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Chapter 19

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Amusement Parks are deffinintely amusing...especially for Brooke...

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We basically didn’t do anything for the next couple days since there really wasn’t anything to do. Finally Wednesday night came and I fell asleep after the excitement faded a little.


The morning rolled around and I heard ‘That’s Just The Way We Roll’ otherwise known as my cell phone alarm. I grabbed my phone and turned off the alarm and got out of the bunk. The rest of them got up like one minute after me so we were all up and about to get ready for a day of fun.
Denise and Paul came in. “Ok since you guys are going off to a park me and father will be having a day too. We will meet you guys back at the bus tonight and please be back before the morning.” Denise said fixing her shirt. “Ok mom we will so does this mean I get to drive?” Joe asked hopingly. “Sorry honey but I think it would be safer if Kevin drove.” she said and handed Kevin the keys to his car. “Oh fine.” Joe pouted and continued to search through his clothes.
After a while Denise and Paul were gone and Frankie was with Uncle Jonas so now it was just Brooke, the boys, and me. Brooke and I were in the bathroom fixing up. Brooke had on denim short shorts and a tee shirt that said angel on it. I put on Capri’s and a orange cami. We both had our swimsuits under our clothes since there was gonna be water rides. After getting ready we stepped out of the bathroom and seen all the boys looking fine if I say so myself.
Nick had on swimming trunks and a tee shirt that said ‘Let’s Hug It Out’ which made me laugh. Kevin had on his swimming trunks and a red tank top. Joe had on his swimming trunks and a pink polo. I looked over at Brooke who was now pink just over Kevin’s tank top. “So are we ready to go?” Kevin asked jingling the keys. “Yep.” I replied and we all walked out of the bus. We all got in the car Kevin and Brooke in the front and me, Joe, and Nick in the back. I was forced to sit in the middle because Joe wouldn’t leave Nick alone.
“Ok so what are we gonna do when we first get there?” Brooke asked me. “Walk around a little and then ride rides.” I said thinking that it would be best to get an idea of my surroundings and then ride rides. “Alright.” she said as she sat sideways in her seat. “Can we listen to some music?” I asked. “Ya.” Kevin turned on the radio and I turned the dial until I got to power 96.5. ‘Bleeding Love’ was on. I sang all the words since well I knew just about all the words to every song on the radio. Then out of habit I screamed when the song ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ came on. I laughed. “What was that?” Joe asked puzzled by my reaction. “It’s a habit. Every time one of your songs is on the radio I scream.” I stopped talking and sang all the words to the song. The boys just laughed.
The music on the radio ended as the people began to talk about whatever. Joe began to move around in his seat. “Joe what are you doing?” Brooke asked as he bumped the back of her seat. “I cant sit still its just to hard.” he whined. “Joe just sit still it’s really not that hard.” I laughed. “Yes it is!” he said then paused. “You guys I need to got to the bathroom.” he stopped moving. “Oh good lord! Well there’s a gas station so we will stop here.” Kevin sighed and pulled in. Joe jumped out of the car and ran to the bathroom.
The time passed fairly quick and before I knew it we were there. As I got out of the car I stretched my legs and arms. “My butts numb.” Brooke laughed as she said this. “That’s nice.” I started laughing. “It is.” Kevin said in a cocky tone. Brooke looked over at him with a shocked face. “Sorry.” Kevin put his head down and we all began to laugh. Today was gonna be fun!
We paid for the tickets and walked in the park. Joe was basically jumping in excitement. We walked in and I seen a pastry shop. “Oh you guys please can we get one?” I begged them since I didn’t have any money. “Oh yes!” Joe ran to the shop. “I guess we will be eating.” Kevin laughed. We all sat down on the little wooden bench and ate the pastries.
“Ok now that we are done with the whole pastry outburst lets ride something.” Nick said holding my hand. We walked a little ways and then seen an awesome roller coaster. “That we need to ride that!” I said pulling Nick up to it. “Ok if you insist.” Nick laughed. We stood in line and then I heard a couple whispers and squeals behind us. A group of girls about Nick’s age (a year younger then me) walked up to us. “You guys are the Jonas Brothers aren’t you?” one of the girls said completely absorbed in Nick. “Ya that’s us.” Joe laughed. “Well if it isn’t to much to ask Nick will you ride this roller coaster with me?” the girl said with pleading eyes. “Of course Nick will.” I said letting go of his hand.
As we got on Nick turned to me, “You ok with this?” he asked. “Ya I’ll just ride with Joe.” I winked at him as I walked up to Joe. “Looks like I’m stuck with you.” I laughed pushing him a little. “Oh thanks.” we got in and locked ourselves in. “You ready?” I asked. “Hell ya I’m ready! I’m DJ Danger!” he smiled. “You cussed.” I laughed. “Oh come on give me a break.” he shrugged. “I was just kidding I think it’s funny when you slip up.” I smiled back at him.
The ride started and it was so much fun. All the adrenaline pumping through me, roller coasters were my favorite. I was laughing and had my arms up in the air. Joe was screaming really loud and girly just for effect…and to get me to laugh…what can I say it worked.
The ride was slowly going up hill getting ready for the big drop. “So…what’s that?” he tilted his head and pointed to the three scars on my leg. I suddenly felt subconscious. “Oh those. They are scars.” I said with a weak smile. “from what?” he asked now facing me. “When I was younger I had leg surgeries and it left those scars.” I didn’t really have a spastastic story for my scars. “Oh…that’s cool. I like them.” he smiled at me. “Why?” I asked thinking he was just saying that to make me feel better. “Because…its like when you have a toy and it has patches and other stuff but that’s what makes it your favorite.” he said. and then tapped his foot until we got to the top. I had never thought about it like that. To someone else what Joe said might of come of offensive but to me it was perfect.
Finally the ride ended and we all got off. The guys gave some autographs to the girls. “I’m thirsty.” Brooke complained. “Me too.” Kevin said. “Come one we will go get some drinks.” Kevin said and walked away with Brooke. Nick walked up from behind me and grabbed my hand. “So what do you wanna do?” he whispered. “I don’t know. Lets ride some more stuff.” I said and off we went. We rode rides for a while. Joe seemed to enjoy himself and so did Nick as for me I felt a little odd. Hanging out with two totally cool guys, one happening to be your boyfriend, and the other you might like well it just calls for awkwardness.


Kevin pulled me away after him for some drinks. His hand on mine was about to drive me insane! Once we got up to the little drink place I seen an ice cream shop. “Oh my gosh ice cream! I’m not thirsty anymore I’m gonna get an ice cream.” I said pulling my hand out of his and skipping over to the ice cream shop. “Wait!” Kevin ran after me and I was laughing. “I want ice cream too.” he laughed his completely flawless laugh. “Well then come on.” I pulled him into the cute shop.
The girl behind the counter smiled at us, “What would you like today?” her voice had an Irish tint to it. I looked her over and sure enough she definitely fit into the Irish category. “I just want chocolate.” I waited Kevin to order. “I want rocky road please.” he said. We chose which cones we wanted and how many scoops and we took a seat.
“Ice cream is good.” I said taking another lick. “Ya I agree.” he laughed. “You should try their rocky road.” he held the cone in front of my face. “No I’m good.” I said. “Please try it.” he gave me a pouty look. Ya and Joe is the immature one. “No.” I smirked. He lightly poked the tip of my nose with his ice cream. “If you wont try then your nose will try it.” he laughed. I started laughing and wiped my nose off. We finished our ice creams and walked outside.
“Now I really do need a drink.” I said as I walked into the little ally type place beside the shop. “Aha I knew there would be a water fountain.” I walked over to it and took a drink. I looked up and Kevin was staring at me. “What?” I asked. “You have ice cream on your lip.” he smiled. “Well then it will just stay there.” I grinned. “Oh no it won’t ice cream doesn’t deserve to be on those lips.” he said this and kissed me right there. His lips felt like heaven on mine. I stood there like an idiot for a moment until I finally got my lips to move with his. It was amazing! My legs felt weak and I could see the fireworks going off, this was the perfect kiss.
Then something came to my mind. I can’t love him, I cant be with him, I cant be vulnerable especially with him. I pulled myself away. “I-I’m so sorry.” he stuttered out. “Me too.” I was almost on the verge of tears. Why couldn’t I just be with him? Why does my mind have to be so…stupid? “I didn’t mean to and I know that you don’t wanna be with me and god Brooke I’m just so-” I cut him off with my lips. You know what screw my mind screw this whole I cant be in love crap. I love Kevin Jonas and that’s that! This time I didn’t pull away and we just kissed.
Moments passed by and finally I broke the kiss. “Wh-What was that?” he asked completely confused. “Kevin I love you and I know I haven’t acted like it but I do and I just cant take it please be with me?” I asked pleadingly. “Brooke of course I will I love you.” he pulled me into one last kiss before we went back to Aubrey, Nick, and Joe.


Brooke walked up to me, “I need to talk to you now.” she said in a excited but desperate whisper. “You guys Brooke and I have to go to the bathroom so we’ll be right back.” I said and walked away with Brooke. “What?” I said walking into the bathroom. “Kevin kissed me…and I kissed back.” she said with a confused/happy face. “That’s great! Right?” I asked. “Ya and I decided that I love him and I don’t care anymore I’m taking the risk.” she was beaming. “I’m so proud.” I laughed. “Proud?” she asked. “Proud.” I nodded my head. (inside joke sorry)


Right as the girls were out of sight I jumped up and down did a happy dance that I very rarely did. Nick and Joe looked at me, “What the hell?” they asked. “I kissed Brooke and she kissed me back!” I was so happy I could scream. “Well there’s a first for everything. Kevin finally got a girl to kiss him back.” Joe laughed. “Oh shut up I’ve had plenty of girls but Brooke she is the girl.” I was so excited. “So this means I’m the only one without a girlfriend…this sucks.” Joe started complaining. “Joe just shut up you have girlfriends all the time so enjoy being single.” Nick patted his back. “Good point now I’m single…a bachelor. Oh that sounds cool.” Joe hugged Nick. “Joe get off.” Nick pushed Joe off. The girls came back.


Joe walked in front all “studly” and then Nick and I walked behind him. Brooke and Kevin were behind us and I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were holding hands, how cute. “Awe Brooke and Kevin are holding hands.” I whispered into Nick’s ear. He laughed, “Ya I’ve been waiting for that one to happen.” he gave my hand a small squeeze. The day went good we all rode rides and ate really-bad-for-you food. Finally the night came and it was a firework show. We all got settled on this little hill and laid down.
The fireworks began and the park was filled with oooo and awe. Brooke and Kevin looked so happy together, all cuddled up. I however was snuggled up to Nick breathing in how good that boy smelt. Joe was making sounds like he was a five year old watching fireworks instead of an eighteen year old watching fireworks. There was a small pause before the grand finale. Then boom! Lots of colors and sparkles and loud noises filled the air. Everyone was cheering.
The night ended since the park was getting ready to close and it was 1:00 am. We headed back to the bus. “And did you see that one firework that was all sparkly and then it made this big boom?” Joe asked as I listened intently to him retell the day. “Yep Joe I did see that one.” I answered. Finally we were back at the bus and we all walked in.
Kevin and Brooke went straight to “bed” aka straight to kissing…I could be wrong…nope there is no way I could be wrong. “I’m tired so I’ll see you guys in the morning.” Nick said giving me a peck on the cheek. “Night Nick.” I said as he walked away. “So Joe you have fun?” I asked. “Ya it was ok.” he answered. “Ok? How could it have been just ok?” I asked slightly insulted. “Well the only way it would’ve been great was if…oh never mind.” Joe’s face was sad and flushed. “Joe what’s wrong?” I asked tenderly. “The only way it could’ve been better was if I did this.” he said and pulled me into a kiss.
I wanted to pull away but something about it felt so right. His lips fit perfectly to mine and everything about the kiss was perfect…except the fact that I was dating his brother. I pulled away, “Joe we cant ever do that again.” I warned. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t of done that and I know we cant do that again.” he put his head down. “Joe if I would’ve known that you liked me I would’ve been with you…but I’m with Nick and I like him…Joe it would just be wrong.” tears began forming in my eyes. “Aubrey I know I really shouldn’t of done that I didn’t mean to make you have to choose. I know you like Nick and he likes you too he talks about you all the time…I just couldn’t stop myself.” he looked like he was gonna cry too. “Joe don’t be sorry…I just cant because Nick…because Nick and me are together so I cant.” a few tears fell from my eyes.
“Aubrey don’t cry…please.” he begged. I wiped the tears away the best I could. “Joe I need to go to bed.” I whispered. “Ok, and Aubrey please don’t tell anyone I did that.” he pleaded. “I wont Joe I mean I know you didn’t mean to do that and I know you didn’t really mean it.” I said as I walked away to get my Pjs on and go to bed.


“I wont Joe I mean I know you didn’t mean to do that and I know you didn’t really mean it.” she said as she walked away. The only thing she didn’t know was that I did mean that…every bit of it. God why did I have to be so stupid?!? Nick got to her first and I’m just gonna have to learn to except that. I paced around for at least thirty minutes.
I heard my mom walk in, “Joe honey why are you still up?” she asked walking up to me. “I don’t know mom I guess I cant sleep.” I answered. “Joe what’s wrong and don’t lie to me I can see that something’s wrong.” she sat down.
“It’s just I like this girl and she already has a boyfriend.” I paced around some more. “Can I know who this girl is?” she asked. “It’s Aubrey…” I answered slowly. “Oh…I can see why you’re upset.” she began, “Joe you either have to move on or-” I cut her off, “Or what?” I asked quickly. “Or you can wait for her. I mean if you really love her you have to wait.” mom always gave the best advice. “I do mom but how on earth can I wait I mean what if she loves Nick?” I asked. “Joe if you love her enough she will figure it out and will tell you if she loves you or not so just wait.” she spoke the last sentence and went to bed.
I thought for a while about everything mom told me and decided I would wait. I really liked Aubrey and maybe she felt the same but Nick was just blurring her feelings a little. Feeling a little better I went to sleep thinking about tomorrow when I would play in concert and then Saturday I would meet the girls’ families. I would show off the Joe charm…it always works.
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