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Enna's Birthday (side story)

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It's Enna's b-day back in the Feudal Era. So, what's a lonely priestess to do?

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Hello, I’m Enna, priestess of my village, and the beloved ‘perfect child’. Not today though.
Today I was kicked out of my house by my parents. I was given a book to read by a certain amount of time, and I do not have it all the way done yet. Mother got angry and sent me out of the house in a rage.
So, here I was, kicking a white stone up the dirt road leading to the temple. I looked up and could see that the sky was overcast, and was about as miserable looking as I felt.
‘Happy 15th birthday, Enna.’ I thought sarcastically. Yes, my parents kicked me out of my own home on my birthday all because my studies were not done.
Everyone in the temple had taken the day off today. They all went back to their own respective families to visit. I climbed the stone steps that lead up to the temple, thinking dark, lonely thoughts. I dragged my feet, and stubbed my toes in the process. I sighed, today just was not my day. I was all alone on my birthday. I finally got to the top of the steps and sat down. It was about to rain, I could smell it in the air.
I sighed, raised my head up to look at the dismal sky. I laid down to watch the gray clouds move across the sky
‘Plip, plop, plip.’
Something cold and wet hit my forehead. I blinked my eyes and above me I can see the full moon. It was starting to rain. I couldn’t believe I had slept my own birthday away. I scrambled to stand and fell down a few steps in my rush. I ran into the temple as I heard the rain start to pour down on the bamboo thatched roof.
I sighed and pulled my long black hair back with a red string I had wound around my wrist, earlier that day. I sat cross-legged on the weaved tatami mats, and lit some incense and candles. I prayed to the Kami that my day would get better.
"There you are, I wondered where you were. I thought you were going back home today." It was Shadow, my long time crush. Shadow was a demon, a dog demon to be precise. He had the dog ears to show for it too. I turned from the small alter I had made, and looked over the handsome 16 year old dog demon in front of me. I cocked my head in curiosity, "You cut your hair." I acknowledged.
It was true, Shadow had cut his hair. instead of his usual shoulder length black hair, he had messily cut it and dyed all of it a dark red. In all truth, it looked good on him, and I wondered why he hadn't done it earlier.
Shadow smiled andwalked over to sitby me. I was happy to have company. I let his familiar scent fill the room, and I smiled. Shadow smiled back at me, "Do you like it?" he asked. I nodded. It looked like he chopped it off with his blade, but the style suited him. "Yes, I like it, Shadow." Shadow grinned and covered my eyes with his right hand. I was surprised.
"What are you doing Shadow?" I asked, curiosity tinting my voice.
"Wait...One minute...Aha! I found it, open your eyes!" Shadow said excitedly.
"Um, Shadow, you're covering them." I said while giggling. My day was getting better already.
"Oh, right."
Shadow then uncovered my eyes and there in front of me was a silver bracelet. I picked it up and could see my name engraved in the metal.
"Happy birthday, Enna." he said. I put the bracelet on and grinned. I hugged Shadow tightly.
"Thanks, Shadow. It's perfect."
I could see Shadow smile in the soft glow of the candle light.
"I thought you would like it. It's unique, like you."
I blushed a bit and gave Shadow another hug. For the rest of the night we sat there, talking quietly while the soft Spring rain came down....I guess it wasn't such a bad birthday, after all.
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