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Past Lives and Priestesses

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Who are these people and what in the world do they have to do with Enna and Shadow?

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Past Lives and Priestesses
(Sequel to Demon Troops and Death)
By: darkearthmagic

Hello, I’m Rin Hanto. I’m 15 years old and I have a secret. I’m an Earth Guardian with one awesome past-life. You’re probably saying, “What?” But allow me to explain myself. Since I was born, I’ve had unbelievable powers. I was one of the few people that could truly see fairies and believed in them when I was younger. Every once in a while I could see people that weren’t there, and I could also hear them whisper into my ear. Needless to say, I was an outcast. Well, sixth grade. I had three best friends at the beginning of sixth grade: Lavender, Kira, and Taylor.
My three friends and I all sat at the same lunch table. We always talked about random stuff. From Mr. Long’s homework, to magic, and everything in between. One day, Kira announced that she had a weird dream the night before. She said a whole council of people were talking to her and telling her that she had the Guardian of Wind’s power. I had never seen her talk about anything more passionately. Then she said that she could prove that she was. Kira demonstrated that she could close her eyes and make a stray piece of notebook paper float in the air. Lavender, Taylor, and I were all astonished. We couldn’t believe our best friend had made a piece of paper levitate, and naturally, we were skeptical.
“Tch, it’s just a stupid piece of plain, old, notebook paper.” I had said, “It doesn’t mean anything. It could be just an illusion.”
Kira raised her eyebrows, “Really, then Rin? Why don’t you try and lift the paper?” I glared at her and shut my eyes, thinking about making the paper levitate. After a few seconds I opened my eyes.
“Nothing happened.” I said while feeling a bit dismayed. Soon, the bell rang and we were dismissed out of the cafeteria. I crossed my arms and grabbed my books for the next class and left the cafeteria.
That night, I went home and attempted to make random things levitate. I couldn’t do it, and I began to get frustrated.
“Stupid paper! I hate you; I hate you, I HATE YOU!” I had screamed while ripping the paper into small shreds. I sighed and collapsed onto my bed. “Stupid Kira and her wind powers…” I said as I fell asleep.
The next day at school, my science class went to the Nature Center. We were picking out leaves for a leaf collection that the teacher assigned. I tried to levitate one of the dead leaves that were all dry and cracking. I closed my eyes and concentrated, and when I opened them, the leaf wasn’t floating.
It was green again.
Kira was in my science class, and I ran to find her. I got lectured by the teacher for running, but I finally showed her the leaf.
“Look.” I said out of breath from running, I handed her the leaf.
She looked it over, “What? It’s just a Maple leaf.”
I sat on the carpet of pine needles. “It was dead, it’s all green now.” I panted. Kira grinned. “I told you so.”
Soon after, Lavender discovered that she was the Fire Guardian by lighting a candle with just a gentle touch of her fingers, and Taylor found out that she was the Water Guardian by almost causing a flood in Foods Class when she was doing dishes after cooking that day. We all started to train with our powers and have become much more powerful than we first found out.
It’s been 4 years since then. I look back at those memories and grin. Those were the good old days. Now, we’re fighting off random demons and spirits who want to steal our powers. I’ve even dated a few demons. One of the ones that I have dated is a fox demon named Youko. He’s only 300 years old, and for a demon that’s very young. He is very handsome. He has golden eyes that just seem to pierce your very being. Youko and I where together for a year and a half. Then I decided to break it off. I was interested in other men, and a demon was just too much of a hassle to date at that moment.
When we were together, Youko told me I had a past-life that he used to date. He said that we were destined to be together for the rest of time. At first I didn’t believe him, but I decided I might as well see if I did have another me. So, I decided to try and recover memories from the past-life Youko said I had. I tried to meditate a few times, but got nothing. When I fell asleep after a few attempts at meditating, I dreamed of a vivid place, a beautiful place. Then after Googling the details of my dreams I found out that I was dreaming of the Feudal Era of Japan. I was shocked to know that Youko was right, and that Google would help me with dream interpretation. I then talked to a few other of my demon friends that I hang-out with, and they said they could sense another soul within my own body. That bit of information kind of scared me.
‘Another soul? In my body? How is that even possible? Why didn’t I know? Do I really have another me from another time inside me?’
Those thoughts haunted me until the day she finally appeared in seventh grade.

It was warm that day. It was early spring and I was in a rather good mood that day. I was listening to our Social Studies teacher teach about Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, and other religions when I heard a light voice in my head.
'Do you really believe in these religions? Why not Shinto? Why is that man so mis-informed? It's pathetic.'
I shook my head. What the heck was Shinto and what did it have to do with Mr. Long's lecture over religion? And why do the voices in my head have foreign accents? I thought this, and strangely...
I got an answer.
'Mr. Long? Is that what his name is? How very odd...Rin, why have you locked me away so long? Why don't I get to have a say in this? It's our body, you know. For, I am Enna, and I always will be.'
OF COURSE! It all made sense to me now. Enna, the girl that I had been writing about was real. It was her way of saying that she was here in my own body! For about several months I had been writing amazing tales about Enna and Youko. That time I could see the plot-line unfold as if I were in the story, living the events, and in a way, I was.
'Now you're catching on, dear Rachel. I've been here portraying my thoughts and memories through your own mind and being the writer you are you had to write what you 'thought'. You're finally getting it.'
And then she kept quiet.
That night, and many nights after I began to talk to Enna. I learned who she was and where she came from. Enna was a priestess who came from a temple in Japan in the Feudal Era. She remembered some of her duties and spells she used to know. She also remembered dating Youko. I was surprised to know that Youko was telling the truth when he said that I had another soul inside of me. Demons tend to lie, you know.
I was so excited. I knew I was one of the few people in my group, if not my entire school that had a past-life that was real and inside them. What were the odds?

So, the years have gone by and Kira, Lavender, Taylor, and I are all in our sophomore year of High School. We've added a few people through the years. Sophia, Helane, Joyce, and Jaden all were added in our Middle School Years. Then we met Alexander, Micheal, Haru, and Lucas in our first year of High School. We were all very good friends, and usually didn't fight much. Well, that is until today.
This past Saturday was Fall Homecoming. I went to the dance with my boyfriend, Micheal, and the others just went to have fun.
Today, Helane came into the circle and had a look of pure seriousness on her face. I looked at her and gave her a curious face. She saw it and took me aside. We walked down the school hallway and she stopped in front of Mr. Kyami’s class.
“So, what’s up, Helane?” I asked. I leaned up against the cold metal lockers, the locks digging into my back. Helane sighed and rubbed her temples.
“I’m breaking up with Haru.”
“Say what?” I said, nearly choking. “You’ve been playing him all this time? You made-out with him at the dance! I saw you, Helane!” I placed my hands on my hips. I was mad. I’ve been attempting to get Haru since last year, and what does she do? Break up with him. If I would have known it would have been so easy, I wouldn’t have tried so hard to try and get him jealous. I really liked him. Why, because of the following reasons:
One- he was cute, in his own geeky video-gamer way
Two- he was a junior, and I’ve always had a thing for older men. Before you think anything really bad, let me say I only date people one or two years older than me. (Unless they’re demons and that’s a completely different story, ur, species.) I also don’t date younger guys because they’re way too immature for my liking.
Three- he had pretty eyes and hair. Hey, looks are a good thing!
Four- he had a unique personality, even if he could be somewhat of a jerk.

“Yeah, I feel kind of bad, but what a girls gotta do, a girls gotta do.” Helane said, after sighing. “Besides, I feel so over-protected when I’m around him.”
“Um, Helane…Isn’t protection usually a GOOD thing?” I asked.
“Yeah protection is a good thing, but not when its over-kill. It freaks me out how protective he is.” She wrapped her hands around herself. “I just don’t know.”
“I think you’re just afraid to open up to him.” I said.
“Think what you want, but I’ve got to tell him.” And she sauntered back to our circle of friends. Suddenly, I felt really sick. Throughout their relationship, I had been warning Haru that Helane would break up with him. I felt as if my efforts just fell to the floor, like pieces of a broken mirror. I sighed and held my face in my hands, considering what to do.
'You got to warn him.'
Enna’s voice rang through my head.
I didn’t want to warn him, but I did. I knew I wanted to help soften the blow, but I also didn’t want too be the one to do it. But who else would? Not Lavender, for sure. As much as my best friend loved me, she did not like Haru. I then took my hands off my face. What I saw made up my mind. Haru was just a few yards down the hall from me. I had to stop him and warn him. I began to run through the crowds of people congesting the hall.
“Haru!” I called out. He didn’t hear me, so I called his name a second time. He turned to see who called his name, and I waved him to come over to where I was. I was off to the side of the hallway, near the office.
“Hey, Rin. What’s up?” he grinned at me like a little kid in a candy-shop. “The dance was great wasn’t it?”
What he just said struck me like a stake to the heart. While he was still excited about the dance, Helane, his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend was going to dump him.
“Stop, Haru. I have to tell you something.” I put my hand on his shoulder to stop him. “Helane is going to break-up with you. I’m sorry, Haru.” Then I walked away feeling so bad for him. As I did, I passed Helane, and I could see what she was going to do.
“Hey! Rin! Wait up!” My friend Lavender called after me, but I ignored her I just felt like running. Yet there was no place to run.
Then there was lunch time.
Helane moved to another table for the day, leaving me sitting beside both Micheal and Haru. Haru had his face down on the table. Taylor took up the opportunity to hit him on the head.
“Taylor!” I scolded, “Be nice to Haru!” Taylor shrugged and went to go buy a cheeseburger. Micheal started to talk to me, but I wasn’t listening to him, instead I was playing with Haru’s hair.
“Hey, it’ll all be okay.” He lifted his head and looked at me with a grim smile.
"Thanks, Rin." he said, he propped his head up with hand, and smiled.
'Who's that hottie?! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god is he ever hot!!!' Enna screamed
That's Haru, you dork. I thought
'NO! Not him! He's got long hair and red tips and oh my god is he hot!'
I looked at Aaron curiously. I didn't see what she saw.
‘I think you're delirious, Enna.’ I thought to her. I heard her sigh angrily.
After ignoring Enna’s comments, I dragged Haru to go get food from the lunch line. He griped but I got him up by pulling at the earring in his left ear.
“Ow! Ow! OW!” he yelled. I ignored his cries of pain.
“You’ll be complaining more fourth block when your stomach is eating itself.” I said with a look of determination.
“So? I don’t care!” Haru began to try and get away, and I just tugged at his earring once more. “Jesus, Rin!” he gave me a death look, and took his wallet out of his back pocket. “Fine! You win!” He proclaimed. I grinned in triumph and took his wrist in my hand and took him off to get lunch.
‘Rin, you have got to listen to me…Aaron has another soul in his body. I know I’ve known him before…You just have to trigger it.’ Enna said this like a nudging at my brain.
I sighed and told the lunch lady what I wanted. I looked at Haru, who was grabbing his milk out of the cooler, and I noticed a ring on his finger that was in scripted with Japanese kanji on it.This made me more curious, maybe Enna was right....
‘Fine Enna. I’ll do it.’
'His name is Shadow.' and she began to describe him to me.
After lunch, I began to write a note to Shadow explaining about my Earth powers, and Enna and how she thought he had another soul in him.
Here's a copy of the note...
Hi, I'm Rin, but I am also Enna. I'm usually Rin Hanto, regular school girl and Guardian of Earth.
Enna however, is my past-life who tends to pop-up from time to time. Enna is a priestess from Japan, most likely from the Feudal Era.
You're probably wondering why I'm telling you all of this. Well, I think you and Enna knew each other in a past-life. The ring, it has kanji on it. I recognized a bit of it, but not all.
I believe you were a demon with long hair with red tips. You hung around a Shinto temple where Enna worked. Enna liked to flirt with you , to get you to open up a bit. You began to fall in love with her, but Enna was oblivious to your feelings for her. And she fell in love with another demon, eventually forgetting you.
Yeah weird, huh? And Enna still has a crush on you. She told me after lunch.
Well, pass this note onto Haru 'cause I'm sure he'd want to know too.

I gave it to him at the end of the day, almost hoping he would tell me I was crazy the next day and never talk to me again. At least then, I wouldn’t have to worry about crushing on another guy when I already had a boyfriend. I’m a sick person, aren’t I?

It was the next day, early morning, first block.
“Get into the auditorium for 20 minute reading!” Mr. Flight yelled at the band. The band and guard filed into the auditorium and flopped down on folding cushioned chairs. Haru sat by me. I looked at him and rolled my eyes.
Lucas sat on the other side of me. “You’re really stupid, Haru. You shouldn’t have come to school with a hang-over it’s a bit obvious.” Lucas said.
Haru groaned and put his hood on his jacket over his head. I looked at him. “You’re really retarded drinking wasn’t the way to get over Helane.” I hit him upside the head. He moaned in pain.
‘Are you sure he has another soul inside of him? I would of thought that would make him smarter.’ I asked Enna.
I got no response. Enna was ignoring that comment.
20 minute reading then began and I dug into my messenger bag to find my book. I stopped though. Beside me, Haru’s eyes were rolled into the back of his head and his body was shaking a bit. I freaked.
“Haru, are you okay? Haru, can you hear me?”
Haru took a deep breath and opened his eyes. “I can hear you kid, loud and clear.” Haru’s voice had a lower, husky sound to it. I looked at him curiously. “Um, Haru? Are you okay?” I asked
“I’m not Haru, kid. I’m Shadow. I read that note you gave him, and I remember everything.” Shadow said
“Say, what? You mean, Enna was right?” I asked
Shadow nodded, “Yes, Enna….I need to speak with her soon. I need to apologize to her…I still can’t believe that I…” Shadow sighed and laid his head on my shoulder.
"What, Shadow?" I asked, but Shadow sighed and put his head onto his knees. "Um, Shadow?"
He lifted his head off his knees.
"Huh? What happened?" Haru was back, and Shadow had retreated back into Haru's mind. I sighed and leaned back into my seat. "Shadow appeared, Haru." I said. Haru groaned for about the 100th time today. "Great, just great." He said, almost hatefully. He then ignored me for the rest of 20 minute reading.
'What an ass! How could he do that to you? He's just going to ignore you now? How incredibly rude of him! I bet---'
I cut Enna off. 'Listen, Enna...I guess Haru just isn't ready for this sort of stuff yet.'
I then blocked her out. I sat there beside Haru and Lucas quietly reading my book, and thankfully, no one could see the tears in my eyes. I decided to write in my journal then.
Hey, it’s me again. It's hard to believe that Haru does have another personality, I guess En. Was right...Haru's other personality is named Shadow. He hasa huskier voice than Haru... It's unusual, but since Enna has somewhat of a different voice than I do,I guess it really isn't that unusual... All of you who want an update on the Helane/Haru thing...Here ya' go...
Helane and Haru are over, forever. I asked Helane this morning if it really was for real and she said yes. I just can't believe that I helped him keep her for that long, despite my own feelings for him, and yet she still dumps him... The world works in odd ways, huh? Oh, and guess what the dumb-ass (aka Haru) did? Stupid Haru came to school with a hang-over. I guess he used one of the flasks and filled it up, and drank it all last night. I don't remember what liquor he said it was, but it still was incredibly stupid, even for him. sighHis eyes are still slightly glazed and he's still sensitive to sound and light....
We learned its fun to yell and hit a hung-over person today at the circle... Yeah.
Any who, despite his newest screw-up, I still have such a bad crush on him and he doesn't even recognize it! Heh and I still have the ever-present, Micheal. Micheal is nice, but when I tried to explain to him about Enna, he just doesn't get it. Maybe he's not the one for me....I dunno.
Well, I've G2G- (Announcements are on and Flight wants us on the blacktop to practice ASAP after announcements.)
More later.
Sometime during my second block class, which was Bio with Mrs. Mizaki, Enna took things into her own hands. She decided to write her own note to Shadow.
Enna here. It's been quite a while since we've seen each other, hasn't it?
There are a few questions I would like answered... How did you re-cover your memories so fast, how long have you been here, and what do you remember. I know its asking a lot, but I need to know. I've been waiting two years for a chance like this.
Write back

'I wrote a note to Shadow...Could you give it to him? Please, this could be the answer to all my questions I've ever had about my life.'
I was trying to memorize the classifications of animals and plants when Enna told me this. She made me agree to give Haru/Shadow the note. So, naturally, I did. Enna was a good friend, not to mention myself in a past-life, so I would have to do this for her.

The rest of the week flew by... As it ended up, Haru and Istarted going out.Needless to say, Micheal wasn't too happy... He's getting over it though. Micheal is now going-out withTaylor. Yeah, that's how messed-up our group is. Hey, it's all good in the hood. Enna and Shadow exchanged memories and they ended up getting demonically married. A demon marriage is when the demon gives a bite-mark to the person, or demon they wish to spend the rest of their lives with. In other words, it's like a demonhickey that gets you hitched.Enna yells at me when I put it in those terms. Enna has modernized since the FeudalEra. I see her in some modern clothes sometimes, and it still surprises me when she does. Shadow, is still like her knight in shining armor, and will be like a king soon..... You see.... About 10 months have passed since those two have re-united, and they have got a house of their own in another dimension.Because I'ma Guardian, Ican traveldimensions, so Haru and I can easily visit them. It tends to be interesting to visit your own past-lives. Oh did I mention the best thing?
Enna is pregnant. She's due in the early spring. So, I guess everything all turned out great in the end after all. I have the boyfriend of my dreams, and Enna and Shadow are starting their own little family. It's so perfect...I'm going to be godmother to the kid, or kids, they're not sure yet. Maybe things really can end happily ever after reincarnation.Heh, but I'm still just a kid, so how should I know? Maybe it's just a matter of past-lives and priestesses.
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