Review for No More Metaphors

No More Metaphors

(#) patrickdance4me 2007-06-17

this is Casie's mom. I thought the story was slow in the beginning, but the last part was interesting. I am not much of a Fall Out Boy fan, so I assume that Hemmingway was his dog. I like sci-fi stories, so this is not what I am really interested in. Over all it was good. Keep writing and express your ideas and interest in your writing. -Leelie

Casie: oh my god. i cant believe my mom just read your story. hahahaha that is hilarious. she especially liked the part about pete's peter :] hehe. i still cant believe that... yeah my mommy is a huuuugggeee christian who disaproves of "thnks fr th mmrs" because it says "in case god doesn't show.." soo you know this isnt really her kinda stuff. she's like so this is the kind of stuff you write?! and i'm like. uhhh yeah? and she's like oh. ok this review is freakin long cause its two ppl sooo i'm outta here. peacee