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Chapter 2

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The best concert ever!

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A guy came out and yelled, “Are you ready for the Jonas Brothers?” everyone in the crowd screamed as loud as they could. “Well here they are!” the boys ran out on stage. They glanced at me and Brooke before they began.


They sang all the wonderful songs and then came to “Hello Beautiful”. nick started to talk, “Well you all look so beautiful tonight and we just wanted to say hello beautifuls!” the crowd screamed. “Kevin why don’t you do the honors and pick the lovely girl tonight.” Kevin nodded. He came towards me and held out his hand! omg this cant be happening! he smiled. They gave me a small stool and I sat down and they started to sing. It was so beautiful I instantly became lost in all there eyes I mean how could you not!
The song ended and I walked off stage. Me and Brooke high-fived. The concert continued and it was so wonderful. Finally it ended and it was time for the backstage meetings.
We had to be last since we had won so everyone else got a good chance. Slowly the line started to disappear. The boys kept stealing glances at us. “Aubrey, is it just me or they keep looking at us?” Brooke said with a bit of excitement in her voice. “There looking at your sexy body Brooke.” I laughed as I said this. She glared but started to laugh too.
Finally we were next up! The girls in front of us got pictures and signed autographs and such. We were up! “Hey!” I said a little to excited. “Finally the winners are up!” nick said sweetly. Me and Kevin stole a glance. wow that was hot! Kevin has nice eyes. “ok guys there is one more surprise for you!” Joe said all perky. “What?!?!” Brooke almost shouted.
“drum roll” Joe said and nick started to do this little drum role. “you guys not only get to see us perform but the hotel your staying at is the same as ours and your room is next to ours!” Joe and Kevin said ironically at the same time. “wicked awesome!” brooke and I shouted. “lets roll!” then Joe got on the ground and started to roll towards the door.
We all started to laugh I mean how could you not!
We stepped inside the limo and drove to the hotel. We gave the guys hugs which was total hotness!! Brooke stepped inside the room and then Joe and Nick walked away into their room, leaving me and Kevin! “Um I guess goodnight.” I sighed a little as I spoke. “uh Aubrey?” Kevin almost whispered. “you remembered my name?” I sounded shocked. well duh Aubrey you are shocked! “well ya!” he sounded hurt, oops, “I’m not that big of a jerk!” we laughed.
“Well back to what I was saying.” He looked down. “what?” my heart was racing. Alone with a Jonas Brother my dream come true! “I was wondering if you would…um if tomorrow morning if you’d like to come to starbucks with us?” he sounded like that wasn’t what he was gonna say. “uh sure can I bring Brooke” I said disappointed. “ya of course” Kevin looked up again and said “well goodnight”… “ya goodnight”


I walked into the room. Joe and Nick were fighting over the beds so I just took the couch. They looked over at me. “you look…” Nick started. “Ugly!” Joe interrupted. I cocked my eyebrow at him. “Sorry” he mumbled back at me. “No what I was gonna say was you look disappointed?” nick finally got to say. “ya I guess I was gonna ask that girl Aubrey on a date but instead I asked her to starbucks in the morning with us, her and Brooke.” I lowered my head. Waiting…waiting… “oooo Kevin has a girlfriend Kevin has a girlfriend!” and there it was Joe’s idiotic response. “God Joe would you shut up!” Joe tilted his head at me. “Joe I think me and her had this moment backstage when we locked eyes…” I thought about the moment again. “well I’m sick of all the gushy crap I’m going to bed!” Joe plopped down on his bed. Nick came over to me. “Its ok man Joe is stupid and I’m sure you’ll get the nerve.”


“Its ok man Joe is stupid and I’m sure you’ll get the nerve.” I lay down on the bed. man finally I think a fan is pretty and Kevin likes her! I always thought Joe would be the thief. Oh hush it Nick your being ridiculous! Kevin never gets the girl let him have her.


Ugh I hate girls they always get in the way! sighs oooo tomorrow I can flirt with all the girls at starbucks. Wait I’m suppose to hate girls! Oh phooey I love them and they love me why quit now. I laughed and dozed off to sleep.
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