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~*The Best Birthday Present in History*~

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Ashley gets gifts for her birthday.

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It was some heiress. She looked like she was about 80 years old. That put being 27 in a totally new light. She had an english accent. I loved to hear her talk. Or maybe it was just wacthing her lips move. I don't know. Either way I was kind of enjoying myself. "My dear, this dress is for my grandaughters special sweet 16. It must look absolutly flawless! Purple and white. Can you do it?" psh can I do it? I'm a freaking professional. Every snooty heiress that hires me thinks that her dress is the most important thing that I will ever work for. I've gotten this "It must be in perfect condition" speach too many times. It was kind of pissing me off. "Yes Ma'am, It's my job i'm a professional" I made her a quick skecth and showed it to her. She flipped out. "Why its magnificant! Simply Smashing! When will it be ready?" "Well with the material, labor and detail sewing...about three weeks" "Magnificant!" I couldent help but think that it was just a dress. Nothing special "I'll need to get your mesurements" I told her interupting her excitement. "Oh of course." I got them and was done. That day seemed to ease on by. I rushed home ignoring the speed limits. I wonder how many times I got flipped off this time. Ah well I still don't care. When I got home I jumped on my bed, turned on my iPod and smiled at the song that came on. "Well if you wanted honesty thats all you had to say. I never want to let you down or have you go its better off this way.* This song makes me smile. I yawned then drifted off to sleep. My alarm went off. "Damn. Why does this keep hapening? All I want is a little sleep." I grunted and looked at the time. 5:30. I need to get ready. My party starts at 7:00.

I blasted My Chemical Romance out of my speakers. They were my favorite band. I loved them. And I love the fact that they can make me feel better. I went to the bathroom to get ready. I curled my long dark brown hair, put on my make up and my little black dress. Before I knew it I was dressed and all dolled up. I smiled at my reflection. I havent looked this way in a while. I looked...happy... The doorbell rang and I went downstairs to answer it. Big surprize it was Monica And Audrey. "Oh my gosh Ashley!" Monica said in shock "What are you listening to?!" I blushed I had completly forgot about the music. "It's just a little My Chemical Romance. You know I love them!" I said. "Go turn it off" Audrey said calmley "We have to get you to your party!" I smiled and ran to my bedroom to turn it off. But I'm defenatly taking my iPod with me. I HAVE to have something to listen to on the drive over!

We got to the club that my friends rented out for the night. It was full of my friends and family. I sat at a table with Audrey and Monica after greeting all my guests. I was happy to see my guests having a good time. I was just laying back letting 27 kick in fully. The party was a blur after a while of wacthing my family members bump and grind on the dance floor. I was just waiting for present time. I went to the front of the club after my cousin called me off of the d.j table. I got normal typical things. Clothes, drawing pads, gift cards, skecth pencils. Then came Monica and Audrey's gift. I was kind of excited. Hopefully it wasent a male stripper like last year.

"Ashley, Monica and I piched in to get this gift for you. We love you, happy 27th!" I was an envelope. I was releved it wasent a huge cake with a stripper inside. I opened it with hesitation. I froze. " You cannot be serious! These can't be real!" I studdered shockingly "Oh yes my dear they are real" Audrey said "Oh my gosh!!! TICKETS TO A MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE CONCERT!!!" I scremed at the top of my lungs. My parents were not amused. "Thank you girls so much!" I huged Monica and Audrey tightly. "No problem Granny. We were gonna get you another stripper but Audrey insisted on this" Monica confessed "And I thank you that you didn't" I smiled "were going with you we have our tickets at home" Audrey anounced. "But why are you going with me? I don't need an escourt" I said "Were going wih you to make sure you don't get drunk and sneak backstage!" Audrey said bluntley. "Thanks Audrey and Monica! This is the best present you could have EVER given me!"

The concert was in chicago and in order to get to the concert on time me and the girls would have to pack quickly and drive through the night. We live in Boston. Thats a far drive. But I didn't care. Nothing could bring me down. I was looking foreward to seeing My Chemical Romance in concert LIVE!!! And of course...seeing Gerard LIVE would be nice too...:)
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