Review for From the Desk of Squeaky:

From the Desk of Squeaky:

(#) Life_is_42 2007-06-16

i'll do it, but i need to clarify.
so do you mean 5-7 short stories, representing one of the themes, or several short stories, each with 5-7 of the themes?

cause i can do the first the first one focusing on warmth
the next on true love etc etc.
is that okay? :D

I've just spent time with three young children. excuse me if i'm not menally all there and if this question is stupid :D.

Author's response

5-7 vignettes on each of the different themes. points to profile I did it meeself, if you want to look. It's not finished, but that's what I meant. However, you can write it any way you want to! :D