Review for Love Knows No Age

Love Knows No Age

(#) NovaB 2007-06-14

I’ve fallen in love with this story and all it ‘s characters. Each chapter pulls you deeper into a winding plot that continues to change and morph becoming more interesting. I’m never sure what is going to happen the suspense is fantastic. Just when you think you have everyone and everything figured out some sort of which is thrown in to the gears of the characters lives.

I love Monica . She’s strong but still week, brave in spite of her own fear, and Good at giving advice but horrible at taking it. A woman who is not perfect but her beauty comes from her imperfection. Though she has lived through so much she can sometimes be as meek and innocent as a child.

I’ve made it my civic duty to this story to rate it as high as possible. So keep up the creativity and I’ll continue to read this amazing work of beautiful fan fiction.

Author's response

Civic Duty...I love that!!!! I will tell you something this story sometimes writes itself. I will sit down to write a chapter with a thought in mind and something totally different will appear. I'll look at it and go..well that's interesting that must be how the story is supposed to go.. I have had so much fun writing this! Thanks so much for the review. It always makes my day to learn that people like my story.