Review for Striking The Sparks

Striking The Sparks

(#) JadeDixon 2005-07-24

Poor Cid... He's left in quite the awkward position. He sees all these things about people behind closed doors, yet he can never speak a word about them.

I really like your take on how the transfusion process was developed. It's not something a lot of people write about, so it's fresh and new.

I'd always thought of Kefka being completely sane before the transfusion process, a sort of warning on how dangerous dealing with magic could be. But this is good too. It amplifies a minor instability to extreme proportions. The truly tragic thing is that Cid could have prevented it.

Good story!

Author\'s Response: Yeah, I liked the idea that Kefka was a little bit off before the infusion... just a little. It makes it serve more as a warning about giving human beings powers that they don't understand, because you never know which human might be the wrong one. Or something like that. Thanks. :)