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Chapter 18

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To many emotions!

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I awoke to an outburst of laughs. My eyes opened just a little bit and there was Kevin and Joe busting up with laughter. Only then did I realize I was sleeping on a couch cuddled up extremely close to Nick who was snoring lightly and holding me as if I was a teddy-bear. “Have a good nights rest?” Kevin managed to get out between laughs. I frowned and closed my eyes.
For a moment it was just a few laughs and then Joe began to tickle my side. As a reaction I screamed which made Nick jolt ultimately resulting in him falling to the floor. “Thanks guys I really appreciate the kindness.” Nick grumbled as he got off the floor. “No problem.” Kevin laughed one last time as he walked away. Brooke walked in, “Ok are we gonna calls the mommas?” she asked walking up to me. “Ya I guess we can right now.” I shrugged and we walked back to the bunk area. The boys followed us back there just to hear the conversation. I picked up my phone and dialed the number:

“Hello?” I heard my mom’s voice.
“Hey mom! I’ve got a question to ask you.”
“Oh hey sweetie! What’s the question?”
“The JB are going through St. Louis and wanna meet everyone.”
“Really? Well I think that would be alright.”
“And can Brooke’s family come over and like we have a BBQ or something?”
“That sounds wonderful the family has been wanting to get together and I haven’t seen Joanne(Brooke’s mom) in forever!”
“Awesome mom well I’ll talk to you this weekend then?”
“Ya I cant wait to see you.”
“Me too mom. Love you bye.”

hangs up

“Well my moms cool with it all.” I said tossing the phone to Brooke. “Your turn.” I said. She punched in her number.

“Hey mom its Brooke.”
“Oh hi.”
“This weekend do you wanna go over to Aubrey’s house and meet the JB and see us?”
“Your coming home?”
“Well not permanently just to visit.”
“Alright I’ll just bring the girls and Robert and we’ll see you this weekend?”
“Ya mom its gonna be a BBQ.”
“Ok I got to go your sisters are fighting. Bye.”

hangs up

“Well it looks like they’re meeting our families.” she laughed at the boys’ excited faces. “This should be interesting.” I laughed. “Ok so can we get a little background beforehand.” Kevin said logically. “Well…Brooke you start first since yours is a little shorter.” I laughed and she just rolled her eyes at me. “Ok…my youngest sister, Erin, is a brat!” she said a little to loud. “Yes that explains all the hidden secrets.” Joe said sarcastically. “Alright but she is annoying and with her the best thing to do is just stay away. After her there is Raleigh who is very cute and fun but still annoying…oh and she can be evil when she wants to be…” she laughed a little. “Really there isn’t much you have to watch out for with my family.” she shrugged.
“Well with my family there is some things.” I laughed. “With my mom as long as you don’t insult her or anyone else you should be fine, Skyler is…well difficult the best thing to do is just be quiet around him, and as for the rest of the family you guys will just have to see.” I smirked. “Ya you guys did a lot of help you told us like 3 things.” Joe said irritated. “Maybe you just need to go with the flow, what happens will happen.” Brooke laughed. “Ya whatever.” he sighed.
“Ok so we have no shows until Friday?” I asked. “Ya no shows and we will be there a day early so we will have to figure out something to do that day.” Kevin said ruffling his hair. “Well there is a lot of amusement parks in Branson maybe we could go there and hang out.” I suggested thinking of how long it had been since I had visited an amusement park and how fun it would be. “Amusement parks?” Joe said perking up. “Yes Joe.” Brooke responded. “That’s what we will do when we get there. You guys have no choice in the matter its what we will do and that’s final.” he said demandingly. “Ok Joe we will.” I said patting his head.
The day went on as we just hung out. “I’m bored.” Brooke said throwing pieces of popcorn at me. I caught the ball the Joe and I were throwing back and forth. “Ya me too.” I said picking a piece of popcorn out of my hair. “Well there isn’t much we can do on a bus.” Joe said throwing the ball back to me. “Good point but there has to be something.” Nick said looking up at me from my lap. Kevin strummed a chord on his guitar, “Well we could have a contest of some sort?” he said playing the verse ‘hold on’. “I guess but what we do that is better then you guys?” I asked. “I’m sure there is plenty of things so lets figure what we can compare.” Joe said putting the ball down.
We walked back into the “game room”. “Ok I gots an idea. We can judge Kevin and Aubrey’s guitar skills.” Joe said handing me a guitar. “Ok but I know who will win.” I laughed. we decided for each contest there would be two people competing and the other 3 would be the judges. I know this is such a lame game but we were bored. “Kevin definitely Kevin.” Brooke said. “Ya even I think Kevin wins.” I said laughing.
“Ok Joe and Nick’s mad rapping skills should be tested next.” I said laughing. Joe hopped up and began to rap. I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna cry and then Nick rapped and it was funny too but not like Joe’s was. “Joe wins.” I managed to get out through the fits of laughter. “Oh ya I won!” Joe said doing this happy dance type thing. “Ya ok Joe calm down.” Kevin said getting him to sit down.
“I wanna see who better voice Aubrey or Joe?” Nick said sitting back down. A small bit of alarm came in me. What if I loose myself like I had before with him? “I don’t know I can already tell you the winner.” I laughed pointing to Joe. “Well I don’t know I’ve never heard you sing.” Kevin said. “Come on you have to we will be good judges.” Brooke said. “Fine.” I said getting up. “What do you want us to sing?” I asked. “How about Hello Beautiful that way Joe doesn’t forget the lyrics.” Nick laughed but that song was the last thing I wanted to sing with Joe. Joe sang the first verse beautifully never letting his eyes leave mine. I sang the second verse keeping my attention on Joe. I had such an urge to grab his hands…I hate this song now its tearing me into pieces. When I had finished I just left the room and crawled into my bunk.
I heard them talking and asking what the whole thing was about. I hate this one of my favorite songs and it is the song that hurts me. I never wanna sing that song again it gives me to many emotions!


As I sang I couldn’t look away from Aubrey I tried but couldn’t. then when her voice chimed through my eyes I never wanted it to end. I had this terrible urge to just grab her hands like I had when I first heard her sing. I know I shouldn’t even think this with her and Nick being together but we had a connection I just knew it. I mean how could something this wonderful not be considered a connection between us. When her voice ended she just left the room and went into her bunk. I wanted to go after her but stopped myself remembering Kevin, Nick, and Brooke.
“What was that about?” Nick asked concerned. “I don’t know…”I said. Ok so I might know…was she just as affected by me as I was by her? “Maybe I should check on her.” Nick said standing up. “Nick how about you not sometimes you don’t need your boyfriend when you’re upset.” Brooke said. “Let’s jus leave her be.” Brooke spoke and we all went to watch TV although I couldn’t help but keeping think about Aubrey.


I began to cry a little. Ugh I was always such a cry baby about everything! I heard footsteps outside of my bunk. I prayed and prayed that it wasn’t Joe or Nick I didn’t want to face either one of them right now. The curtain pulled back and it was Kevin. “Hey.” I said with a teary voice. “Hey you go room for one more.” he smiled and I moved over. “So you wanna talk about what was going on?” he said as he lay down beside me. “Maybe.” I sniffed. He gave me a sideways hug and for some reason it made me cry even more.
“It’s me is what’s wrong.” I said realizing I was making no sense. “How are you making yourself all upset?” Kevin questioned. “Well I have to many emotions all at the same time all the time and now this whole new life thing is happening and I love it but now I have two lives emotions.” I sighed wiping away a tear. “If you need us to leave you at home we can I understand if this is to much.” Kevin smiled at me. “It’s not that I love this life its so much fun but I don’t have everyone in my other life here to talk to and such.” I pushed my bangs out of my face. “Well I definitely understand that.” he laughed, “I know how hard it is to only get a couple of people you trust with you and leave all the others behind.” his face seemed so caring. Kevin didn’t know it but he was giving me a sense of home and it was making me feel better.
“So what emotions do you think I can help you with, you know I might be a guy but I can be helpful…unlike Joe.” he laughed. “Well…I like Nick a whole lot, I mean its like a dream come true but…” I paused. “But Joe is making it difficult because I’ve always had feelings for Joe I mean he was “my” Jonas Brother before I even met you guys.” I giggled. “So you like Nick but your crazy fan side still likes Joe?” Kevin asked putting what I said into much simpler terms. “Exactly.” I nodded. “Well maybe you should just be with Nick for a while and see where things go I mean it couldn’t hurt to try. Maybe the whole “in love” with Joe thing is just the fan coming out and you really have feelings for Nick.” he sounded so smart.
It was silent for a moment as we just lay there. “Kevin thanks for talking to me.” I said giving a small smile. “It was nothing but I think that you should talk to everyone so they know you’re ok I mean I would be heart broken if we couldn’t hang out without it being awkward.” he grabbed his chest dramatically. “Ya ok drama queen…well king in your case.” I giggled, “Well I will tell everyone I’m ok.” I said and we got out of my bunk. “Kevin you are now officially my brother.” I said pushing him. “Really? What makes you think I wanna be?” he said smirking. “You don’t have a choice because well you just don’t.” I laughed. “Well ok if you insist.” he pushed me back.
We walked into the main room and everyone looked up from the TV. “Ok you guys its not like I just went into heart surgery.” I laughed sitting down in-between Brooke and Nick. “I’m ok I just had an emotional moment.” I laughed. “Are you sure?” they all said. “Yes I’m sure. I’m a girl so that’s probably not the last one you guys will get to see and I’m sure its not Brooke’s first or last she will see.” I laughed and so did Brooke. Brooke had seen me at my best and at my worst.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” Nick whispered in my ear. “Ya I just had a moment but I’m fine now.” I whispered back. He intertwined his fingers with mine and we all sat there watching TV as if we had known each other for ages…and I’m pretty sure that if there is such a thing as reincarnation that we all had been best friends in another life. I sighed as I put my head on Nick’s shoulder. Maybe I did have feelings for Joe maybe I didn’t but right now I have feelings for Nick and I’m sure of that.
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