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wiL's jealousy has only just started. Sorry it's yet another filler, but it gives you an insight on what wiL thinks about Frank. Please review. :)

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wiL's Perspective

Great. I was 10 minutes late for meeting Gerard at the gate because my douche bag of a Science teacher kept us all back because Barbie, AKA Chrissie, added too much magnesium to the hydrochloric acid. Which as you may have realized, resulted in an explosion and led to the class cleaning up every bit of the mess, every splatter along the walls and on the floor, which was actually quite a lot. Hence me being unfashionably late. I briskly walked towards the gate while making up possible ways of murdering Miss Hucknall if Gerard had left thinking I stood him up. Well not stood him up exactly, but just not waited-and then all those thoughts were erased from my mind and were replaced with a million questions cramming into my brain, mentally screaming at me all at once. Who's that boy standing really close to Gerard? And why are they smiling at each other in an intense way, making me feel nauseous? And why does Mikey seem to not be 'connected' with whatever was happening? While these questions were flying around my mind, repeating each individual question with more paranoia building up each time, my feet had managed to still function as I soon found myself next to Gerard, Mikey and...him. He looked pretty small and I hadn't seen him around so he couldn't be in our year. He was probably one of Mikey's friends. Gerard and the other boy didn't seem to notice I was there next to them. They were just staring at each other, as if they were in some sort of trance. I felt a pang of jealousy rise from the depths of my stomach until it reached my heart where it decided to settle. And it fuckin' hurt. Mikey was the only one that noticed my arrival as he gave me a grin and nudged Gerard.

''Hey, it's wiL! You okay buddy?'' I plastered what I hoped was a happy natural smile and nodded at him. Gerard blinked once, snapping out from wherever he was, and broke eye contact with him and turned to look at me. At first he looked blank, which for some insane reason caused my eyes to sting and blur over. Wait, was I going to cry? No. I wasn't gonna cry. No fucking way. I never cry, I haven't cried since before I fell out with my mom..I mean Drew. And there was no way I was going to cry now. Especially in front of Gerard.

''Yeah I'm..fine Mikey..thanks.'' I looked Gerard in the eyes as he suddenly became aware of my presence and he firstly gave me a concerned look, his eyebrows furrowed together while squinting his eyes a bit, but the it was soon replaced with a half wary smile.

''Hey, wiL you're here! I guess we can go you okay? He stuttered a little when he said it, probably not sure if he should ask or not. I'm obviously crap at trying to hide my emotions. The concern in his voice made me want to break down right there in front of him, wanting to hug him with all the love I have for him. But more importantly, have him hug me back. I just want to be loved by him so fucking much. To go to the movies and make out on the back row. To go to the park and push each other on the swings while eating a Mr. Whippy ice cream. To sit together in silence and draw each other. To just do the romantic everyday things people in love do. From looking at me, or even knowing me, you wouldn’t expect me to want this kind of shit. With all my tattoos and weird style. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people thought I was a fuckin’ vampire! Yet I am just like everyone else. I’m just a guy who wants to be loved. Preferably by Gerard Way. Which I know is such a minor possibility that it’s near enough non-existent, yet I cling to the fact that maybe, just maybe, it could somehow be

''wiL…?'' I blinked once and came out from the faraway world I was just at. I look into Gerard’s eyes, which were staring at me in an intent way I had never seen before. His eyes were full of concern. The type of concern you have when you care a lot for someone. So does that mean that Gerard cares about me? I have had no one in my life actually care about me. Want me. Need me. Love me. I’m just a waste of space. A space that could so easily be more useful to someone who is worth something. But, if Gerard cares about me, then that would just make up for not having one single person care for the last 16 years of my life. And, to be honest, that would give me a little spark of hope in life. My eyes had officially cleared up and the lump that was previously lodged in my throat had disappeared. For now. I gave Gerard a natural, honest smile and opened my mouth to speak.

''Sorry, I was away for a moment there. Typical, ey? I’m fine! Fan-fucking-tastic! Honestly.'' Okay, maybe that was little on the enthusiastic side. Possibly even scary from their point of view, but I really didn’t wanna fuck up this evening after so much longing for it. Gerard was a bit taken aback by my sudden outburst, but let out the breath he had been holding in, probably relieved that I seemed okay.

''Erm…well that’s good then.''Silence.
''Well we’d better get going or mom will start to worry. You know what she’s like.'' He said to Mikey in particular, who smiled and nodded in agreement. The small boy was still standing there. I hadn’t looked at him but I could still feel his presence lingering. Oh god, was he coming back with us too? I didn’t know the kid, but I already have an instant dislike towards him. And then it was as if Mikey had read my mind because he then looked at the guy and did something that I had been dreading, yet eager for. Introducing us.

''Shit, I am so fuckin’ rude! Sorry, Frank this is wiL and wiL, this is Frank.'' Ah, so his name is Frank. Frank. Hmm I wonder if it’s short for anything. Franklin? Frankie? Francesca? Ha, I bet he’s a Francesca. Well, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. He has a girlish look about him, with his big oval eyes, floppy fringe and pretty smile. Which he was giving me a glimpse of right now. God, I don’t wanna seem like a total douchebag so I smile at him back. Which wasn’t too hard as I was imagining him in a smock dress and sandals with a flower in his hair. I felt the corners of my mouth twitching, laughter threatening to escape my gut, so I got the image out of my head sharpish.

''Hey wiL, nice to meet you.'' Frank said politely with that pretty smile of his. A smile that I do not trust at all. But smiled back at him nonetheless.

''Yeah you too Frances-Frank.'' Shit, that was close. I really need to watch out what I call him. I mean, I don’t hate him enough to embarrass him in front of anyone by blurting out that he’s really a chick. If my instinct is correct. Which could be possible. Francesca gave me a puzzled look, but his mouth soon twisted upwards into his annoyingly pretty smile. I wish he would just stop with the damn smiling! It’s not fair how he, even if he is a she, has such a perfect, beautiful smile when I’m cursed with a fucked up smile that always looks so awkward when I see it in my reflection. And why does he have to have such striking eyes; that you can’t help but find yourself drowning in the liquid honey orbs, practically leaving you gasping for breath. Also, he’s cute. And everyone likes cute because cute has an ‘aww’ impact on people. He is pretty small, I’d say about 5’3. Maybe even 5’4. Fact is, he is small, has breath-taking eyes and the prettiest smile on the fucking planet! I hate him. I hate him because he has now averted his smile to Gerard, whom was now smiling back at him like he was a fucking angel. Which he probably was. I hate him because even if Gerard was gay in the slightest, he would be the person Gerard would fall completely in love with. And that hurts more than anything because it makes my chances with Gerard so small that it’s microscopic.

''Well, I’d better get going now or my mom will screw too. See you tomorrow Mikes. Nice meeting you.'' He once again flashed Gerard and I his flawless smile, and then he was walking off in the opposite direction. I finally felt a positive emotion. Relief. Now that he was gone, I didn’t have Frank’s perfect features intimidating me, constantly making me aware of how ugly I must look in comparison. I also felt excitement. Fuck did I feel excitement! The excitement was surfing through my veins faster than a shot of heroin. I was going to Gerard’s house. I was going to (hopefully) look at his baby pictures, see his room and meet his family. I kinda felt like I was invading his personal space; spying into his home life. And that’s what makes me so damn excited! It’s like I’m going to be part of ‘The Way Family’ for just this evening. I won’t need to listen to Drew fucking the brains out of yet another young male and I won’t need to put up with Drew shouting abuse to me outside my bedroom door if she had been drinking. It will be a one-off, care-free night where I can just enjoy myself and be happy. Bring it on.

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry for the long wait and I’m sorry that this will most probably disappoint you, but this is once again a filler and at least you learn a bit more about what wiL thinks of Frank…or ‘Francesca’ ;). The next update will be a proper chapter where wiL actually goes to ‘The Way’s’. God, it has taken me ages just to get to here and nothing has really happened yet! Ah well, it’ll get there in the end. ;) Thanks so much for the encouragement from you guys, it really helped and you don’t know how much I needed it! Anyways, if you guys haven’t given up on it yet, please review and tell me what you think. Criticism is allowed. Thanks! xox
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