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That night the crew had to be back on their buses around 11 pm. They piled their belongings back onto the buses. Half the crew wanted to sleep the entire night's drive and the other half were ready to party some more. Kristin, JJ, Jon, Brendon and Ryan were the wide awake ones and they decided to spend the night on the Panic bus, and Spencer, Amy and Jack stayed on the SD bus to sleep. After pulling onto the highway they decided to play some madlibs.

"I fucking love this," JJ said excitedly as she opened the booklet. "I found this for a dollar at this store today and it's the best thing ever!" She squealed and Jon put his arm around the back of the couch behind JJ. "Ok, Person in room that's female."

"Kristin," Ryan said.

"Oh god, this should be interesting." Kristin laughed.

"Person in room that's male."

"Ryan," Kristin said and stuck her tongue out at Ryan. "Payback baby."


"Stupidly," Jon blurted out.

"Okay," Jessica wrote. "Noun."

"Penis!" Kristin said excitedly.

"Someone needs action," Ryan Joked.

"Fuck you," she spat back laughing.


"Anus," Brendon said with a smile on his face.


"Bulbus." Ryan blurted.


"Pencil head!" Kristin said laughing. "Wow, my head is in the gutter."

"Type of liquid."

"Semen." Brendon laughed. "Might as well make this interesting."

"This is going to be so wrong!" JJ laughed so hard as she began to see what was forming on the page. "Noun."

"Skank bait." Ryan laughed out.

"Exclamation." JJ laughed some more.

"Sweet Tits!" Jon said.


"Salty." Brendon smiled.


"Condom." Kristin said.


"Dental floss." Ryan said.

"Plural Noun."

"Pedophiles." Jon said.

"Interesting choice for this story," JJ laughed some more. "Noun."

"Fart." Jon said.

"Okay and verb."

"Hump." Kristin smiled.

Jessica finished writing and skimmed the madlib. "This is going to be so hard to read!" She took a deep breath. "It's called "Plumber's Visit" a dramatic scene to be played by Kristin and Ryan." JJ laughed and handed the book to Kristin.

"Jesus!" Kristin laughed and read her line with Ryan standing next to her. "Are you the plumber I sent for?"

"Yes, madam. I came over as stupidly as I could. Is there something wrong with your penis?" Ryan laughed out.

Kristin laughed before reading. "No, it's my anus." She laughed hard. "The bulbus thing is all stopped up." She barely got out through the laughter and everyone was cracking up.

"Have you tried cleaning it with a pencil head?"

"Yes, but there was too much semen in the skank bait." More laughter.

"Sweet tits!" Ryan laughed, almost falling over. "This looks like it's going to be a... a..." he laughed before finishing his sentence. "...salty job!" Everyone exploded with laughter.

"Do you think I'll need a new condom." Kristin wiped her eyes as she laughed.

"Only if your dental floss is cracked. I'll have to tighten up your pedophiles and check."

"All right. But make sure you don't scratch my fart or hump my floor." Everyone laughed and Kristin plopped down on the couch next to Brendon.

"God, I'm crying that was so funny," Brendon wiped his eyes laughing.

"Fuck I love these!" JJ screamed and began another one. They continued to play for hours and soon everyone began to go to sleep. Ryan and Kristin were the only ones still up.

"You should go crawl into Brendon's bunk." he teased as Kristin set up her bed on the couch in the lounge.

"Um, yeah... I think not." She said and climbed into her makeshift bed.

"You sure you don't want my bunk?" Ryan was a gentleman after all.

"Yeah I'm sure Ryro," she said.

"Okay tits," he said back. They loved to call each other nicknames that the other hated. Ryan flicked through the channels and stopped on TrueTV and left the volume at a low level. A murder case was being investigated where someone's dad was killed brutally.

"The shows where someone's dad dies always makes me tear up and feel like shit." Kristin stated as she continued to watch. Ryan glanced at her and saw that she was in fact tearing up.

"Did something happen to your dad?" Ryan asked softly.

Kristin nodded. "He died about 4 years ago due to a drug and alcohol problem. It was such an unexpected death for JJ and I. We had no idea what he had been hiding from us all our lives and my mom tried time and time again to stop it, but he wouldn't listen to anyone. We became really poor and my dad lost his job and he would lie to us about why he lost his job. My mom told us later that it was due to his drug problems and failing a UA. He overdosed one night." Kristin retold the story of her and JJ's father as she stared at the screen. Ryan just nodded along to her story.

"Well I guess that's something shitty that you and I have in common, only I knew about my dad's alcohol problem." Ryan got up and sat on Kristin's couch with her, draping her legs over his.

"Yeah," she said and she looked up at him. "It sucks so bad. You almost get mad at how selfish they were for being so stupid."

"I was mad at my dad for most of his life. We finally reconciled right before he died recently."

"I remember hearing about that. The song Camisado, I love that song and sometimes it makes me cry because I think about my dad."

"It makes me feel better to listen to that song. I'm just glad people can relate to what I was going through." Ryan took Kristin's hand and gave her a reassuring smile and she sat up and hugged him.

"I usually don't talk about my dad." She said and sighed deeply into his shoulder as if to hold back tears.

"I can't always talk about mine either. I'm just happy that I have someone, well two people that I can actually talk to about these things now that understand what I went through."

"Me too." She took in a ragged breath and just rested her head on Ryan's shoulder. They sat there for a minute before returning to their previous positions. Kristin fell asleep holding onto Ryan's hand with her legs draped over his lap. Brendon stumbled into the front lounge and opened the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water and saw Kristin and Ryan on the couch.

"Is the TV too loud?" Ryan asked him softly and he shook his head no. "What's up?"

"Can't sleep," he said.

"Me either." Ryan looked up at Brendon who was staring at their hands. "It's nothing Brendon."

"Well I know you wouldn't do anything like that to me." He said and he really meant it. He was just confused by the situation all together and a little jealous even though there was no reason to be.

"She and I were talking about my dad and her dad. We went through almost the same thing, only her dad his addiction." Ryan slid himself out from under Kristin's legs and stretched as he stood.

"That's so sad." Brendon said and looked at Kristin, feeling sympathy pains for her.

"I know. I think I'm going to crash, I am exhausted. I was trying to convince her to take my bunk because that couch can't be comfortable but she wouldn't."

"We can put her in my bunk and I'll sleep out here." Brendon offered and stood up.

"Or you could join her," Ryan said teasingly.

"Yeah, no." Brendon said. "Go open up my bunk so I can carry her and make sure nothings in the walkway so I don't trip." Ryan walked off towards the bunks to do just that and Brendon leaned down and picked Kristin's small and sleeping frame up off the couch. In her sleep she cuddled into his chest and he smiled. He loved the feeling of being close to her and it scared him all at the same time. He slid her into the bunk and covered her with a blanket and closed the curtain most of the way before returning to the front lounge to sleep in his be for the night.

"Let's stick his pinky in water and make him piss himself." JJ said and her, Jon and Ryan stood in the lounge "kitchen".

"Come on Jay, this is my bus and I might have to sit in that very spot and it might start to smell!" Ryan whispered loudly.

"Who cares? I'll buy some carpet cleaner for animals, take that smell right away." Jon said and began to fill a bowl with water.

"I can hear you guys ya know," Brendon announced with his eyes still closed, ruining their fun.

"Damnit!" JJ said in defeat and walked over and beat him with a pillow. Brendon just laughed and hit her back, causing JJ to sit down in defeat yet again.

"I'm going to sleep some more in my bunk now." Brendon announced.

"Okay, but we'll be at the venue in one hour so you'll have to get up then." Ryan announced as he turned on the TV.

"Whatever," Brendon said and began to open his bunk and remembered that Kristin lay asleep inside. She opened her eyes at the sight of light. "Morning," he said to her with a warm smile.

"Morning," she smiled back and looked around to see where she was. "Who moved me to a bunk?" She asked confused.

"I put you in my bunk to sleep. That couch was so uncomfortable."

"Where did you sleep?"

"That couch."

"You didn't have to give me your bunk Bren," she said with a smile on her face.

"Don't worry about it." He smiled and started to get up.

"Do you want to lay with me?" She asked softly. Brendon looked to see what the others were doing. They were engrossed in some TV show.

"Yeah," he smiled and climbed into the bunk with Kristin. It was actually big enough for the two of them to lay comfortably inside it. Brendon laid on his side facing Kristin and she curled up into his chest. He slowly wrapped his nervous arms around her and he could swear she'd heard his heart, which was beating faster within seconds. Kristin let out a deep, satisfied sigh at the feel of his arms around her. Brendon kissed the top of Kristin's head and she looked up at him. He pressed his lips gently to hers and began to kiss her deeply. His big soft lips enveloped hers and his tongue slid past her lips. This time they were both sober and they would definitely remember this kiss.

"Hey Brendon," Ryan called back towards the bunks and Brendon pulled away from the breathtaking kiss slowly. "Brendon?"

"Yeah," he called back slightly annoyed.

"Your phone is ringing!"

'Damnit!' Brendon thought and looked down at Kristin. She had a smile on her face. "I'll be back." He said and left the bunk. Brendon walked to the "kitchen" table and answered his phone. Kristin slid out of the bunk and walked into the lounge area and sat next to Ryan, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I'm so sleepy," she said.

"I know, we all stayed up way too late." He replied and leaned his head on hers. "Some later than others," Ryan shot a look at JJ and Jon.

"What?" Jon asked as if he had no idea what Ryan was referring to.

"Oh come on! You two were giggling and playing around for hours!"

"You're just jealous that you don't have someone here to hold." Jon said back and put his arm around JJ.

"Yeah yeah, quit reminding me." Ryan said in a fake sad voice and Kristin squeezed his arm.

"You can hold me." Kristin said and hugged Ryan's side.

"But if I make out with you Brendon will get mad," he teased and Brendon nodded.

"Yep, those lips are mine." He said and Kristin just smiled as if she had a coat hanger in her mouth.
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