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~*Happy Birthday, Ashley*~

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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge proves very sucessful for Alternative Rock band My Chemical Romance. Although the band is smothered in fame in fortune, frontman Gerard Way feels empty inside, that i...

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~Happy Birthday, Ashley~

My eyes shot open with the loud blast of my stupid alarm. That alarm, that freaking alarm, going off at freaking 5:30 Am to wake me up so that I could get to my job on time. Maybe I could skip work today. It is my birthday after all. Today I am 27 years old. But birthday or not I still have to go to work, sleepig in won't pay my bills or make me feel younger. My job. It's repetitive, but I guess doing the same thing ever since you get out of college can get mundane. Or maybe it's just 27 kicking in, I'm a designer, a fasion designer. I design articles or clothing for bored rich people who have nothing better to do with their money than throw it away on a new dress or tuxedo that they don't need. Rich people like to talk a lot. Especially the really old heiresses. And I have to pertend to care when they talk to me. But that won't be hard for me. I have the best fake smile in the world.

I got dressed. Formally and conservative not typical clothing for a 27 year old. Power suits and skirt suits. Ah well I might get fired if I wear tank tops to work anyway. I drove to work on the way I got flipped off twice. I wish I knew why, but then maybe I wouldent care what the reason was. As I walked to my office my assistants and interns tripped over themselves trying to wish me a happy birthday adn to get me my morning coffee and blueberry muffin. I really didn't want either. I just wanted to go to my office.
I was in my office that I decorated myself. The company designer had a thing with faux fur. That kind of creeped me out. I turned on my iPod, the silence was disturbing. I put it on shuffle node just to see what would come on. I smiled. My favorite song from my favorite band...Long ago just like the herse you died to get in again. We are so far from you I leaned back in my chair. This song made me happy. I closed my eyes and drifted off into a light sleep.

Knock Knock "Ashley!?" I woke up mad from being torn from my sleep. "Come in whoever you are!" The door opened and in my office came my best friend. "Audrey what the heck do you want?" I smapped at her. "I have writers block so I came to bug you" She said innocently.

Audrey Ingalls. My best friend since high school. I met her my sophomre year in high school in my ap language course. She was the braniest person in that class. It makes sence that she is now a journalist. "Did I disturb something Ash?" She asked. "Nah, I was just listening to some music" "Music huh? Same as always" Knock Knock "Come in" I yelled. The door opened and in came my other friend Monica Truman. I met her in high school as well. She was a freshman when I was a sophomore. She is an interior designer now. "It looks as if I have stumbled into the room of the dreaded MIDDLE AGE! muahahah!" She said with her creepy vioce. "Hey cool it mon, you'll be 27 next year!" "Yes BUT I still have this year of YOUTH! SWEET YOUTH!!!" Audrey roller her eyes at the thought seeing as how she was turning 28 in three months. "Anyways, Ashley are you looking foreward to tonight?!" "Ugh My birthday party. I guess" "Aw perk up Granny! Your birthday party is gonna be awesome!" Monica said with tons of energy. I Kind of wish I was energetic at this moment. BUZZ my work buzzer went off. Probably my boss telling me about a new client or something. "Miss Armstrong, You have a client waiting for you in the meeting room. Take your skecth book and go meet with her." I sighed. Yet another rich person that "needs" my help. "Thank you Mr. Gellar" "Well ladies I must bid you goodbye for now I have work to do. I'll see you girls tonight." "Ok Ash see you tonight" Audrey said "Cheer up granny. You can break a hip being pissed off like that" Monica said. I rolled my eyes. I guess its time to break out with the fake smile and caring voice. Whoop-de-freaking-doo.
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