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Raising her tierd green eyes from the floor, she noticed a man watching her, He had long black hair that came to his shoulders, piercing hazel eyes and skin, if possible, whiter than her own.

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Chapter 5
I nodded. “New York Hospital, two years ago.” I didn’t mean to whisper but for some reason I did.
“I think I remember. It was the day Mikey put a fork in the toaster.” He chuckled to himself as if remembering better days. “So who are you here for?” He inquired peering around me at the gravestones. After a few silent minuets he spoke again.
“I’m so sorry.” He said. And for some reason, this time I believed him, this total stranger. I didn’t grow angry at his sympathy like so many before him, and I didn’t try to appease him, instead I began to cry. A few tears at first and then more and more came until I felt his arms encircle me. We stood like that for five minuets. Finally we drew apart and I immediately missed the warmth that came from his body.
“I haven’t cried like that for years, I’m sorry.”
“Its ok.” He said. “Sometimes you just need to let it out.” He drew breath as if he was about to say something else, when he was cut off by a short man with brown hair over one eye, clapping him on the shoulder
“Come on Gee man, were all going back to Mikes and Alicia’s place.”
“Sure I’ll be there in a minuet Frank.” And with that Frank ran off to join the rest of the group. Gerard turned to me.
“walk you to your car?” a slight grin played on his lips.
“Yer, ok.” I returned. We walked back, side by side in silence. When I stopped by my car, he turned and looked at me.
“I guess this is goodbye.” I ventured
“look I know this might not be a great time, but, well if you ever wanted to talk,” he said while scuffing his shoes. I smiled at him, the first genuine smile that had played my lips for a long time.
“That would be great.” I said, he smiled at me, making me go week at the knees. We exchanged numbers and he went to leave. I was about to get into my car when he turned,
“I never asked, what’s your name?”
“Bella Monroe.” He smiled at me flashing a set of perfectly straight teeth.
“See you soon Bella.” And with that he walked off, leaving me feeling something I hadn’t thought I could feel ever again.

Ok guys thats my last update for a while cause i've got exams so i'm meant to be revising all this week and then next week is exam week so don't expect anything from me but if you do well it might not be great. Thank you for everyone thats reviewing and even those who are just reading. writing saves me, i love you all. xxx
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