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Fight and Flight

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Hey people! This is Sorrowflame signing in! The third chapter of Aka Kitsune no Akatsuki is finally up. YAY! It took a really long time to type due to an annoying writer’s block… Thanks to all my wonderful reviewers!

Summary- Naruto finds out about Kyuubi at the age of six and is exiled from Konoha forever. Leaving Konoha, he vows to bring down Konoha as their worst enemy. Years later, a mysterious person known as Aka Kitsune appears and is killing Konoha shinobi left and right.

Bijuu speaking
Human speaking in mind
Normal speaking
Kyuubified Naruto speaking
Normal thoughts

Disclaimer- I do not own Naruto. If I did, Akatsuki would rule the Naruto universe.
Last time…
“You stupid Anbu, you helped my prey escape…You know, I’m still hungry…I guess you guys will have to do.”
Naruto leapt forward with his fangs bared menacingly.
And now to the story…

Naruto jumped forward and lashed out with his claws. The Anbu jumped out of the way and flashed his hands through a bunch of handsigns. Naruto looked at the Anbu and licked his lips.
“You will be fun to kill…I can’t wait to taste your blood.”
The Anbu held his hand to his mouth, “Katon, Goukakyuu no jutsu”. A huge fireball seemingly erupted from the dog- faced mask and dove straight at Naruto. Naruto smirked and jumped out of the way, but not before a senbon struck him in the side. He landed heavily on the floor and coughed up some blood. He frowned and winced while pulling out the senbon. The senbon was covered with a sickly purple liquid. Naruto grabbed his side and growled.
“Poison…You’ll pay for that, Anbu- teme!”
“Like you could do anything, that poison we used is a special poison that paralyzes the body a few minutes after use.”
“Kuso! No, I can’t lose, I must leave this place!”
Naruto feebly tried to get up on his feet and groaned as he felt the effects of the poison creep slowly but surely in his blood. He winced as a kunai whistled through the air and hit him in his arm. He collapsed and growled lowly.
“Why? I just wanted to leave this place…That isn’t much to ask, is it?”
Naruto eyes turned back to their original cerulean- blue. He blacked- out a few seconds later. The Sandaime Hokage ran over to the Anbu with concern crossing his elderly face.
“Kakashi! How’s Naruto?!”
“He’s fine, Hokage- sama…I just knocked him out with some paralyzing agent.”
“This isn’t good, Kakashi. The council will surely do something drastic because of these events…”
The Sandaime picked up Naruto carefully and started to walk away. He caressed Naruto’s face and ruffled his hair.
“Minato…I feel so useless, I can’t even protect your son properly. You must be turning in your grave now. Are you feeling betrayed, Minato? That the villagers aren’t respecting your last wish?”

In the council room
The council room was abuzz with noise. The civilian council was very angry over the death of the villager that Naruto had killed.
“Kill the demon!” One council member shouted slamming his fist on a nearby table.
“It attacked the villagers!” Another council member shouted waving her arms.
“Be quiet!” The Sandaime glared at the room. He was literally oozing killer intent off his body. One elderly council member gave a strangled choke and fainted.
Danzou slowly walked into the room. He glared at the Sandaime.
“If it wasn’t for you Sarutobi, the demon would be my weapon. Anyways, we, the Shinobi council, decided that the demon is to be exiled from Konoha, forever!”
“Danzou, you can’t do that. It wasn’t Naruto’s fault.”
“Not the demon’s fault? So you’re telling me that a respected civilian just decided to rip his own throat out tonight when the demon just happened to be walking down the street?!”
Just then, an Anbu ran to the Sandaime and whispered something in his ear. The Sandaime nodded and hurried out of the room. The Anbu took off after the Sandaime and sighed.
“Hokage- sama, I’ve heard rumors about this and I want to verify my information. Is it true? Naruto is exiled from Konoha?”
“Can’t you-“
“I can’t change what the council thinks, Kakashi…”
They entered a small room. Naruto was lying down on a bed staring at the ceiling. Tears went down his face as he sobbed quietly. The Sandaime stood next to the bed and gently touched Naruto’s arm.
“Naruto…Are you alright?”
“Does it look like I’m alright, Hokage- jiji? I just got beaten up by two drunks and found out that the Kyuubi’s sealed in my stomach?!”
The Sandaime gasped and stared at Naruto.
“Ano…Naruto, what did the Kyuubi tell you?”
“Many things…Including why he attacked Konoha…”
“Why did the Kyuubi attack Konoha?”
“A Konoha shinobi killed his kits…namely a snake.”
“Is that his name?”
The Sandaime nodded dumbly as Naruto processed this bit of information in his mind.
“I see…Hokage- jiji, do you think you can get me out of Konoha? I need to kill Orochimaru for Kyuubi…”
“…Naruto…We need to see the council. Come with me.”
Naruto had a questioning face on but followed the Sandaime and Kakashi out of the room anyway. They walked into the council room. The council was arguing with Danzou about something. The room became silent as they noticed Naruto. Homura stood up and cleared her throat.
“Uzumaki Naruto, do you know why we, the council, called you here today?”
“Well…We the council of Konoha have hereby announced you exiled for Konoha, forever. We will give you twelve hours to pack up your things and leave Konoha.”
“Exiled? I, Uzumaki Naruto, am exiled just because I hold the freakin’ Kyuubi in my gut? If I weren’t here, the village would have been destroyed years ago!”
“You know about Kyuubi? Well let me tell you something, YOU ARE KYUUBI! Therefore, you are deemed as a threat to Konoha. Leave!”
“Very well, I will leave. But remember this, Konoha is my enemy now, and I will take every measure to destroy it…”
Naruto jumped out of the window and left leaving the council speechless.
Katon, Goukakyuu no jutsu- Fire style, Grand Fireball technique

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