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Here’s the next chapter! This chapter was written with some help by a certain friend of mine so…Thanks Oro!

Summary- Naruto finds out about Kyuubi at the age of six and is exiled from Konoha forever. Leaving Konoha, he vows to bring down Konoha as their worst enemy. Years later, a mysterious person known as Aka Kitsune appears and is killing Konoha shinobi left and right.

Bijuu speaking
Human speaking in mind
Normal speaking
Kyuubified Naruto speaking

Disclaimer- I do not own Naruto. If I did, Akatsuki would rule the Naruto universe.
And now on to the story…

“Yes kit, I am sealed in you.”
“So the villagers were right…I am a monster!”
“You are not a monster, the only monster there is, is that snake…”
“What does a snake have to do with this?”
“That snake is the one who killed my mate and kits. I only saw his headband so I naturally attacked Konoha believing they were also responsible for my family’s death…”
“Kyuubi…I’ll help you kill the snake if you can get me out of this village.”
“You want to leave this village? You always go around telling everyone that you’ll be Hokage someday, but that dream is unattainable if you’re not part of Konoha.”
“I don’t care about being Hokage if the Hokage can’t do anything but watch people suffer for something their not responsible for.”
“…Very well kit, I’ll help you, I’ll also train you seeing you can’t kill that snake if you aren’t a ninja.”
“Arigatou Kyuubi.”
“Thank me later; we have to get you out of this situation first.”
“Those two villagers are still beating you up, even though you’re obviously unconscious. Take my chakra and destroy them!”
The cage the Kyuubi was in started to leak red chakra. Naruto was knocked back into consciousness after being enveloped by the demonic charka.

The two villager’s high- fived and prepared to leave after a night of demon- hunting. Their eyes widened as the limp body in front of them started to move. Naruto unsteadily stood up and growled. Red chakra began to spill from his body. Naruto gazed at the villagers with a mad look on his face. His eyes were red, his teeth turned into sharp fangs, and claws began to form on his hands. The villagers tried to run but were quickly overwhelmed by the Kyuubified Naruto.
“Let us-”
The villager’s words were cut short as Naruto raised his newly formed claws. A loud screeching noise was heard as he raked his claws on the wall. As Naruto moved his claws and stretched, the villagers could see that there were five deep scratches on the wall where he dug them. Naruto began to smile, but it wasn’t his usual sunny smile. It was a sadistic and bloodthirsty one. The killing intent in the area multiplied ten- fold as Naruto started to walk forward.
“…I’ll destroy you. You two will be my first victims”
Naruto dashed forward with his claws outstretched. The villagers step back and started to whimper. Dark wet spots appeared on their pants as they tried to run away. Naruto licked his lips. He was enjoying this fight. It made him feel happy- no, ALIVE.
“Help! The Demon is attacking us, somebody, HELP!” One villager shouted.
Naruto growled as he ripped out the throat of the other villager. He purred in pleasure as he licked the blood off his claws. As he was doing this, a few Anbu appeared on the rooftops. Apparently they felt the massive chakra spike a few minutes ago.
“A…Anbu- san, he…help me. The Demon is…is…”
Naruto began to walk towards the villager, leaving the dead one behind him.
“…You are beginning to annoy me…Why don’t you shut up for a change?!”
He raised his claw and dashed forward. The Anbu jumped down from the roof and started to throw shuriken and kunai at Naruto. Naruto effortlessly dodged the projectiles and swung his claws. One Anbu grabbed the villager and hurried away.
“You stupid Anbu, you helped my prey escape…You know, I’m still hungry…I guess you guys will have to do.”
Naruto leapt forward with his fangs bared menacingly.
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