nothings wrong with Phoebe...she's fine...just fine." She said. I put my hand underneath her chin. "Jess, don't lie to me. I know you all too well. Whats wrong with my sister?" I asked. "Pat, dont' worry. She's finee Just give her time." She said. "That's my baby sister Jess, how can you tell me not to worry?" I asked. "Pat, she'll tell you in her own time." Jessica said. I sighed. " baby sister..." "And that's my best friend." She said touching my hand. "That's easy for you to say. You KNOW whats wrong with her." She laughed. "I love you pat." "I love you too Jess."

In Phoebe's Point Of View
I went outside to my balcony. I really couldent stand looking at Pete and Allison any longer. It made me sick inside. Even my violent thoughts didn't help me. I looked down to the busy street in the cool nightime air. So many times before i've come out here to think. Mostly about Pete. Especially when he overdoese on Ativan. I visited him in the hospital everyday. I even slept over when the nurses let me. The entire hospital staff in his wing knew me by name. A lone tear came out of my eye thinking about him in that hospital bed. So thin, so fragile. I thought I was going to loose him. That the Peter Wentz I knew and Loved would be out of my life forever. "Heya Buddy." Pete said wrapping his arms around me. I gasped. "Pete..." "Woah Pheebs. Were you...crying?" He asked wiping away a tear. "N-No Pete...I wasent crying..." I said looking down. I hate when I lie to Pete. It makes me feel so low. He hugged me. I gasped from his touch. He was so warm. He rubbed my back. "Aw Pheebs, you can tell me anything." He said kissing my head. My eyes watered up. "Not this..." I said into his chest. "Did you say something Pheebs?" He asked. "No Pete. Not a thing." I said pulling away. I went back to the edge of the balcony. He began to play with my hair. "Well, what did you think?" He asked. "About what?" I asked moving further away from him. "Allison Silly." He said lightly punching my arm. My eyes started to water up a little more. "She's...She's...She's Lucky to have ya Pete..." I said. I honestly wanted to tell him that she was a two-timing slut. I know If I tell Pete I don't like her, he will break up with her in a heartbeat. But...that would be another lie to this beautiful man that stands before me. And she was lucky to have him."Ya really think so Pheebs?" He asked. "Of course. Any girl would be lucky to have you...You're..Perfect Pete..." I said. And I really do believe that he is perfect. He laughed. "I don't know about Perfect." He said. "Well, you're pretty damn close." I said. "Aw, You're so great Pheebs." He said hugging me again. "Well, I'd batter go back before Allison thinks that i'm cheating on her with you." He said smiling and heading back inside. That statement broke my heart. I wacthed him go back inside. I stayed out a little longer. Having the ability to jump off my balcony and end my life at any time made me feel better. Within a few hours, the party was finished.
"Thanks for the welcome home party Pheebs." Andy said hugging me. "It wasent just for you Andy." I said laughing. "Oh Please. I know you want me." He said winking. Patrick and Pete looked to Andy in shock. "Hey, hey, Hey. No flirting with my Sister." Patrick said pulling Andy away from me. I rolled my eyes. "Chill Pat." I said. "No Pheebs, the last thing you need is ANY guy in a band with tattoo's trying to get with you." He said. Pete looked away. I looked to him in confusion. He looked away. "I uh...I should go...night everyone." He said taking Allisons hand and heading down the stairs. "Need me to stay with you Pheebs?" Jessica whispered in my ear making sure that Patrick couldent hear me. "No, it's fine. Besides, I think that Patrick would want you to be with him right now." I said. She smiled. "Are you sure?" She asked. "Defanatly. Now go, show my brother a good time." I said pushing her out the door. "Oh, I will." She said winking. "Don't hurt him now!" I called after them. I sighed. I was alone again. I would have loved for Jessica to stay with me, but deep inside. I knew she would rather be with my brother. I put up all the leftover food and layed on my bed, sliently crying myself to sleep.

In Jessica's point of view
Patrick and I layed on top of the roof of our apartment building gazing up at the stars. The nightime air was a little chilly but being with my Patrick made it all worthwhile. He kissed my cheek. "Oh, I've missed you so much." I said. "I missed you too baby." He said pulling me closer to him. "I know someone who mayhave missed you more than I have." I said. "Phoebe?" He asked. "She never stoped talking about you for a minute." I said smiling. "I missed her too. Everytime we go on tour I feel like i'm abandoning her. Even when we were in grade school I was never far from her. And now...i'm like...states away from her." He said. "She was fine. I was with her all that time" I said. "Still, I like to keep an eye on her. Pheobe isnt as innocent as she looks. That way...she'll...need me." He said. "Aw Pat, she'll always NEED you.You're her older brother." I said kissing his neck. "Ya really think so?" He asked. "Oh I know so Pat." I said. He smiled and Kissed my head. "Come on Jess, Lets go inside before you catch a cold out here." He Said getting up and taking my hand. "How's about I warm you up inside." He said lifting his eyebrow. "What now?" I asked. "Oh yes." He said kissing me. "Are you sure you're up to it?" I asked. "You just got back from a tour and a party at your sis's." "Yeah, a long tour with nothing but guys, and My sisters house with the same guys I spent the last three months with! AND I'm going to go back on tour as soon as our 2 month break ends! OF COURSE I WANT THIS!" He said kind of whining. I laughed. "You're so cute when you beg for sex." I said kissing his nose and rubbing his back. "Don't tease me woman!" He said pulling away. He pouted his lips. "Aw" I started. "And I cast a spell over the west to make you think of me the same way I think of you. This is a love song in my own way..." Damn. He KNOWS I love it when he sings to me. "Cut it loose, wacth you work the room. Cut it loose, wacth you work the room." I smiled. His voice was amazing. "Ready?" He whispered in my ear. I exhaled. "yes..." I replied. He lifted me in his arms and walked us back to our apartment.

In Phoebe's Point Of View
The Next Day

"Dr. Stump, your 3:00 is here." Said my seceratary. I frowned. My 3:00 needed two of his molars pulled out and false ones to be put in. It was a 42 year old man. I hate ulling teeth. Things like that make me wonder why I chose dentistry. "Ready Pheebs?" My dental assistant Marylin asked. I sighed. "I'm pulling out a man's teeth. How ready can I be?" I asked. "Aw. Things didn't work out with Pete last night?" She asked. Marylin knew all about Pete and how i've loved him ever since the first day I saw him. "he has a girlfriend." I said washing my hands. "Ouch. Bummer. How long?" She asked. "Joe said two months." I said. "he met her on tour?" She asked. "Yeah, she was one of the tour organizers." I said preppeing my pliers. "Aw Pheebs. Two months is childs play." She said making sure that we had enought laughing gas to knock the patient out. The door opened and my receptioist came in with the patient. He looked scared. hell, i'd be scared too. "Hello Mr. Collins. I'm Dr. Phoebe Stump. I'll be pulling your teeth and replacing them today." I said trying to sound welcoming. "And i'm Marylin Foster. Her dental Assistant." "Please have a seat and make yourself as comfortable as possible." I said motioning for my dental chair. He sat on the chair and Marylin put the gas mask over him nad he slowly stopped moving. "Pheebs, He won't last with her." She said as I put on my rubber gloves. I put the suction vacumn inside of his mouth so he wouldent drool on me and began to dry the rest of his mouth."Oh i'm not sure Mar. They seemed so happy yesterday." I said clamping the pliers aganst the tooth that needed to be pulled. I'm sleeping on your folk's poarch again dreamin' she said, she said, she said 'why don't you just drop dead? I blushed. Forgetting to turn my cell phone off wasent very professional. Marylin looked at me slyly. "I...uh...I should get that..." I said reaching for my purse. She put her hands on her hips. "Hello?" "I wanna party tonight..." "I...uh...i'm kind of in the middle of something Pete." Marylin's eyes lit up. "Pete? Is that Pete?!" She asked. I nodded. "SPEAKER!! SPEAKER SPEAKER SPEAKER!!!" She said. I put my finger to my lips to keep her quiet and pushed the button for speaker phone.
Pete: In the middle of something? Is this something more important than ME?!
I laughed
Phoebe: I'm at work Pete.
Pete: Meenie. Pheebs has become a meeny.
Phoebe: I need this job to pay my rent pumpkin.
Pete: Whatever they're paying you i'll double it...
Phoebe: As much as I know you can do that you can't
Pete: Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do with my money?
Phoebe: A concerned friend trying to keep Allison from killing you.
Pete: WHO?!
Phoebe: huh?
Pete: Riight...Allison.
Marylin started to giggle
"Shh!" I said trying to keep her quiet
Pete: I still want to party tonight.
Phoebe: Why?
Pete: To celebrate a break from a tour.
Phoebe: Everyone?
Pete: Everyone and their Mama. I want that apartment of yours PACKED!
Phoebe: MY apartment then?
Pete: Of course. I'll bring the booze, and you can hire the stripper.
Phoebe: PETE!
Marylin struggled to hold back more laughter.
Pete: Fine, I'll be in charge of the stripper and the booze, but you're getting singles for the stripper's G-String
Pete: Aw fuck. Full name. I'm guessing no stripper
Phoebe: NO!
Pete: Can we still have a party?
Phoebe: We can still have your precious party. But I WILL NOT have a stripper at MY house!
Pete: So...we'll just have it at Pat's House
Phoebe: Do whatever you want Pete, just don't expect me to go.
Pete: Aw come on Pheebs. Don't be like that. I'm sorry
Phoebe: Um hun
Pete: So..we cool?
Phoebe: You know I can never stay mad at you Pete.
Pete: Great...So, See ya at six
He hung up on me
"Well...i'm planning a party tonight?" I asked myself
Marylin giggled "Good luck" She said. "So, it's like that? I asked. "Yeah, I have a boyfriend to go home to." She said. I smiled and returned to my patient before the laughing gas wore off.
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