Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) jerseygirlxx 2007-06-06

I loved this chap! I think its my favorite now. But poor sky! She needs to grow some balls man. I mean she just lets everyone manipulate her. Good or bad- she just caves to 'peer pressure'. Maybe it all goes back to obvious lack of self confidence. I mean. Mikey makes her do good things and she goes along with it. Billy makes her do bad things- and she goes along with it! I just want to slap some sense into her. I felt so bad about that line about Mikey not being able to sense somethings wrong... That was sad. I was so hoping Mikey wouldve caught Billy. (Icant wait for those to to meet-can you tell?)----xoxo

Author's response

you surprise me every time, i didn't think you'd love it that much! but thanks!!..she is just confused right now, you know with her mother being really annoying she didn't really developed her own personality like teenagers usually do so she's doing it right now...i thought about writing that Mikey's arm hurt right where billy had cut her but i decided against it, it would've been too good to be true, almost fairy tale like so i left it out.