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Hospital Stay

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Cali wakes up.

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Chapter Six
Hospital Stay

My head hurt. My whole body ached. I couldn't move. It felt like the whole world was literally falling on me. Finally, though I opened my eyes expecting to see a whole new world, change, a new beginning. But yet again, I was wrong.

"Well hello Ms. Harris. Its good to finally see you've awakened." The Doctor stated.

"What? Where am I?" I grumbled.

"Ms. Harris… what is the last thing you remember exactly?" he asked.

I thought for a moment, and then remembered, "I-I had just decided to take a bath and slipped a few sleeping pills. Figuring it would hit me by the time I was done with my bath and then"… I paused. I couldn’t remember.

"And then you fell into a deep sleep and almost drowned in your tub. He began to explain, You are a very lucky women Ms. Harris. I mean if it wasn’t for that young man finding you, well.” He paused, “Well lets just say that you certainly wouldn’t be here right now”.

I was completely baffled and humiliated. Not only did I almost kill myself, but I was caught red handed by some stranger that I didn’t even know.

They released me a few days later, making sure I was stable enough to go home.

“Now Ms. Harris don’t you forget about our deal” The Doctor exclaimed.

I could only leave on one condition though, that being I saw a therapist and got a roommate or someone to live with me. Since I had been in that hospital I was forced to speak to their therapist on staff, Doctor Greenly.
I smiled softly with my bag by my side, “Yes Mr. Greenly”.

He smiled back “Now remember Ms. Harris I will be visiting you in a couple weeks to make sure you are sticking to our agreement”.

“Yes Mr. Greenly” I replied back, and turned away, not take a single glance back.
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