Review for No More Metaphors

No More Metaphors

(#) patrickdance4me 2007-06-17

holy shit, ev. you never cease to amaze me, and thats a fact. this is... well, amazing. it also kinda got me in a depressed mood and i'm about to go to work, you meanie. but still. you did a very nice job predicting what is going to happen in the next year, although i really hope it doesnt end up like that. i think that if he does marry ashlee, they probably will lose a lot of the die hards and ones that are actually ture fans, although they'll probably gain more of the people who are meant to be fans for the likes of Ashlee Simpson, and they probably won't have another guy at their shows lol. but enough with my predictions. you did an honest to god AWESOME job with this, and i didnt think it was possible for you to impress me more, but you did. you proved that you are a writer, a damn good one at that. and i'm gonna stop ranting now cause this review is way to serious for a girl like me who usually just offers a chocolate chip cookie or a hug :P hehe nice job, and i seriously cant wait to see what you do with this one.